How To Intentionally Spark Your Creative Spirit – Part Two
How To Intentionally Spark Your Creative Spirit – Part Two

This article is a development on Part One. Its purpose is to inspire you with new ways and methods of channeling your creativity by simply learning to be.

Once you are in alignment with your creative energy and in a receptive place, you can start to channel this creative spirit. You will then start to naturally resonate and find inspiration wherever you go…


1) Doodling

Taking the time out of your day to draw and doodle is one of the best activities you can do to take the pressure off.

Allowing yourself the creative liberty to consciously create without any specific purpose is the beauty of doodling. It opens your mind up to new ideas – channelling creativity, without any expectation.


2) Write morning pages


This is a beautiful way to consciously create without letting your inner editor get in the way.

Try writing 1-2 pages to begin with, to get in your creative flow. Writing first thing in the morning is the best approach as your energies are still relatively high and untainted by the events of the day.

You might want to dedicate a specific notebook to this practice so you can make it a daily habit. You may be surprised by what comes up for you during the writing process. This creative process can spur on new ideas for songs, stories and poems.


3) Spring clean your environment


There’s a great deal of pleasure in having a clean and tidy home.

The energy we project into a space can have a direct impact on our thoughts and feelings on a daily basis.

Feng Shui is the Chinese art of creating harmony in your surrounding environment. Where you place your furnishings and belongings can have an energetic effect on your mood, mental capabilities and overall level of happiness. If you’re feeling down or longing to be inspired, try a spot of feng shui in your living quarters and feel the difference it makes.



4) Explore somewhere new in your neighbourhood

We all get so used to exploring the same places in our neighbourhood or taking the same journey to work that we forget to diversify and try different options.

Instead of travelling in the same way to the office every day, why not go the longer or more scenic route?

Travel, even if it’s something as small as diversifying your route every single day can make a big difference to your mental and emotional health – as you enter unknown territory, you will start looking for different possibilities instead of the ‘tried and tested’ route you have taken a million times before.


5) Photography

A camera lens can act as a new set of eyes upon the world – allowing the creator to see things on a more intimate level and in richer detail.

Human eyes can capture a ‘moment’ in time and store in memories, but a camera can enable you to capture and share with yourself, family, friends and a worldwide audience.

Emotions, art, characters, people, places, scenic landscapes…these are just some of the wonderful subjects that a camera can capture and give new light to.


6) Watch an ‘unusual’ film


When it comes to cinema, we often choose the same films again and again.

We might have a certain genre that we prefer and so we stick to this type of film as it brings us the most joy or pleasure. In a way, our pleasure makes us complacent and less accepting of new ideas or genres.

If you want to embrace your creativity, you need to focus on doing something new and sometimes out of character.

When you can let go of your expectations you will naturally start to enjoy the moment and it is in the new and unexpected events of life that you will be most receptive to new forms of creativity.


7) Join a group within your community


We can have good ideas by ourself, but we are social creatures in our nature and do best when we work as a team.

Joining a group where you share each others’ interests can encourage you to bounce creative ideas off each other.

When you build this community spirit you start to feel comfortable to open up and express without fear of being shut down. You can grow within this energy and inspire others to reach their creative zenith too.



8) Go to your local coffee shop


There’s something about coffee that stimulates the senses, especially within a social setting.

Taking time out to enjoy a coffee with your friend is the perfect way to reminisce, recollect your energies and invite in new creative ways of thinking. Poetry, sharing your deepest secrets, writing in a journal…all are innovative ways to call on your creativity…and the coffee shop can be the ideal location!



9) Learn how to lucid dream

We all have a dream inside of us.

Lucid dreaming can help to potentially improve every day cognitive tasks according to a study Dreaming, a journal of the American Psychological Association, in June 2014. Learning how to lucid dream can open up your space for deep personal reflection and meditation, so you can find more depth within your every day activities.


10) See the bigger picture


There’s a time for everything to happen to us and for us. We won’t be able to create amazing masterpieces overnight so it’s important to be able to become conscious of the small every day activities.

For it is the small things that lead on to the big things. If you know what your life purpose is then you can create with joy every single day – knowing that each brush stroke, sentence or musical score is bringing you one step closer to your goal. So go with it and don’t forget to enjoy the journey, on the drive to your destination.


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