Letting Go Of The ‘Selfies’ Side Of You
Letting Go Of The ‘Selfies’ Side Of You


‘Selfies’ are now an every day part of life. Like walking, breathing, eating…taking a selfie is considered the new normal – a way of capturing a moment in your life and sharing it with the world around you.

There is great beauty in taking photographs and selfies themselves can tell us so much about how you’re feeling and who you are in any particular moment.

The dark side of selfies is that they can become a celebration of a personal image – a moment you can never quite recapture in the same way again.

In an image obsessed society, it’s easy to get caught up in comparing yourself not only against a previous version of yourself from a few years ago, but also against other people.


Am I pretty enough?

Am I worthy enough?

Will this get enough likes?


All of this feeds the energy of the ego. While it’s good to have a little ego, it’s when it becomes overpowering and you become too concerned with the image you are projecting that the trouble begins.

Letting go of the selfies side of yourself is not easy as on some level it means not caring or giving extra time and attention to yourself. It doesn’t mean not taking care of yourself – it simply means you don’t become too attached to the image or personality you are putting out into the world.

The modern age is a time of instant Instagram likes and counting your value against the number of facebook fans your personality or projects achieve. The mistake many are making is associating their worth against these numbers.

That’s when you can become conscious of your value and worth against this form of attachment. Suffering is therefore inevitable…


So how do you ‘let go’ of this selfie side of you?

Letting Go Of The 'Selfies' Side Of You | www.spiritualbliss.com

It’s not as simple as avoiding social media. Many of us are hooked to our phones and tablets – 2.95 billion people are expected to be using social media by the year 2020 – that’s a third of the world’s population.

Yet if you’re a sensitive person then using social media may be more draining than it is productive at times. You might find that people’s status updates upset or anger you…or even that you get dragged into the energy or ‘feeling’ behind the words.

When this energy comes in so many different directions, it can be challenging to stay focused as the feeling becomes compounded. You start losing energy, feeling angry, tired or even sad. That deflated feeling can continue on and start to affect your every day life.

The line between reality and the virtual world is beginning to blur more than ever. We no longer have to ‘see’ people in real life – we can conduct entire relationships online if we choose to.


The need to ‘Digital Detox’

Letting Go Of The 'Selfies' Side Of You | www.spiritualbliss.com


As so many of us are struggling to find time away from social media, we need to make a conscious decision at times to create our own digital detox. This means spending time away from computers and mobile technology so you can find some solitude and personal time to reflect on your life.

When you are constantly bombarded with technology, it can cause stress and anxiety – eye strain is the least of the problems! A digital detox may work wonders during times like this to help you to feel grounded and secure in yourself.

It will also encourage you to let go…and become more attuned to the energy inside of you than the world outside. When you can come into this space of peace and learn to let go, that’s where you can release so much attachment and expectation that’s involved from distracting yourself with technology.

Peace can only come when you learn to co-exist with technology, using social media as a tool to communicate, inform, engage or be entertained…instead of treating it as an the ultimate extension or expression of your personality.


Ways To Detox and ‘Let Go’ of Selfies and Social Media…


    Turn your phone off for a few hours. Or slip it into airplane mode when you need to focus on a task and know you can’t say no to distractions!


    Keep your phone away whenever out in a social setting and surrounded by family and friends – people who you want to have real interaction with.


    When you feel the ‘itch’ to distract yourself – learn to do something creative instead. Get into the habit of writing a sentence or two that may inspire a story, go out for a long walk, or do some painting/photography. Anything that keeps your hands busy for a while is a good way to ensure you remain productive!


    Meditation is never time wasted. It’s always about focusing on silencing the thoughts and emotions that can otherwise take up our precious energy, dulling our shine.


    Spend time outside in a natural setting. Walking on a beach or exploring deep into a forest are just two ideas. Getting some fresh air and oxygen circulating around your body is one of the best ways to ensure you feel alive.


    Spend time on nurturing your creative skills and learning new things and you will gain a more fulfilling sense of purpose and experience than if you simply stay a social media spectator.


All of these are just ideas and have no real impact however unless you take action and start addressing the need for endless selfies in the first place. Don’t let social media define your social worth – take back your power with these simple tips and you’ll be well on your way to feeling on top of the world…even in your moments of solitude.



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