12 Uplifting Steps To Boost Your Self-Confidence
12 Uplifting Steps To Boost Your Self-Confidence


Self-confidence can come in waves. Yet often you may find that you don’t stand still enough to feel its full effects. Instead, you choose to live in fear and from this place, you actually resist what is making its way towards you.

When you stop fighting and learn to stand in your natural power, rooted in the earth as you do so…that’s where you gain your natural strength. In surrendering to the craziness and stilling the mind, you can find peace in knowing that you can be strong from your space of sovereignty.

These 12 steps can boost your self-confidence when you most need it…


1. Find Purpose



Life can feel a bit aimless when you have no reason to wake up in the morning.

When you recognise what your purpose is and choose to fulfill it every day, you surrender your ego to the Divine and acknowledge that you are acting from a place of serving others.

This is the only way to find true happiness – surrendering your needs and desires for a higher purpose will give you fulfillment and meaning. In the long term this will boost your self-confidence and encourage you to focus on something that makes both you and your community feel inspired.


2. Find Joy in Self Discipline


Being self-disciplined creates results.

When you focus in on an activity that brings you pleasure and do it daily, the energy which you exude starts rewarding you in return.

Be it dancing, writing, swimming, cycling…when you focus in and get serious with self-discipline, the efforts start accumulating. Once you get great at an activity, not only does it make you feel good to be an expert in your craft, it can inspire others to do the same.


3. Form New Positive Habits

New habits take a while to form. Research shows that it takes 2 months or 66 days to be exact before new behaviour becomes automatic. It also largely depends on the individual and their circumstances.

If you want to form new positive habits, focus on what you can achieve today, using the steps outlined above. For any activity to become a habit, it has to be performed with joy and enthusiasm. With regularity, this will boost your endorphin levels as you realise you can be productive and get things done. You can achieve the results you’re seeking and be successful.


4. Learn To Let Go Of The Past

The past only really exists in our memories – it’s not the truth of how things are right now.

You may still experience the side effects in some form or another, but it has gone.

Reality is within the present moment and that’s all you ever really have. In this space you are free to think and feel whatever you want. On the journey of life, you may form many attachments – to people, places and things. Expectations.

If you want to experience true happiness then you need to learn to let go of all these things and understand that there is a time and a place for everything. Every life lesson comes to you in its own Divine Timing. And by letting go of the old bad memories, you are making way to creating new positive ones.


5. Get Creative

Inside each of us is a creative urge to express.

You may have told yourself you are crap at art or you can’t draw but these are based on your previous expectations and experiences that have restricted and discouraged you from trying.

By making you feel small, you stifle your creative energy and prevent the beautiful flow of divine expression making its way through you. Say no to your inner critic and start exploring the creative landscape inside of you! You will feel better for it and realise there is so much unexplored potential simply waiting to be channelled into your reality.


6. Energise!

Keeping your spirits high will encourage you to act from a place of positivity and love.

When you are feeling negative or down about yourself, you should look at the type of energy you are projecting. If you feel tired and lethargic all the time, you might want to look at your diet and lifestyle.

Ask yourself if there’s something you can do on a daily basis that will energise and lift your spirits. It might be going for a walk or a run, doing 20 minutes of yoga, even taking a power nap…anything that makes you feel rested and refreshed afterwards is going to be beneficial in making you feel good.


7. Be Grateful


Gratitude starts from being thankful for what you have today. Right now, in this very moment.

You may feel grateful that you have air in your lungs and food to eat, or that you have friends and family. Whatever is going on in your life right now, being grateful for your present situation and surroundings can make a big difference to your overall wellness and vitality.

Knowing that you are already so well provided for only invites more blessings into your life when the time is right. This positive way of viewing the world will start to boost your sense of purpose and confidence.


8. Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone

All too often you may find that you settle into a daily routine where you don’t challenge yourself.

When you are in a space where you feel comfortable, it’s easy to not get out and about or to have new experiences, meeting new people. Know that this is perfectly normal but that everything you are seeking is on the other side of fear.

Outside of your comfort zone is a world of experiences that are waiting for you. Embrace each one by choosing to believe in yourself and make the first steps – no matter how big the leap at first, eventually, you will find new ground. Make new friends and explore new territory that in the long term will boost your sense of self and your reason for being here.


9. Give To Others

Life is really about giving. Our life is really a channel of Divine light expressing itself in a human experience for a while.

It feels good to share our gifts with others, to lift them up and make them feel special. Heard. Wanted.

When you connect with yourself and acknowledge what your special gifts and talents are, it’s only right that you want to share them with the world. Even if you don’t know what your talents are yet, simple acts of kindness to your fellow humans can make all the difference to their feelings.


10. Take Good Care Of You

Your body is a precious vessel and taking good of yourself is one of the best ways to show appreciation and nurture a sense of self-love.

One of the best ways to grow your own self-love is to focus on doing things that make you feel good and that honour your boundaries.

Activities that lift you up and raise your spirits, while respecting the core truth of who you are – these are all necessary to finding the space you need to grow as an individual.

Taking time out for rest isn’t a crime, nor is going for a massage or getting up early to get in an hour or two at the gym. All of these activities will lift you up, make you feel you good and enable you to thrive from a space of full potential so you can achieve your best.


11. Stop Comparing Yourself

Everyone is unique and has been given their own talents to serve with. You might be amazing at sports while your friend excels in music. Perhaps they are even brilliant at both.

Praising someone’s talents is the best approach rather than shooting someone down or getting jealous – acknowledge the amazing gift that your friend has been given.

Encourage them to grow in their talent and who knows, you may even collaborate together on projects in the future – inspiring others in the process.


12. Go With The Flow Of Life

Life is always presenting many lessons and challenges along the way. Knowing how to navigate through difficult times and stay afloat – even as the storm is threatening to take you asunder – is the key to a happy and fulfilled life.

Letting go of your suffering is difficult as the mind can play games, wanting to stay attached to a particular outcome or expectation.

Going with the flow of life means letting go – opening yourself up to the universe of possibilities and surrendering to what will be.

Learning to ride the waves of life isn’t always an easy task but it can be rewarding and even most surprising once you truly let things go and accept the many gifts and opportunities that the Universe wishes to present you with.


Enjoying A New Sense of Self-Confidence

All of these steps are good ways to boost your self-confidence, especially when you are feeling low.

You might not be able to use all of them at once, but over time, following these steps will give you the boost needed to live from a place of inner peace and contentment, regardless of your current external circumstances.



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