How To Find Your Fire And Ignite Your Life Purpose
How To Find Your Fire And Ignite Your Life Purpose


What ignites you? Deep inside there is something that lights you up. It’s simply being able to acknowledge what that is, so you can create the initial spark.

Due to reality having so many distractions, it’s easy to forget what you may be working towards or even confused by other people’s realities.

Staying true to your own strengths is always the best way. This is becoming more challenging as life becomes ever more focused on the external.

When you can learn to let go of expectations that other people have for you, it’s possible that if you get quiet enough, you can listen to the inner voice inside instead. And it will speak volumes.

Meditate on this stream of consciousness for long enough and you will receive the message you have been seeking. The trouble is that this often means sitting through the emotions that inevitably come up, no matter how uncomfortable they are.

Yet get through these difficult emotions and feelings and you will start to experience something else on the other side – a deeper sense of calm.

This calm is actually the space you need – the potential inside of you, for great things to come into fruition. In this realm you find your greatest power. Ideas flow to you freely. There is no need to doubt or question your decisions as you already know.

You may have a million questions designed to confuse your mind but your Higher Self already knows the answers. It is simply waiting for them to manifest into physical reality, and this will happen in Divine Timing.


Feeding The Flame Inside Of You

Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire.



After a time of quiet contemplation, your life purpose will become seemingly obvious to you. It is during such times that it’s all too convenient to sit back and do nothing. Perhaps even wait for divine inspiration to strike.

While this can work, it’s much better to focus on the flame already inside of you and work on feeding that. You can do this in the following ways:


Tapping into your divine guidance daily. Meditation, deep breathing, working with the Tarot can all help you to get connected with your intuition that comes from an inner knowing.


Being grateful for all you have in life. Friends, family, work, food, shelter..we have so much to be thankful for yet it’s all too easy to take these things for granted. Being grateful gives you a new perspective on your life situation.


Challenge yourself to achieve great things. Stepping out of your comfort zone is where all great possibilities lie. Get used to being uncomfortable and see how far you will progress in any given field or skill when you do this.


Find your silver lining. No matter how difficult a situation may be, there is always a reason you are experiencing it. There might be a lesson you need to learn or something difficult you need to go through to truly understand or overcome. Once you go through this, you can use your story as inspiration to serve others. Use your difficulties – emotional, physical, financial or otherwise to fuel your fire and achieve greater things than what you first set out for.


Feel your fear and do it anyway. Fear is there to push you, to make you want to go further than you initially thought possible. Once you know that you are perfectly capable of achieving more than your mind’s limitations, you can start to acknowledge that it is only your previous experiences that set such restrictions.


Create a record of all your experiences, goals, wishes and desires. This holds you accountable so you can witness what is working, what still needs to be done and what can be improved upon. Looking at a diary or planner on the daily can encourage you to stay focused upon your goals and keep working towards them.


Most of all, acknowledge that your purpose needs to have an emotional driver behind it. Your why needs to be big for it to pay off.

If you want to succeed, you need to know what is driving you towards your end goal and keep focusing on this every step of the way…and avoid looking in the rear view mirror at what you can no longer change. This is how to stay on track in living out your life purpose on a daily basis.





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