How To Find The Space To Be Yourself In Your Crazy Routine
How To Find The Space To Be Yourself In Your Crazy Routine


Finding your own space can be difficult in the work world. When it’s ‘all go’ then it’s tricky to make a little time for yourself when you’re rushing around with a list of demands to complete.

Stress can have a detrimental impact on your health in the long run. Chronic stress is associated with an increased risk of coronary disease, especially when combined with bad habits.

In some ways you have to make the time to be alone in a world that is becoming faster paced all of the time. Working in an office from 9-5, dealing with family life, financial commitments and maintaining a social life can all take their toll. It’s difficult to know where to place your attention when you are constantly faced with distractions.

You need to carve out your own little cave – or sacred window where you can find the space needed to retreat from the world. There is no shame in this or acknowledging that you need some time out to recharge your energies and preserve your emotions.

In fact, taking a break may be one of the best things you can do for your mental and emotional health. There are many studies that suggest that taking a nap can sharpen your concentration levels and improve your performance if you are feeling sleep-deprived or fully rested.

Yet what about taking a break to meditate or a few moments to become more conscious?

This can be tricky. It’s like trying to empty your mind in a short space of time. Yet taking a few moments out of your day can have a replenishing effect on your mind. It’s a bit like throwing out a bucket full of muddy water and replenishing it so it’s fresh and clean.

You return to your everyday tasks with renewed focus and clarity on what’s important. This simple technique can encourage you to feel more balanced and increase your overall sense of purpose and motivation. You will be better able to shrug off other people’s negative comments or criticisms and instead, concentrate on your core value system.

So what Thomas or Sandra said in HR at lunchtime won’t be taken on such a personal level. You’ll be able to filter it in a manner that means you can let it slide to the back of your consciousness.


Crafting A Crystal Clear Consciousness

You are being programmed all day long. Told what to believe or think by news, friends, family and the media. The programming has been happening for a long time. Since you were born.

Knowing how to craft your consciousness so that your thoughts are crystal clear is therefore, no easy feat. You have many expectations and limiting behaviours that prevent you from fulfilling your highest potential.

You might have learned to ‘settle’ based on other people’s experiences, believing the same will happen to you based on your circumstances. Perhaps you’ve struggled to find success as that means standing out from the crowd and being noticed. There are so many limiting beliefs you may hold onto from childhood that can grow weeds in your consciousness – preventing you from becoming your Highest and Best Self.

If you can imagine your mind as a pond and all thoughts are connected, this will give you a good indication of how your focus can shift depending on your state of being. Emotions are like the wind, creating ripple effects on the water. Our experiences can muddy your water, making it difficult to determine what you need to do going forward.

When you meditate you learn to slow down the ripples, preventing the emotions that create intense actions and reactions to any situation. The more settled the water, the clearer the answers will be.

Meditating for a few moments every day has been shown to be beneficial for improving your emotional state, leaving you more content with your present moment.

You can carve out the crazy thoughts your daily routine generates, by learning to go within. To take a few moments out of every day to relax and do nothing. To let the emotions come and go. Allowing the thoughts to flow by, without interrupting them.

Yes, you can take time out in a quiet room to practice meditation. But if you don’t have the opportunity to do even that, you could try the following simple mindfulness techniques:


    Go for a walk outside to your local park. Try and find somewhere with plenty of trees or green surroundings. Notice every single detail you come across, yet let the thoughts pass. Do not get stuck in your thoughts.


    Sitting at your desk, stir your coffee or take a sip of water. Look at the colour of your coffee, its texture, if its steaming, how it feels in your hands…pay attention to the tiniest details. Almost imagine you and the coffee/drink of your choice are merging and becoming one.


    If you’re in a negative space, then you will want to protect your energy. You can do this by visualising yourself in a light pink bubble, protected from the outside world. In this bubble, imagine that you are being cleansed by the Light bath that is being created deep within. It actually radiates from inside you and is carried to the outside. You are safe.


    You may want to spend some time re-affirming something positive about yourself when in this space. You may want to repeat ‘I am Divine Peace’ or ‘I am Divine Love’ or ‘I am Successful and Abundance Flows To Me’. There are all kinds of affirmations that can help you to reset your thoughts and focus into a more positive space. You may like to hold a beautiful crystal or mala beads while repeating these affirmations.


    If you want to uplift and revitalise your energy levels, try some simple stretching or basic yoga moves. Turning to your left side with one hand on the back of your chair can give an excellent twist of the spine. While inhaling and lifting your arms, with hands clasped, palms inverted and then leaning to the left before holding for 5-8 breaths on each side can also give a great stretch to the upper body.


    You may also want to dab a little essential oil onto your wrists or ‘Third Eye’ area (between the brows) while practicing these moves as this will refresh you. Some good choices of essential oil are peppermint, lemon, orange, grapefruit and rosemary.


When you return to work or your daily tasks after a few moments out in your peaceful space, you should feel refreshed and ready to take things on with renewed vigour. Knowing that nothing can truly distract you from your purpose – unless you choose it to.

Want to learn how to meditate? Click here for more information.




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