How To Let Go and Find The Flow Of Your Life
How To Let Go and Find The Flow Of Your Life


Letting go often implies sacrifice, and depending on the level of attachment – pain or suffering is the outcome. This is challenging as it creates various emotions that at its root, can be hard to pin down.

Samsaras and our previous life experiences can all have an impact on the subconscious mind, creating drivers or deep-seated beliefs that are difficult to overcome.

In life we may seek for love, happiness, acceptance, security. All of these values are excellent and yet they can be hard to come by when your focus is on the external. As the outside is constantly changing, these fluctuations make it difficult to stay centred on your goals.

The art of letting go and going with the flow can be difficult, especially if you are competitive and focused on the outcome. You may not like the feeling of everything being outside of you. You want the best possible outcome and therefore will do everything in your power to make sure it happens.

The trouble is in that trying to control, you push those outcomes further away from you. It’s much better to focus on what you want and then let go. Instead it’s better to get busy with your life and making yourself happy.

This is where having love and faith in your life journey is so important. As a society, training starts early that we need to have everything this very minute.

The ‘instant’ culture that now comes with the rise of social media is one that creates a great deal of stress and pressure on everyone to succeed. Everyone is therefore comparing themselves to everybody else as a result. Inevitably, we feel unhappy with our sense of lack about our situation and present circumstances.

This unhealthy behaviour does nothing to serve your highest good. It encourages weakness and insecurity. Learning to let go and place your trust in the journey is by no means an easy feat – especially if you have been met with disappointment or defeat before.

It’s easy to believe this will always be the outcome. This is all you deserve. It can become a self-fulfilling prophecy to dwell on these thoughts and emotions to the point where you feel you are driving yourself mad.

Follow Your Stepping Stones…

In giving your precious time and energy to negative behaviours, you actually give away your power. You are saying to the Universe that you are unworthy of love and attention. Abundance evades you. It’s therefore much better to start focusing on the loving energy inside of you.

Even if it’s not showing up right now in your present life, if you have faith that everything happens in life for a reason then you can move from stepping stone to stepping stone (read: life event to life event) with ease.

It’s when you resist your own innate power that this starts to show in your energy field and life events and circumstances start showing up that are not reflective of your highest good.

Be happy with yourself right as you are, right now. Not wanting to change a thing. Only accepting people into your life who show positive behaviour or who treat you how you would like to be treated is a good start. It is in this space that you can begin to set boundaries for abundance to flow to you.

I’ll use the example of a river. When you set clear boundaries, have adequate support and positive intentions for where you want to go to, then your life flow with ease.

You are the water that flows along the path, guided by the invisible earth beneath. There’s no need to question where this guidance will come from – it’s already there.

Once you can acknowledge that you have everything you already need – it’s more a question of accepting the abundance that is showing up in your life. Not being willing to play small or accept any less than what you naturally deserve.

Going Through Tough Times

Every event in life is a lesson. An experience of some kind. If you were to just have all positive experiences, relatively little spiritual progress would be made.

There would never be a need to question your surroundings, to challenge the status quo or to rise up from familiarity into excellence.

Life’s deepest challenges: heartbreak, divorce, illness, financial worries, death…all have a purpose. Even if it can’t be seen at the time, or it appears that life is unfair or beset with problems – everything happens for a reason.

Some say it is karma. Others say it is simply your life journey and the lessons you need to go through for soul advancement and progression. So you can learn to deal with challenges more efficiently and help others to overcome theirs. None of it is meant to be easy, however it can be made more manageable through faith and trust in the journey you are meant to be on.

Sometimes we get in the way of ourselves by projecting so many expectations into the future that we fail to live in the present. This is detrimental to our own progress in the long run. Yet this is also a lesson we need to go through and work out within ourselves.

Not everything that comes into our life is meant to be sunshine and rainbows, but if we can learn to ride the storm then we will receive greater reward once it passes.

If you can hold on, even if things don’t seem to be going your way or you do not like the situation you are in…you can find the peace and strength inside of yourself.

In surrender, there is power. This is where your greatest strengths lie as in this space you can find truth. Addressing your core values means you can find new realisations about yourself. New discoveries about your reason for incarnating in this lifetime. And a greater sense of purpose for your every day existence.

How To Get Clear About The Flow Of Your Life…

It all starts with getting clarity on your intentions. Meditation can play a big part in helping you to gain further understanding about the flow of your life purpose.

By listening to and following your intuition, you naturally gravitate towards situations; people, places and events that resonate with who you are.

If you’re uncertain of where to get started with meditation, following the guidance of a teacher may help. The ‘Master Your Mind’ course is a 5 week in-depth meditation course that can help you to find your centre, sharpen your mind and expand your awareness.

All of this can help you to uncover more about who you are, beneath the layers of social conditioning and expectations that may have been set upon you. Find out more here.

Once you have let go of all expectations, you can come into a good place when you trust that whatever is happening in your life is happening for you rather than against you. This is where you will find your life flow.

Working with your creative potential rather than against it is essential for leading a happy and fulfilled life. Taking each day as it comes, you will only make progress when your faith is bigger than your fear. This is when you’ll truly find the flow of your life.





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