7 Radical Ways To Show Yourself Ultimate Self Love
7 Radical Ways To Show Yourself Ultimate Self Love


If you’ve been around the self-help and personal development circles a while, you may have heard the phrase, “Love yourself and all else will follow” or something similar.

It may even sound a little trite if you’ve been working on yourself for a while and continue seeing no results or relatively little worth talking about.

How do I show myself self-love? you may be wondering…what does it even mean? It’s not just having a bubble bath and an indulgent spa day. Yes, those things certainly help to enhance your wellbeing but true self-love doesn’t have to cost a thing. It starts on a more simple level.

Take a look at these radical self-love ideas and learn how to peel back the layers, so you can start to truly love yourself from the inside out…


1. Imagine Your Best Life

Get really creative and visual with this exercise. Enjoy the process…let go and imagine the reality you long to bring into your existence as if it’s happening now.

Without limitations, without boundaries…if nothing in life is an issue, then focus on the reality you want to create in vivid detail. What kind of life do you want to live? Do you want a partner? More money? A beautiful home?

Visualise in clear detail what you are seeking and hold the image so clearly in your mind that it becomes real. The secret is to hold the vision with such joy and contentment that it makes you feel nothing except an amazing state of exquisite happiness.


2. Fill A Flower With Gratitude

Hold a flower of your choice in your hand. Imagine you are this flower. Gently touch its delicate petals. Look at the colour, shape and size of each petal as it sits in your hand. Absorb its energies. What is it trying to tell you?

The flower is a reflection of your subconscious beliefs, emotions and even your experiences. Place your ear close to the flower’s petals and gently listen to its silent whisper…what does your intuition pick up on? What is the flower trying to tell you?

You can also choose to go around each petal on the flower and tell yourself a positive thought or something in your life that you’re grateful for.

Feel into this positive energy and let it consume you completely. You may want to repeat this exercise for 5-10 minutes, two or three times daily to encourage you to get into a creative place. Hold the energy from this exercise as if you are holding a cup of water that needs filling up with gratitude daily.


3. Write It All Down!

Writing is one of the best ways to commit something to your mind – and into your heart. By making your visualisations and intentions clear, you are committing to memory everything that makes you happy and/or encourages you to feel good.

When you feel good you naturally increase your energetic vibration – and others will feel this upshift too. Writing can also be an inexpensive and effective form of therapy against all kinds of thoughts, worries and woes that have been building up and you have been stressing over for a while.

As you write, imagine letting go of all anxiety and fear, exhaling them out as the words write themselves across the page. You will notice you feel different compared to when you started this exercise.

Also consider that writing can increase the connection between the spiritual, etheric and physical worlds.

As you allow your creative imagination to plant seeds in your mind, allow these ideas to be nurtured and grow into full bloom by watering them daily, with strong self-belief and consistent action.

This is how you get that story or song written or an important project finished to deadline. And when you get things done you feel good and prove to yourself you CAN do it!


4. Be Kind To Your Body

You only get one! The media may have you believe that you aren’t good enough as you are or that you need to constantly be enhancing or improving your physical self. This is a LIE. The body is a temporary distraction. Your soul is already perfect.

Yes it’s good to work out, get sweaty, eat healthy, wear that designer outfit if it makes you feel good…Yet really it’s all an extension of what’s going on inside. 

Treat your body as a temple, be kind to your flaws. You may even have your own self-love ritual you use to keep you focused on loving and respecting your physical body.

Body lotion, scented candles, lilting music, your favourite perfume can all have a therapeutic effect on the body and soul. A little pampering will do you good – but combining it with a self-love message such as:

‘I [insert your name] love my healthy, happy body…’ is infinitely more powerful as the physical benefits can then become entwined with the spiritual.

You may want to try using different variations from the first and third person with this affirmation, so it helps to ground the statement more into your reality.

Repeating this kind of affirmation on a daily basis will help you to get back in touch with yourself and realising all the things you have to be grateful for…along with truly understanding the beauty in your own uniqueness.


5. Know You Are Worth It…

Simply because you exist. You don’t need material things to feel good or better than you were yesterday.

Yes, some things can make you feel better but these are all attachments. They do not make you feel good in the long-term as these things are constantly in flux, from month to month, year to year.

Telling yourself you are worth it on a daily basis can have a big impact on your self-esteem. It also means you set standards for how you want to be treated in life.

Even better than telling is showing yourself by choosing to buy yourself a valuable gift that makes you feel good or enhances your wellbeing. It doesn’t have to be expensive – it simply has to have some kind of meaning in your own life.


6. Set Boundaries

What are you settling for? Are you being treated poorly in certain aspects of your life?

If there are any areas of life that you feel could be greatly improved then you need to look at what they are and how your behaviour or actions are causing these issues.

If you’re a passive person then it may feel unnatural to set boundaries, but the core of self-love is knowing what you will and won’t accept into your life.

If someone is treating you badly then you have every right to walk away and find people who do resonate with your values and beliefs. People who will treat you well and do have your best interests at heart. People who love and respect you for who you are rather than what they can simply get out of you.


7. ‘Mirror, Mirror…’

Your reality is rather like a bubble that’s reflecting back your core values and beliefs.

Whatever is happening internally is eventually going to show on the surface. You often simply have to sit with it long enough for the results to show.

Every single thought and belief you have in your mind is creating your reality. Consciously choosing to focus on positive thoughts will draw more positive experiences into your existence…but you still have to be mindful of this process.

It’s easy to slip back into negative patterns of thinking otherwise. And then your hard work unravels itself. Positive thinking needs to become a way of life before you can see the results you desire.

The late Louise Hay often cited how looking in the mirror and saying, “Louise, I love you. I really, really love you…” made the difference to her self-esteem on a subconscious level.

We are the sum of all of our thoughts and beliefs. This is why choosing to be positive and observing your thoughts rather than reacting or going into a negative space is essential.

From here you will find that the fountain of self-love flows with effortless abundance into all aspects of your life.



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