Why Believing In Yourself Can Be One Of Life’s Ultimate Challenges…
Why Believing In Yourself Can Be One Of Life’s Ultimate Challenges…


True self-belief can seem like a holy grail at the best of times. If you’re constantly doubting your abilities, own self worth and the extent to which you can achieve…then you may feel like staring into the abyss, uncertain of yourself and where you’re going.

The media doesn’t help by constantly asking you to doubt you can do it by yourself. And always seeking external opinion.

In this way, you stay small. Rather than reaching up for what you know you can achieve, you remain stagnant. Never achieving anything of real value as this feels like a great effort.

The truth is that you can achieve whatever you set out to do. It’s simply about focus. As a limitless being, you should be able to set your intention and then let go…and get to work by taking action and ensuring that great things come into your life.

Your troubles actually stem from a few obstacles. Yet if you can let go and enjoy the moment for what it is, you realise these obstacles are merely illusions along the way.

Take for example the following…



By making you feel overwhelmed or anxious about the outcome of a project, you place yourself in a position of stress. You are expecting perfection and so when you fail to live up to this standard, stress sets in. This feeling attacks your personal wellbeing and your worth.

Stress is the result of excess adrenaline and this can be useful as it encourages you to take action towards your goals. However, it can also rob you of the present moment by allowing stress, fear and anxiety to take control of your senses.



This often occurs when you question the value of your expertise.

There is always someone who may be better than you at some area or skill you wish to succeed in.

Accept that. (Yet understand that it’s possible to become an ‘expert’ and knowledgeable about a subject much sooner than you think once you apply your focus and enthusiasm…)

Doubt can create feelings of lack and scarcity, as you give in to your own fears about what you are truly capable of.

In this way, you become a victim to your own doubts as you remain unconscious to your own power.

Procrastination, wasting your time or avoiding the problem all leads to more of the same outcome.


Fear of Failure

When Spiritual Growth Looks A Lot Like Doing Nothing | www.spiritualbliss.com

There is almost an in-built cultural expectation that failure is a bad thing. And you’re a loser if you fail.

Except, this very notion keeps you stuck. And in a place where you give up trying. For if you don’t try, then you have no fear of failing. Although by doing this, you fail by default.

The only way to success is to go through failure. Often, many, many times.


“When we give ourselves permission to fail, we, at the same time, give ourselves permission to excel.” – Eloise Ristad


What this means is that all success is on the other side of fear. If you’re not doing something that scares you or challenges you out of your comfort zone every single day, then you are giving in to your own doubts and fears.


Ask yourself…am I conscious of this?

It might be that you have been running these thoughts and feelings on auto-pilot for so long that they have become a habit and so you don’t even question them.

Yet the results of your life experiences will tell you everything you need to know about your thoughts and beliefs system. As you are the sum of your thoughts and feelings.

Perhaps your doubts and fears are layers deep and this is creating your sense of inaction. You may…


Question Your Own Self-Worth

You run through all of the problems in your mind – the decisions you took, the relationships that didn’t work, the opportunities that never came your way…you focus on this pain for long enough and you start carrying it around. It becomes you.

You don’t question what it is you’re experiencing. Your self-esteem naturally lowers and you start feeling terrible about yourself. You let the negativity consume you. You allow it in by resisting your greatness.

So how do you overcome all of the above problems?

Believing In Yourself Is Simple…

You become present. With the moment.

Right now, by allowing yourself to become conscious of the present moment, you are in control of how your life will go.

This power is yours and it always has been. Yet if you are unconscious or your thoughts are in the past that has long gone…or somewhere off in the distant future…that hasn’t happened yet, you invite in more pain or suffering. You are not letting go and allowing things to come to you.

The solution?

Observe your feelings. Work through them.

Be present.

Accept Your Life For What It Is.

Enjoy the present moment.

It’s your life.

What a gift.

Once you let go of the past and the future…all you are left with is NOW. And in this place none of your fears or worries actually exist.

You find that there is always a solution…a clearly presented road to travel on…despite what your mind had previously been trying to tell you.

In the present moment you are free to take action.

In the present moment you are successful.

Feel into this…observing how it make you feel. Then continue taking action towards your goals, from a joyful state of being.

Knowing that your success does not lie externally.

It is within you.


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