Why Self-Care Is Key To Letting Go Of Your Pain & Suffering
Why Self-Care Is Key To Letting Go Of Your Pain & Suffering

Letting go is always painful. It requires a sacrifice on some level that can only feel like an ending.

From a future standpoint you may look back on this experience with fear and regret. That you wished you had done things differently. Yet really we are always just trying to do the thing that feels the most right to us at the time.

This might mean that what once felt right no longer feels so good to us. It’s not about feeling guilty for making the choice to say no. It’s about learning that when we say no to one particular situation or person, we are opening the doors for change. And new beginnings to enter.

At any moment we can rewrite our story, to something that serves everyone for the highest good. Yes, nothing is ever perfect – but we can learn to show gratitude for every life situation we face. Acknowledging the lesson learned in the process.

Often when one relationship or friendship ends, its demise is to make way for a new partnership or connection to enter. It may not always appear right away, but over time it becomes more obvious and finds a way into your life.

Each exit door is also an entry to somewhere new. Life is being able to discern where these points are for you.

As time goes by, you may find yourself getting better at discerning what feels right and what doesn’t. You may set boundaries more firmly and with greater ease. At first you may not always realise where to draw the line but over time, you can determine it for yourself as you become more accustomed to life’s challenges – its many ups and downs.

Learning Through Pain And Letting Go 

Loss always feels terrible. Unfortunately, there is no way to navigate life without experiencing some of its side effects. And that is the sad truth.
What we can do however is to learn how to better sail through its stormy waters and to come out on the other side feeling more fulfilled and knowledgeable.

Acknowledging that our attachments to this reality are merely serving a purpose for our own character development is key. Life is a playing ground that we are navigating each day; doing our best to be people of good character, while serving others along the way.

If you feel sad about the passing or loss of a special person, animal or even a routine you were involved with, one way to cope is to focus on the feelings that came up for you during this time.

You will always have the memories but you can learn to rewire your feelings into activities that promote your own self-care.

Placing your own wellbeing first is one of the most effective ways to overcome any feelings of loss you may be dwelling upon. And from here you can find ways to serve others for their own highest good.

Try This Simple Self-Care Ritual For Letting Go…

While you practice this yummy ritual, imagine that you are being covered and protected by a golden white light from your head to your toes.

Sit upright and with your eyes closed, imagine that a pure white cord extends from the crown of your head, up into the sky.

Imagine giving all of your emotions – your loss, sadness and fear up into this white light. Settle into this feeling for a few moments as all emotions escape you.

As the emotions are drawn out of you, imagine that the white light coming into you is cleansing your mind. Calming all emotional distress.

Give it up to God and allow the Divine Light to fulfill you. Hold this energy, envisioning the light in an orb above your head. Giving your skin a soft radiant glow as it drops over your entire body.

Once you are engulfed in its beautiful cleansing energy, imagine the person/event/situation that is causing you distress or feelings of sadness.

Thank them for the important lesson they came to teach you at this time in your life. From your heart space, send your deepest gratitude and love. And raise the energy from your heart up to your crown chakra, allowing the light to release your pains, worries and concerns away from your body and up into the ethos.

You may want to repeat this exercise a few times to allow your energies to become cleansed and to truly unwind.

Practising some gentle breathing exercises can also help you to go deeper into this space. You may want to light a candle at the start of or end of this process to symbolise the transformations of energies as well.

Breathing out, let go of your fears. And create an ‘allowing’ in the Third Eye space so that you can draw in a new, healing positive energy.

You can also repeat this little prayer…

“Dear Universe, I give unto you my feelings of fear and sadness. Send love and healing to this person or situation and give me the freedom to find peace.”

Blow out the candle. Close your eyes. And imagine yourself being divinely protected. Breathe out. Knowing that you are safe and one with the Universe. Always.

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