Why Suffering Is Often Essential To Your Spiritual Growth
Why Suffering Is Often Essential To Your Spiritual Growth


It’s a fact of life that at some point, everything good will come to an end.  Our reaction to that fact can vary depending on your circumstances. If you’ve had a good life and made many friends and loved ones along the way – you might not like that idea.

Yet if you have been suffering with a debilitating illness for a while then leaving the physical world could be your only solace or promise of relief.

Our reaction to life’s events can vary between individuals. And some of it can seem really unfair. Why do some people seem to find all the luck, the love, the great career, family life and good health they could ever hope for…and others struggle to live day by day?

In many ways this can be an unfair reality. You don’t know what hand you’re going to get dealt next. You could be rich one minute and broke the next day. As much as you may plan for a future, it could just as easily be taken from you the next day. As none of us have any idea what the future has in store for us.

Yes we can stay positive throughout the journey, as we should to ensure the best outcomes. And plan for the long term. Yes there will still be events that shock or surprise us. Some might say it is karma. Others are repulsed by this idea as if to even suggest this is outright offensive and victim blaming.

The truth is, no one really knows why things happen. They just are. And of course no one deserves to suffer. All beings deserve to be happy. Yet it seems if we want to turn our attention inwards and focus on our spiritual growth then some level of suffering is unfortunately, inevitable.

A part of this suffering could be to enable us to more easily detach from the physical world. After all – if it’s all just an illusion, then we are simply playing a part. And whatever happens to us is just being played out on the stage of our life for us to dissect over. Our bodies and minds are not our true selves. The soul is.

Learning The Truth About The Soul’s Journey

Once you accept that you are not the body and that life always has the double edged-sword of duality ready to wield, then you do not attach your hopes and dreams into the physical world which is temporary – you focus on going back to God or the Divine instead.

This can be challenging to accept as you long to find lasting happiness in the physical world. While you can certainly find shades of happiness, it is only a reflection of the inner worlds – what’s going on inside.

As difficult a concept as it may first seem, it can help you to realign your energy and come into a better place when you let go of all hopes and expectations.

In fact, you may find that the suffering ends all together as you simply accept what is. Learning to forgive the past can also be of great benefit to anyone looking to move on and grow from their previous mistakes.

The question many people face is what to do after the suffering has ended and we have healed. Some people may feel they have been left with a scar.

Like they are doomed to repeat the same mistakes and failures again and again. If it’s all based on deeply rooted beliefs they have hidden in their subconscious mind, then these roots could grow deadly shoots once more – sabotaging any successful healing.

Overcoming Suffering Starts With Your Mindset

Your mind is like a blank sheet of paper onto which the story of your life is being written. Day by day, you place new sheets of paper onto the memory board.

Soon you may find it confusing to know where to look; everywhere is filled with notes, some containing meaningless messages that no longer serve you.

Are you living your day like this…carrying around a head full of painful memories or emotions that are making your mind feel cluttered? You search for clarity but none comes…because the emotional weight of the negative memo notes means that it’s stuck at the front of your mind. You can’t let it go. Its pin scratches in to your brain, causing incredible pain…

The only way to let it go is to remove the negative emotions, so the weight of these memories drops from the mind. And this then means that the positive and more fulfilling memories can come to the surface.

You can only get to this point when you are willing to change. To let it go. To drop all the attachments – the resentments, the anger. The ego longs to cling to these feelings, but they do not serve your highest good.

Releasing yourself means letting go. Forgiving. Finding the quality of inner peace that is so strong inside that nothing on the outside can truly affect you or bring you down. Only if you choose it to.

Techniques For Letting Go Of Emotional Suffering

Noticing when the painful emotion comes up and what thoughts or feelings trigger it is essential. The second step is to actually feel into the pain – rather than try to stop or suppress it.

Emotions are like the seasons and it’s perfectly natural to feel sad for a long time as it is to be going through a time of great happiness and celebration. Know and understand they are both cycular.

Know you are protected. Emotions can be deadly. They may feel overwhelming and they can swamp our sense of self. When you acknowledge that your emotions may change but you are OK underneath it all, you realise that you are not your emotions.

There is a Higher plan that serves you. Meditate on your inner truth and what it means to be alive in this time. How has the suffering you endured made you stronger or a more resilient person? Finding your silver lining means understanding that the bad event that happened may even serve a good purpose. It could be a matter of perspective.

Choose to send love to people who have hurt you. Love has a high vibrational frequency and it is the healing energy of love that will save all beings. This is because we are Love and it is to Love we will return. Choose to love yourself. Send love to another. Always with the intention of giving, without the expectation of receiving.

Understand that all great things come from painful beginnings (or endings). Your personal experiences are shaping and re-moulding you to become stronger and more resilient in the face of adversity. To fight for what you want and to put your thoughts and emotions more clearly in this direction. By doing this you draw what you want more easily into your life and can turn any negativity into fuel for the fire – that lights the way back home.

Remember, overcoming feelings of suffering and pain is difficult but if you take one step every day towards feeling good; do something that takes you out of a negative mindset and focus on the positive. Before you know it, you will have broken down your wall of suffering, one brick at a time.


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