How To Fire Up Your Willpower To Achieve More Every Day
How To Fire Up Your Willpower To Achieve More Every Day


How do you start your day? Willpower is the fuel that fires up your actions to get things done. But what happens if you don’t have the energy or the motivation to work through your to do list?

When you understand what is causing your lack of engagement and desire to procrastinate, you can make steps towards eliminating it. Otherwise it’s like you are just sitting in the dark, wondering why nothing is getting done. Or why nothing changes.

The truth is, your willpower is like a muscle. You need to keep it active all the time by engaging in activities that fire you up and give you a reason to wake up and get going.

Ask yourself the following…


What is my emotional driver?

What is making me want to focus on improving myself?

How can I take action towards improving myself today?

Perhaps you feel angry that you’re being left behind in life. There could be a feeling of despair and unworthiness emerging whenever you sit down to write. Or maybe you feel worried that everyone else knows something that you don’t.

Whatever it is, it’s usually a feeling of being short changed that will prime you towards taking action. Once you have this defined, then you know what you need to do to move from a place of feeling stuck to putting the wheels in motion for your own self-transformation.

You can only do this however when you invest in yourself fully and believe that you are worthy of receiving great things. As the saying goes, Get Your Mindset Right and All Else Will Follow.

Everything works for you when you do it in a proper manner. You need to first acknowledge what your emotional driver means to you as then you can focus on harnessing its energy and turning its motor so that the wheels start turning towards your destination.


How Do You Use Emotion To Drive Yourself To Where You Want To Be?

It’s simple. You imagine the feeling you will have when you get there. Keep focusing on this feeling as it rises up inside of you and moves its way around your energy field. 

If you want to feel the amazing freedom you will have when you break away from your office job and get to set your own hours as a work from home writer…imagine. Visualise what this feeling will bring into your existence.

Staying positive or focused on a certain feeling can really start to align you with that energy and consciousness. So stay focused on this feeling as you call it into your being.

Hold the energy within you and listen to it as it moves around your physical body. Ask yourself questions around this feeling and delve into each chakra or energy centre within the body to feel how it resonates.

You may notice that the energy generated from this feeling has a completely different quality or resonance in the root chakra when compared to the heart chakra. Feel what your body is trying to tell you… really listen as you tune in to the energy centres and their resonance.

When you do this, you will start to hear what your essence is really wanting to tell you. If a situation or a person is a good match for you…if change is necessary…or if something feels off altogether. Everything is energy so listen to what it is communicating to you on an intuitive level.


Once you get clear on what you need to do….Write It Down!

Write down each emotion onto a piece of paper. Pin the emotion to an event in the future that will happen when you achieve whatever you are setting out to do.

By recording the emotional event onto a piece of paper and committing it to heart, you make a pact with your soul to make it happen. That…or something better.

Place the visualisation somewhere that you can see it every single day. Such as on the wall in your office/bedroom or anywhere that you feel you need a little more motivation to get things done.

Look at the visualisation every day. Focus on this feeling daily by tapping into the visualisation. Hold it in your imagination and feel it is happening right now. This is key to manifesting the life that you want.

Once you have the feeling so embedded in your psyche, you are…


Fueling The Fire

When your emotion is fused with your intention, then you can start to go places!

One of the best ways to bring up your fire and willpower is to do some candle gazing.

This simple act of looking into a flame can help to focus your intentions in a single and directed manner.

It can make you feel empowered and strong in your motivations.

Candle gazing or focusing on a single intention can help you to stay focused on fueling your fire.

Knowing that human life can be fleeting and that people’s flames are extinguished every single day…on a subconscious level, the fire represents spirit…

And it’s asking you… ‘Are you living up to your potential and what you came here to do?’

Only you can know the answer.

Following this simple exercise will help you to step up and honour your willpower every single day.

To follow through with ideas and to take action. To make life happen for you rather than against you.

When you stay in this spirit, you help to gain back your sense of self and living on purpose; safe in the clarity and understanding of what you truly came here to do.


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