How To Invite In Abundance and Live a Joyful And Fulfilled Life
How To Invite In Abundance and Live a Joyful And Fulfilled Life

“Abundance is not something we acquire. It is something we tune into.”
– Wayne Dyer, Author and Speaker


Abundance is a quality that you may want to add more of into your life. It means always having enough, never having to worry – the opposite of lack or scarcity.

If you feel that you are lacking in any way, then it will be difficult to live from a place of joyful gratitude. You have to align with abundance and this energy if you want to attract more of this into your life experience.


How do you attract abundance and joy into your life?

Firstly, you need to resonate with this energy. You have to accept that great things are wanting to make their way to you. It is your birthright to be happy and provided for. Everything is wanting to make its way to you.

Your life is meant to be filled with many blessings but you need to be willing to accept them by knowing what that means and how it wants to show up in your life. If you’re not open, then you will never truly receive.



One of the biggest things you can do to invite more abundance into your life is to focus on feeling good. When you come from a place of gratitude you naturally attract more of this energy into your life.

Gratitude is a high frequency energy that gives you more of this in return. Gratitude means you are thankful for all of your blessings, regardless of your current situation. It means you are accepting of what your life is like, even if nothing is perfect. Or seems to be going your way at this time.


Find Peace In The Moment

This comes on to the second point. When you are accepting and grateful, you are at peace. This means allowing happiness to flow in as your natural state of being.

When you’re not trying to control the outcome of things, you are in a state of acceptance and peace. This is steady ground for planting the seeds of abundance and joy!


Giving To Others

Serving others and giving without expectation can often make you feel a greater sense of peace.

When you experience selflessness you come to experience a joy that’s deeper than your own ego’s transitory wants and needs. It comes from a knowing that all is OK. That everything is connected and you are a part of the whole experience.

Allowing your Self to experience such creative joy and wonder means you are reminding yourself and everyone else about the amazing potential inside that you – and indeed, we all have to give whenever we dig deep.


Surround Yourself With This Energy

When you are surrounded by people and things that build momentum with the energy and the kind of life you want to create and bring into your existence…this is when it becomes easy to raise your consciousness from one level to another.


Know Your Worth

Your value isn’t determined by what other people think or believe about you. Your value is there just because you exist. Your sense of who you are is not weighed upon the opinions or beliefs of others.

You find your own self-worth by applying your values and beliefs to every day situations. And by trusting in the process that whatever is meant for you, will come to you. If you have faith, then what you are putting out there will find you in return.


Tell Yourself Loving Messages

You are the results of what you are thinking and believing. Thoughts and beliefs have an energetic frequency and this resonates on a level that is attracting certain experiences into your life.

Everything is coming to you and for this reason, if you want wonderful things to happen then you need to focus on believing in positive thoughts and accepting they are on their way to you.

Avoid telling yourself things that do not hold true for you or that make you feel bad on some level. Staying grounded in your vision is essential if you want to grow.

Telling yourself loving messages is essential if you want to grow into your happiest, healthiest self. From here all abundance and joy can be added to you. Learn how to add more abundance and joy into your life through receiving Enlightened Messages directly into your inbox.



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