How To Find Clarity And Contentment In The Present Moment
How To Find Clarity And Contentment In The Present Moment


‘Truth is ever to be found in simplicity, and not in the multiplicity and confusion of things’ – Isaac Newton


There are many opportunities in life to feel frustrated and confused by. A lot of it comes from your expectations of how things should be and the frustrations that emerge when they do not come into being.

Reality can be a sobering check on how far you have come in life and where you long to be…Some people make life look easy, while for others it always seems like an uphill struggle.

What causes such differences? When you think how easy it is to see the negative in a situation – you see the importance of self-realisation.

Being mindful and OK with knowing that NOT everything is going to go your way right this moment – this is the solution. The secret to staying happy and focused on your goals is to look with clarity on the bigger picture.

Is there even one grain of good in a bad event? Being able to see the sliver of good in even incredibly bad situations, is key to staying detached from the outcome.

You might not be able to see it now…but the bad thing is happening for a reason. And once you can understand the dual nature of this, you simply step into a state of observance rather than becoming its victim.

One of the best ways to do this is to…


Get Crystal Clear On Your Goals


What is your biggest motivator for getting out of a problem? When you have a VISION for how you want things to be, you can let this guide you along your journey.

Your vision needs to be REWARDING enough that it will want to make you fight to overcome any obstacles that may come your way.

Perhaps it’s the idea of making X amount of money a year, creating a successful business or even writing an inspiring bestselling book. Your goal needs to be BIG enough so that it scares you into giving your absolute best.


Focus on The Solution

There may be more problems than you know to handle – yet if you focus on finding the solution, this is where your consciousness goes. There is a solution to every problem, it is simply about knowing where to find it.

If you can avoid getting caught up in drama or negativity, your consciousness goes towards seeking the solution. And often, the solution was there all along. It is simply that you were so focused on your problems that its simplicity eluded you.

Once you understand that by re-focusing your attention and energy onto something more positive, you find what you are seeking…then you no longer even have to look. You don’t have to seek. The solution will simply show up as if by magic.


Enjoy Each Moment In The Journey

The untrained mind has a tendency to jump ahead to the future with all of its expectations or to look back on the past with anger and regret.

All of these feelings use up valuable emotional energy that you could otherwise use to create your most beautiful life.

By getting present and accepting where you are, this is where you gain clarity and focus on where you are going. You can’t find this in the future or the past – as all there is, IS NOW.

By letting go of thoughts and beliefs that harm you in some way, you can become free from the shackles you may have unconsciously placed on yourself.


Know That Everything Is Going To Be OK

Understand that everything will be OK. No matter how difficult or challenging a situation may seem from the outset – it only seems this way because you aren’t present. The present moment never gives you any more than you can handle at that time.

And even if you feel it is- you can handle it, within that moment. Not before, not after. Only by staying in the present can you find that if there is a problem – it is being sorted. And then things will be OK.

You have been through challenging situations before and survived…and you will do so again. Your confusion is simply caused by clouded thinking – a series of ‘What ifs?’ that worry about every bad scenario…but has no real basis in reality.

Worrying about not being good enough, missing out, losing money, not finding a partner, a loved one dying…there are endless possibilities for the mind to ponder on.

Yet if it’s not happening right now then it’s not happened at all. So why worry? How can this possibly add anything of benefit to your life?

Once you understand how negative thinking keeps you staying safe in the moment rather than moving forward (as you can see the bigger picture – a bigger goal to work towards) you begin to realise how vital it is to let go of your judging thoughts…and just observe.


Practice Being In The Present Moment

When you observe you let go. This is how meditation works to help you to find space between the thoughts.

While mindfulness can keep you aware of the quality of the thoughts you’re thinking.

Let go of your thoughts. Let go of psychological time. Let go and allow your emotions to flow…Simply step into a state of observance, as if watching your thoughts and problems on water, floating onto the distant horizon.

Then you can look at each thought and realise if they are bringing you any benefit in getting you closer to or further away from your goals. All you have to do then is to cut them out. 

Watch as your mind frees itself and just like a bird, naturally transcends to take flight and find higher purpose…

So that’s it, in a nutshell. Each thought is creating your future and is literally taking you to or away from your goals.

All you have to do is to get present – and listen. 

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