Re-Framing Your Life Story For Certainty And Success
Re-Framing Your Life Story For Certainty And Success

If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change – Wayne Dyer


Taking a second look on a subject is not something you may have ever considered doing before. If you’re like most people, you may look once at a situation and see its story on the surface level. The school system primes for this by teaching people to learn, review and then simply move on.

You may reach adulthood with all kinds of beliefs and values that you have soaked up on a subconscious level. Yet have you ever questioned their true meaning? Are you holding on to some beliefs simply because other people have told you that ‘This is simply the way it is…?’

As an example, think about the beliefs you may (unconsciously) have absorbed about money. Perhaps your family implanted negative beliefs that money is ‘difficult to obtain,’ ‘doesn’t grow on trees’ or is even ‘the root of all evil’.

This may later have further been confirmed by the media and watching soap operas where the rich are often depicted as evil, nasty people with no morals. You took on this view of the world and it shaped your reality, without you even realising it.

By creating this layer of resistance, it became the backbone of your excuses as to why you couldn’t or even shouldn’t do something like start a business. What a scary prospect. You might turn into one of them. In keeping you feeling stuck, you keep yourself small and safe. Yet it also means resisting your natural state of abundance and success.

Money problems can often feed into self-worth issues and vice versa. The feeling of simply not being good enough can become your life story if you’re not careful – especially when it is constantly being affirmed.

Choosing A Different Set Of Lenses

Look at life as like a lens. It is reflecting back at you whatever you’re focusing on. You can choose to remove the lenses you may have been viewing life through – but it might take some time.

Like taking off a pair of glasses, it can feel painful to see things all blurry for a while. Things might not be clear and you might not be able to determine where you are going. It’s easy and more comfortable to slip into old beliefs, often rooted in deep-seated emotions.

Once you can take a step back and see things with clarity, this is when you can find release from limiting thoughts and beliefs. It is in the process of letting go that you can discover your true feelings about a situation. In this place, you find freedom and the ability to choose and develop new thoughts and beliefs that better serve you.

Affirming Your New Beliefs

Creating the spark of a new belief begins with using the right affirmations to bring your ideal life into fruition. This means holding and affirming a positive belief that can bring great change into your life. It should feel so inspiring that it can’t help but ignite change in you.

If your affirmation doesn’t seem inspiring enough, then you may want to review it. Search inside and reach deep for what you want to bring out of your dreams and into your reality. After all, if we’re here to create…then you need to become the channel for what you are seeking to see in the world.

Affirmations are set in the present tense and implant a thought that gives you a feeling that it is happening right now. Affirmations work as they act as powerful mantras to attract (create) the person you want to become. Positive affirmations in particular can attract wonderful new experiences into your existence.

Some good examples of affirmations include:

I am deeply loved and valued

My life is full of abundance and joy

I accept wealth and abundance with ease

I enjoy excellent health and vitality


Whatever negative beliefs or stories you’ve been telling yourself so far – recognise that these are just thoughts. Observe each one and you will find a new perspective on it. And how it’s simply a story you’ve been telling yourself…perhaps even for your whole life.

Affirming a new reality is just one aspect. Yet knowing it is coming to you is a completely different concept. And it is the step that can be much more difficult to conceive of…particularly if you have a habit of being doubtful or fearful about the future.

Once you recognise you can find relief within the present moment, holding the vision with great intent and living your life as usual is the best course of action. In this way, you ensure what you are manifesting is coming towards you – without placing any kind of doubt or resistance that may prevent it from coming towards you.

Gaining New Perspective

It’s easy to give up on your hopes and dreams when nothing seems to be going to plan. It’s being able to still keep the faith and take action even when everything is falling around you that is the challenging part.

If you don’t see results immediately it’s easy to feel disappointed or even despair that your deepest wishes haven’t become reality yet.

By measuring things with the mind and your current situation it can create distance and a sense of lack. The feeling that something is missing can run deep and act like a ravine between you and your desire – preventing you from truly getting what you want.

Taking a different perspective on things can encourage you to feel renewed in your faith. It can provide a different framework that means you are more likely to persevere in patience over the long-term. So eventually the image you are holding inside of you will become your new reality.


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