Are You Riding The Waves Of Your Own ‘Self-Care’ Storm?
Are You Riding The Waves Of Your Own ‘Self-Care’ Storm?

Having your own self-care routine may feel like second nature, yet at times it can also present many challenges.

Just as you get comfortable with taking good care of yourself, strange feelings can emerge from the unknown.

Like a wave, they rise and if you’re not careful, can leave you completely submerged.

Yes, it is a human feeling. The nature of the mind is to deal with both good and bad. Some days are incredibly good. Others just simply feel bad.

And it’s knowing that both are OK. By accepting both, you can find freedom and release in being non-attached to both.

Becoming the observer of these storms, you can begin to pinpoint when they may arise. It’s not always an easy thing to understand or accept – that you can do soo much work on yourself and still have to go through negative experiences.

Whatever is emerging, is something within you that you may be denying. Therefore by learning to accept what it is coming up for you, you can find peace.

Having expectations of how you should feel within any given moment is what actually causes the suffering. The feeling of being lesser than – being disappointed in yourself for even having certain thoughts and feelings…this is what is adding to the problem.

The only way to release yourself from these entangled feelings is to accept them. Let go and understand that life is a training ground, it will always present challenges to you – often when you least expect.

It’s not about being perfect or having everything in one place. It’s simply about having the experience of being present within that moment.

Accepting The ‘Good’ With The ‘Bad’

Yes, your plans will often go awry. People will let you down. Life situations will test you, often to the limit. You don’t have to let yourself down. You can always begin again with a new set of eyes.

If something doesn’t feel like it’s working, then you shouldn’t try to make things happen. Simply let it go and accept that right now, is not the right time. Or the right person. Or event for this to occur.

Expectations for how things should be right now – keep you in a state of longing or wanting, for a better time somewhere off in the future where everything will be perfect for you.

News flash: Nothing will ever be perfect!

This is one of the biggest illusions of the mind. The perfection is here right now, in the journey. In the appreciation. In the process of becoming.

Shifting to a space of exploration instead of expectation is the best way to slow everything down.

Once you can feel the seconds, you begin to realise how precious your time really is. And by letting go of any resistance, you make way for good things to naturally come to you.

Look at the picture above of the open hand. If you act open, you are allowing things to be given to you. When you hold on – clinging to your expectations, you create a closed fist in your energy field.

This means you are preventing abundance from coming your way. And nobody really wants that…

Find Your Centre In The Storm

Life is a balancing act. Even when you think all is going well, a tidal storm can come along and smash you through its depths. It can feel scary and intimidating to lose your footing…and yourself in the process.

When you find balance within yourself, you nurture your inner strength. You can be rocked any number of ways and still maintain your composure.

Once you become as sturdy as a rock on the inside – nothing can truly topple you. Staying centred and focused on your own self-love will feel difficult at times and you will be tested.

Caring for your centre – your inner soul space is the only way to pull yourself out of the waters. To learn to stand on your own two feet again, requires a strong knowing – even when the reality is presenting something completely different.


4 Mindful Ways To Centre Yourself When The Storm Comes

1. Imagine yourself as a tree

Standing tall with your roots strong and firm in the Earth. Nurture yourself in knowing that you may be swayed by the violent winds that try to unsettle you, but you stay firmly rooted. Your Very Being – Your Soul will make it through any situation.

2. Breathe deeply into your diaphragm

Inhale and exhale slowly, allowing the oxygen to revitalise you. Close your eyes and ‘feel’ into your body. Feel yourself in the moment. Observe your thoughts like clouds in the sky. You are simply the spectator. Watch each come and go, remaining unaffected by the show.

3. Repeat simple, loving words

It could be a mantra. It could be simple words of comfort that empower or revitalise you. Choose something that makes you feel an emotional change within you such as ‘I am deeply loved and valued’ or ‘I am beautiful, good things are coming my way’ as two examples. Hold yourself and repeat the mantra or phrase until you feel comforted and relaxed.

4. Give yourself space

Meditate. Focus within. Go for a walk. Do some form of creative activity that makes you feel good and allows you to express yourself. Writing, painting, journalling…the key is to feel connected to yourself within the moment. Allow yourself to feel alive and content when channelling your creativity. Silence your inner critic and just be peaceful with what your soul wants to tell you.


By following the above tips and practising feeling grounded and present in the moment, you can gain back your inner peace. From here it’s about nurturing this quality within by taking time for you and doing activities that make you feel good.

Consistently feeling good will only mean you come out of the storm; stronger, wiser and more prepared for whatever life has in store for you.


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