5 Simple Ways To Find Your Heart Centre


Life can be challenging and there are times when we may want to ‘jack it all’ in and wish we would’ve stayed in bed! But no one ever said it would be easy…if it were, life wouldn’t be as exciting or rewarding. Work, family life, the stress of trying to succeed and the pressures we put on ourselves internally are just some of the reasons why we may struggle to reconnect with our true purpose…especially when we’re in our ‘head space’ rather than our heart space.

It’s very easy to get trapped in our minds, where a tsunami of overwhelming thoughts can sweep us along on a journey we may not even want to go on. What we need to do when the storm of mass thoughts try to override us is to try and find the quiet moments rather than being lead down a negative spiral of emotions.

Calming the mind can help us to find the space necessary to reflect on our thoughts and act or react accordingly. When we become more heart centred, we live a life of passion and purpose, so every day we are more capable of making choices that resonate with our highest self. Below are 5 tips to help get you centred and focused into your heart space rather than your head space…

1. Close your eyes and take a few slow deep breaths. Connect with your heart centre and imagine a ball of white light shining out of your chest. Every time you breathe in, imagine the ball growing brighter as you inhale positive thoughts and exhale the negative thoughts.

2. Feel the wave of love shining onto you. Visualise yourself being surrounded by a pure, gorgeous bright white or pinkish light that envelopes your entire body and seeps into your skin, deep into your soul. Know that the love shining onto you is from Source, and is unconditional and free from all judgement. When you feel the love warming your skin, bask in its presence and take a few more deep breaths. Resonate in the feeling that we are at our core, the soul essence, or drops of spirit trying to make our way back to the ocean of love (Source).

3. Hold a piece of Selenite in your hands. This will make the meditation 100% more powerful and help with the intention setting process. Selenite has a calming influence and as a high vibration stone it can help you to grow spiritually. It does this by opening the crown chakra and accessing the transpersonal chakras.

4. Ground Yourself like a Tree. When you can visualise yourself as a tree with strong roots that expand into the earth, you will be unshakable. To practice this visualisation, stand tall with your feet hips width apart and breathe in deeply, raising your arms above your head as you focus your attention into strengthening your core. Now focus your attention into your legs and then slowly move down to the feet. Notice how your body feels when it’s strong and centred…what it feels like to be present and in the moment. This visualisation exercise can strengthen your inner self when practiced regularly.

5. Write down everything that you have been feeling lately – good or bad. Go through each emotion and try to understand why you’ve felt that way. Try not to get too attached to what it all means, just observe and then let it go. You might like to take a blank piece of paper and write down or draw a heart or word in the centre that makes you feel good. From there you can sketch or doodle whatever feels right to you. Let each feeling pass over you and try to come back to the centre whenever you feel frustrated or as though you are losing focus from what’s truly important.

By using these exercises on a daily basis, it’s possible to truly centre yourself and come back to a more heartfelt place. The key is to really feel like you’re already in that feeling…and then you’re halfway there.

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