In Pain? Meditate, Even For a Few Minutes…

A few minutes every day of meditation could provide a more powerful form of pain relief than drugs such as morphine, according to a recent study carried out at the Wake Forest Medical Centre in North Carolina.

The study reported in The Journal of Neuroscience found that of the individuals studied, 27% saw a reduction in the intensity of their pain, while 44% received less emotional pain. Individuals were taught breathing and relaxation techniques that enabled them to learn how to cope with pain and this was reflected in their brain scans.

The lead researcher of the study, Fadel Zeidan believed that the findings are proof that mindfulness meditation can promote different patterns of brain activity and it is these findings that just four 20 minute sessions of mindfulness meditation on a daily basis could enhance pain treatment. But Zeidan also said, “The present study examined healthy, pain-free volunteers but these findings can’t be generalised in regard to chronic pain patients at this time.”

Study Source: The Journal of Neuroscience

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