Why Exercise Is Great For Your Spiritual Development

The thought of doing exercise may fill us with dread at times; getting sweaty and ‘feeling the burn’ is not everyone’s ideal way to spend their free time. But the good news is that with a little mindshift, exercise can be the one thing you not only want to do but also actively pursue throughout the day.

Many of us don’t necessarily associate exercise with our spiritual development, perhaps because exercise is a very yang activity – it involves physical exertion and putting our energies out into the world rather than on self-reflection. The truth is that we need to partake in both yin and yang activities to feel a true sense of fulfilment. Exercise is one such activity that can help us to flourish within our yang energy and to honour this side of us.

Whether it’s relaxing yoga or a more strenuous running session, we need to focus on our own physical goals if we want to achieve them. In the long term this isn’t always easy as it means taking practical daily action steps to get to our destination…but the benefits pay off big time. Here are just some of the spiritual benefits you can enjoy from getting more physical…

    1. Improves Endurance. People who take part in daily exercise are more likely to have a stronger level of endurance and be more resistant to problems that come their way as opposed to those who do not choose to physically challenge themselves. The spiritual path is one that can be filled with challenges and it’s up to us to rise and meet them or fall back down and decide to sit them out instead. Sports and exercise teaches the physical self to become stronger and in turn this can improve mental strength and endurance in other activities too…meaning you can go for longer in meditation. It can also mean you become more one-pointed and focused in this activity and in silencing the mind while listening to the voice within.


    2. Deeper Connection with a Higher Source. . There is something rather profound about taking care of your body, renewing and refreshing every cell in the physical body can also transform our energies so we vibrate on a higher level. The body is a temple that houses our light and is meant to be used for finding our connection with a Higher Power or Source energy.  When we care for our temple it’s like spring cleaning for the soul and the body becomes a more purer channel for the Light.


    3.We Let Go Of What No Longer Serves Us. It is easy to fall into bad habits and doing activities that fulfil the senses albeit temporarily, without any real long term satisfaction. It is easy to do things that feel good in the moment but have a long term negative payback. Much more challenging to do something painful that we know will be worth the blood, sweat and tears to reach the end goal. Running a marathon for example is a painful activity for many as it involves getting up to run daily, but the end result is a fit, lean and healthy body and a real sense of achievement. In the process we may have to sacrifice a lot of activities that do us harm – such as old bad habits that kept us feeling lazy, lethargic and stuck…like eating junk food, watching too much TV, or indulging in idol gossip that does not serve us for the highest good.


    4.Detoxes The Body and Mind. Exercise gets every cell moving and activated, and this has wonderful detoxifying benefits for the body. Regular detoxification encourages all the cells to cleanse themselves and become lighter in the long term. When  our bodies are light, our minds are too  as they are less weighed down by the physical. When the physical limitations are lifted and health worries are eliminated, we are more likely to have crystal clear thoughts and be able to transcend above the body and every day consciousness we can focus on attaining true enlightenment.


    5.Improved Hormonal Balance. Physical exercise can release numerous hormones and endorphins that help us to feel good and this can get us hooked if we get enough of these nice feelings. Exercise has been shown to stave off anxiety, depression and reduce feelings of stress. It has also been noted that these endorphins can induce euphoric like states that diminish pain and act as sedatives within the body. When the body’s hormones are balanced our minds are too and we usually feel more connectedness and a real sense of empathy with those around us. We are better able to communicate with the world within us and follow our inner guidance so that ultimately we can find it easier to walk the path towards higher consciousness.

Why not try some exercise and let us what your favourite activity is, along with how it has impacted or improved your spiritual development?


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