13 Insightful Ways To Honour Your Creativity

Creativity is one of the higher energies we can choose to give our attention to which is why it’s so prized as it’s often associated with genius – drawing forth new ideas from the cosmos and birthing them into physical reality. This isn’t always an easy feat, indeed, there are often many trials and tribulations along the way that can make this a challenging process.

The key to being successful, as with anything, is the level of perseverance you can give to your projects. Turning up and honouring your creativity is really essential if you want to keep the fires burning and new ideas coming into your energetic field. Creativity isn’t the reserve of a few privileged people who have been gifted or honoured enough to have it bestowed upon them. It is an endless cloud of possibilities ready to burst out on us, if only we can tap into its endless potential. Here are 13 of the best ways to do just that…

  1. Dream big. Don’t limit yourself. Don’t confine yourself into a small box or accept that the way things are is how they will always be. Try something different, that seems impossible. You never know where it may take you. There are so many things that are possible to achieve when we simply think and then believe that we can. Don’t accept limitations – focus on all the things you know you can achieve if you put your attention on them. Good ways you can do this include practicing creative visualisation exercises, lucid dreaming or writing down any unusual experiences or feelings or thoughts you might have into in a notebook.

  3. Meditate. Going deep into meditation can place you into a different state of consciousness. Meditating on The Third Eye or the sixth centre of consciousness known as the Aagya Chakra that’s located between the eyebrows can help you to ascend, inviting in creative energies in the process. Meditating doesn’t have to be difficult either. Simply closing your eyes and going within, can make a difference to how you’re thinking and feeling. Paying attention to any images, emotions, sensations and feelings that are coming up for you during this one focused state is very important. Learning to heighten your perception through meditation is one of the best ways to open yourself up creatively. Having a notepad handy to write down any of your best creative ideas is a good idea.

  5. Commit to a Daily Practice. This can be difficult but committing to a daily practice that involves writing, drawing, or expressing yourself in any form is great for honouring your creativity. Establishing a daily routine that focuses on taking action towards your goals is highly recommended. You might need to build this up gradually if you’re not used to concentrating on a sole task for a long period of time. Start with 5-10 minutes in the morning and then build up to 20-30 minutes of writing, drawing or any other kind of activity.

  7. Go for a Walk. By walking about in a natural environment we begin to resonate with the energies in nature. This is usually the 432hz frequency, that can transmit beneficial healing energy to all around us. There is evidence that being out in nature can decrease stress, make you happier, relieve attention fatigue and even increase creativity. A recent study carried out at Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh found that participants who had their brains monitored with mobile electroencephalogram (EEG) while walking through a green urban space were found to have lower levels of stress and frustration, yet higher engagement levels when it came to attention restoration and a meditative mindset. This means that going for a daily walk can help to place you in a creative frame of mind.

  9. Sing. This simple activity can release endorphins into the body, making you feel good. When you’re feeling relaxed and stress-free it’s easier to slip into your creative potential as you naturally start attracting high energy frequencies. As a result, the activities you participate in are of a higher energy and more likely to bring forth positive outcomes. When you’re feeling open and expressive enough to sing, you invite in the quality of creativity and when this flows through you…you’re simply acting as a channel for those qualities to become manifest. Studies suggest that people tend to be most creative when they’re in a good mood and that the positive effect can result in a change in the attention allocated to both the external and internal conceptual space.

  11. Take a risk. There is beauty in the unknown and by improvising, it’s possible to start thinking more from the pre-frontal cortex – otherwise known as the “seat of creativity”. The pre-frontal cortex plays an integral role in a person’s personality and their complex cognitive behaviour including the way they express their personality, make decisions and moderate their social behaviour. Scientists believe that when this area is shut down (as noted in jazz musicians, freestyle rappers, illustrators and cartoonists), people are more likely to take risks. This means their creativity is enhanced.

  13. Write a word cloud. This is an excellent way to beat writer’s block when you are feeling stuck. Start by taking a single sheet of paper and write in the middle a word related to anything you have been thinking about. It could be something very simple or it could be focused on a more complex issue. Whatever it is, write it down and start to concentrate on related topics to place around this. So for example you might write down the word ‘Sun’ and around this you could place arrows leading to similar themes…’River’…Nature…’ and then this could lead to more expansive imagery such as ‘Puddle’ or ‘Rain’. Keep going around the circle, writing down all the image related words you can think of. Eventually you can start to link these words together to create a different meaning and truly ‘build’ a landscape on which a story can be based. This is the best way to start thinking and dreaming expansively. Whenever you feel stuck, try this exercise and see where it takes you.

  15. Draw or paint your feelings. This is a good method if you are a very visual person and want to express your feelings through colours or texture. Perhaps you are feeling sad or ashamed somehow…draw or colour it onto a piece of paper and see where that takes you. If you feel happy use bright and bold colours like oranges, reds and yellows to draw attention to those emotions or to invite in particular dreamscapes or scenery. Peace may be represented by greens or blues. Colour combine and see what comes up for you. Don’t be afraid to experiment with colours and see where it takes you, on the emotional and spiritual journey within.

  17. Tune in to a Crystal. Aventurine is excellent for releasing blocked creative flow, Amber is said to promote self-expression and Tiger’s Eye can help to release blocked creativity to enable you to recognise your own natural talents and abilities. Moonstone is also perfect for connecting with the creative Goddess energy and getting you to tap into your intuition. Citrine is excellent for opening up your creative channels to abundance. Try combining scents for best results.

  19. Lose Yourself in a Scent. Certain fragrances can remind us of familiar memories, places, people or events. Uplifting scents like lemon and jasmine are believed to be good for enhancing cognitive performance and may encourage you to stay focused on tasks. Lavender can help you to relax, while Bergamot can improve concentration and focus. Orange oil is excellent for reducing anxiety and Lemon can enhance cognitive performance. Try mixing and matching these oils to find a personalised blend to suit your individual tastes and preferences.

  21. Start a Sketchbook. Grab an A4 or A5 sized sketchpad and get creative, adding drawings, sketches or colourful or textured materials to the notebook. In this space, feel free to go wild with your ideas, expressing yourself however you can. You might want to use water colours, glitter, sequins, felt, felt-tips, lace…to create a beautiful dreamscape that speaks to your soul. This is a bit like the concept of a vision board that you can look at daily as a good reminder of what dreams and tasks you would like to bring into your reality.

  23. Make a Divine Creative Space. It could be next to your meditation altar, or even on your work space, but it’s all about having a place to honour your creativity on a daily basis. Clearing the space energetically is important as it can free up old energy to invite in the new, creative potential that’s harbouring inside of you. You will be able to feel how tangible the shift is as when you clear things out, it becomes easier to focus and think about what needs to be done next. Sometimes when we are surrounded by clutter, it’s easy to lose sight of what we have to do next as we take on that scattered energy feeling. Once we have a clear, beautiful space to work with, it’s like connecting with and creating a divine opening directly from the heart.

  25. Create 30 Circles. Take a piece of paper and draw 30 circles on it, connecting each one to see how many objects can be created. By doing this exercise we are learning to adapt and expand our spatial skills in the process. This creative exercise is ideal for exploring various possibilities with shapes while learning to curve our self-criticism and go with the flow, so as to see the bigger picture. Sometimes there may be a great desire to be original, when really what we are after may be a familiar shape, scene or setting. This exercise encourages you to ‘go with the flow’ and to honour what comes up for you either way.

Have you tried any of these creative techniques? How have you found them and are there any more you’d recommend? Feel free to share and comment below.




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