How Sadness Can Shape You For The Better…


We’ve all experienced the tidal wave of emotions that can come crashing down on us when we experience sadness. A sense of loss, hopelessness, despair, a feeling of failure…all of these qualities can bring us to our knees and make us feel worthless if we choose to dwell on them.

When we see someone crying we usually want to reach out and help them. Yet when we are on the receiving end of the sadness, it can seem like a bottomless well with no end in sight….and regardless of who offers their hand out to help us, it is really our decision whether we choose to accept that or not.

That can be difficult to hear: that the onus is on us to help ourselves when it comes to these matters…but the truth is that if we don’t choose to look into ourselves and to understand why we are experiencing sadness, then we can never grow from it.

Some experiences of sadness of course, need no explanation. Grief for the death or departure of a loved one, the end of a relationship, loss of a job etc can all naturally make one feel sad. That is because often what we thought would be a permanent fixture in our lives whether it be a person or an opportunity, is no longer with us. We had an attachment to them and when they are gone our consciousness is trying to make sense of our experience with them. We are trying to cognitively process what the experience was about and what it was trying to teach us.

Sadness as a Teacher

In truth, every emotional experience is here to teach us a life lesson. When it comes to the feeling of sadness, the spiritual lesson here is really about letting us know that this reality is impermanent. What we perceive to be the physical is always changing…and although we may have many wonderful times here, they will eventually come to an end. For this is the natural order of things in the physical Universe and our time here is fleeting.

Yet while this may sound like a hard hitting fact of life, it’s worth understanding that there is great beauty within this ideal. The world we see outside of us – our perceived reality, really began on the inside. Therefore sadness and grief can be the wake-up call we need to attend to the inner world, where the river of bliss is neverending. In this way, our souls can seek comfort and solace in knowing that by going within, we can find true peace. Both in this life and once we pass on.

The comforting words of friends and family, sympathy cards etc are really just notions of support when we go though difficult times. Yet it is the pull of Love that draws us within, to tend to our inner light that we should be most conscious of.

When life feels difficult therefore, it’s worth thinking of how we often receive these curveballs along the path to true Enlightenment. There is always a reason we go through everything in life, based on our karmas or otherwise. Once you look within you soon begin to realise there is no such thing as coincidences.

The key is to determine why we are going through them. That is the lesson. Whether it is a break-up, illness, poor finances or a string of unlucky encounters…it is there for a reason.

Sadness as the Shaper

It can help to look at sadness as the water we need to stay humble and grateful for what we have experienced and what is currently happening in our lives. To grow stronger and more nourishing roots that stretch out into the soil of our hearts and our homes…and into the wider community.

Our life experiences are molding us, shaping us like a potter molds the clay into a beautiful ornament. We may not understand what is happening to us…we may feel that we are being stretched to our limits or pushed to breaking point, but without the heat and the strong pull of his hand (our intuitive guidance) we would never display the unique beauty or perseverance that comes with this process.

In other words, when times are tough…keep going. Look within for answers. Stay strong and know that the feelings will pass. You are being moulded, tested to determine how resilient your soul is becoming. It’s all part of the plan, both for yourself and to inspire others.

Remember…sometimes we need to be broken to become stronger and more resilient. In doing so, we can shine our light more brightly than ever before.


How Sadness Can Shape You For The Better… |

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