How To Stay Calm When Life’s Illusions Fall Away…

Life is often presented to us as a series of events that almost naturally occur to us within a certain time frame. When we stray from the preconceived notion of what society says it means to live a ‘fulfilled life’ then we start to come across many troubles and the four energy bodies are impacted – affecting us mentally, emotionally, spiritually as well as physically.

Yet believe it or not everyone is different and there is no ‘set’ life script for how our story is meant to turn out for us. It really is more to do with our feelings in the moment and how we react to any given situation presented to us that defines the chapter/s in our lives. Good or bad, whatever we are projecting or that is showing up for us, is what we need to learn.

This can be a difficult pill for many people to swallow as there’s often a strong belief attached that we all deserve happiness now…and we can often find ourselves comparing our life path to others…questioning why our lives aren’t like theirs or why certain things work out for some and do not happen to us.

This is dangerous thinking as it is playing directly into the illusion that those people must be happy all of the time. When the reality is a little more abstract than that. We only see those people at their best and not at their worst. We want what we think they have…but if we got what they have, how do we know  if it would make us happy? The answer is probably not. Everyone has their own unique life story and it’s up to us to create our own happy ending…but it is foolish to look outside or to other people and do comparisons. For lasting happiness is not found in money, cars, houses, holidays, babies or weddings. Yes they can be significant life stones, but they are always in flux…always changing.

For example, a bigger and better car/TV/mobile device is released all the time, houses can be destroyed, money can be lost or lose value, holidays eventually come to an end…babies will eventually grow into adults (with their own set of thoughts and individual values). While even the happiest couple may eventually start to argue and find their marriage suddenly falling apart. There really are no guarantees in life.

That being said, it therefore makes complete sense to invest in the one thing that will never change…your soul. For even when the physical body changes and eventually starts deteriorating, the soul remains intact. Being carried through life in the vessel that is the human body. Investing in the soul therefore will bring the lasting happiness that you are seeking.

You may also find that your inner happiness starts to create many of the outer changes you have been searching for, as a natural result of sowing these inner seeds. When you find the fruitfulness starting to show more within your everyday life, you will understand and intuitively know that you have sufficiently nourished the inner seeds.

How To Stay Calm When Things Don’t Go To Plan 

1. Ask yourself why do you feel this way? What hopes or expectations are involved with this particular outcome that encourage you to believe the intended result is worth it?

2. Do you have unrealistic expectations of how this event should happen? Are you being too disciplined and therefore placing yourself in a state of resistance…instead of naturally going with the flow?

3. If you can let go of all expectations and breathe into this feeling…what comes up for you? Write down any and all of your emotions and concerns.

4. Feel into your emotions. Note what comes up for you. If there are any tense feelings, watch them pass but do not react.

5. Write down a list of activities you can involve yourself with that will enable you to focus your mind in a specific manner and that encourages you to take dynamic action. When you focus your mind in this way, you are consciously choosing to avoid drama and avoiding playing small in favour of creating big change in your life. For example, by writing every day you are creating a positive habit that involves taking action and sharing your thoughts/feelings with others too…hopefully to inspire others to do the same.

Remember not everything in life is meant to be easy. We are here to be challenged and part of that is about moulding us into being the best person we can be. One with plenty of life experience, understanding of others’ situations and empathy for a wide variety of circumstances.

When we can learn from the illusion, that is when we can step behind and look past the mirror reflecting our darkest fears and worries. No one ever said it would be easy, but just as Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz eventually uncovers the truth behind who the ‘Wizard’ really is…we can do the same when we follow our inner truth, enabling our deepest instincts to finally come to the surface. For ultimately, that is when lasting changes are made.


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