What The New Moon In Cancer Can Teach Us…

The New Moon in Cancer on July 4th welcomed in the first of new energies being ushered into the consciousness of the planet. The previous six months have felt rather intense as the various astrological placements have made us step back and re-evaluate the decisions we are making for ourselves – both personally and professionally.

The energy that Cancer is bringing in is encouraging us to take respite in ourselves. As the Cancer represents the Crab, we need to learn to go within our shell for respite from the world if we want to emerge feeling renewed and replenished.

So July is about going easy and enjoying our own company, spending quiet time in self-reflection as we learn to feel reconnected to our hearts and souls so we can receive the guidance that we need.

By taking action in this direction we can attune into the feminine aspects of ourselves – the yin qualities that are about becoming one with the silence, being receptive and calm. At the same time we are learning to connect with the Goddess Moon and really step into our power.

The yin qualities are about strengthening and nourishing yourself from within, instead of putting yourself out into the world (yang energy) all the time. Finding your calm inner space is therefore so important to reclaiming your power.

There are a few quiet activities we can do to prepare ourselves for this energy…

Spending time alone

      to reflect on the past months and how they have impacted us emotionally. This might mean going out into nature and sitting on a bench somewhere that you won’t be disturbed. Sit near water if possible, or listen to the sounds of nature such as birds and feel at peace in this environment. Observing nature is really the best way to reflect on your thoughts and feelings. Take a notebook with you and record any thoughts, feelings or memories that emerge. Do not dwell on them, simply let them pass. Release into the emotion and then let it go on the exhalation.

Listening to your heart.

What is done is done but what you feel in regards to the situation and how you react is most important. Prioritise what you really want…and understand that if you put enough intentions behind it, you start to make it happen. Ask yourself, ‘Am I living a life of purpose?’ Place your heart as the central focus when asking these questions and then listen for what thoughts/feelings/emotions come back to you. Appreciate every one, don’t try to change the answers…just flow with it.

Meditate on your intentions.

This can really provide strong willpower and passion towards what you are wanting to achieve. Sit and visualise what you want coming into fruition. Believe in it so strongly that there is no other choice than for it to happen…and watch as day by day, the Universe starts to weave things in this direction. It may be subtle but through enough practice, you can start to witness positive changes. Now is the time to gather up the energy to make changes happen in your life.

Be kind to yourself.

Everyone is fighting a silent battle, often with themselves. Learn to let go of any expectations or harsh judgements you may have about yourself or could have taken on from other people. Know that every day you are waking up and breathing is a good day. We do our best to help ourselves and others and that’s all we can ever really do. Speak loving kind words to yourself and radiate them out to others. Expect nothing…and you will receive everything. That is what the New Moon’s message is really about. Learning to let go and accept things exactly as they are, so we can make progress towards our goals.

Want to go further? Try this Metta Meditation around the time of the New Moon (and throughout July) to resonate with and radiate kindness and love to yourself and all beings…



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