Are You Shedding The Old To Find Your ‘Spiritual Self’?

Spirituality can be a broad spectrum, sparking interest and curiosity for many. While everyone has their own version of what spirituality means to them, there is a generally agreed upon consensus that it begins inside…and is reflected on the outside.

This is why some people struggle to manage both the inner realms with the external outer realms. If you are starting to shed many old outdated beliefs about yourself for example, then all of those changes will start first on the inside…and eventually come to be reflected on the outside. The spiritual path is all about change and what we believe is eventually reflected back to us. Friendships and relationships may end, we may quit the job that’s not helping us in any way…and day by day as our beliefs and values start to change, so do we.

Some of these shifts are subtle and others are more profound. We may feel like we need to completely refresh the idea of who we are…so we could change our appearance, lose weight, become more focused on helping others instead of serving the self…all of which can have amazing benefits.

Yet at the same time, this can be a very painful process. Sometimes we may suffer prematurely and wonder why we are going through these experiences…and what they mean. It’s difficult to quantify exactly as usually what happens is the person who is suddenly finding spiritual awareness starts to shed old layers of beliefs they had sometimes been suppressing for years.

It can take time to remove these old layers and along the way, what seemed like subtle shifts can suddenly become massive changes to people on the outside looking in. For this reason it can seem almost impossible to find light at the end of the tunnel…and life can, for a long time at least, start to feel as though it will never be the same again.

While this may be distressing, it’s important to honour the pain involved in this process. You are stepping out of the old and into the new…and that takes time, courage and discernment to find your bearings and adapt to your new environment.

For some people, shedding these old layers of beliefs can be like taking off a pair of sunglasses and being able to see how things really are for the first time. It can be quite dramatic…you may have lived your life happy enough but blissfully ignorant to what is really going on…and after an awakening of some sort, you can see what is really happening and how these situations make you feel. Suddenly things take on a new perspective.

It will be uncomfortable. Due to your newfound vibrational shift, you might start shedding things that no longer serve you. When things are no longer correct energetically, they separate and go their own way. It is the same with raising your consciousness…and it can get really messy at times.

The good news is that all of this will pass. The pain, the hurt, the loss. And once you can welcome in the new chapter of your life that’s about to begin, you will know that you are starting to heal.

Time is the biggest healer of all and can close old wounds, giving you peace. The important part of that process is we have to be willing to look within and accept the healing, in whatever form it comes in.

It might be that this painful period is serving as our greatest life lesson of  all. You might even look back on that time as a blessing for what it can teach you. Even though you went through hell…you still came out alive. Along the way you undoubtedly found out many things about who you are as a person and what your boundaries are.

It might have hurt to learn that you weren’t on the same wavelength as someone anymore, or that a betrayal happened…but if you can see these painful life lessons as tools for self-transformation and learning, then you will focus on the most important part of all…looking within.

Finding Who You Are

It takes time. Research. A lot of patience and most of all, strength…to start going inside of your mind and dissecting your emotions and behaviours. What may surprise you once you really study into this area is that we are not our emotions…but that these are a series of learned behaviours and responses we have had programmed into us since childhood.

Once we have had that Realisation…we can begin to understand more about ourselves as Souls who were willing to have an earthly experience. We can learn to accept whatever challenges and difficulties we may be going through as simply part of the process. It really is from this place that we can find our focus and start to grow spiritually in ourselves…as we accept what is.

Sometimes when we explore spirituality, it can provide quite an unsettling and un-grounding experience…especially if we aren’t prepared for it. When this happens, what we need to do is learn to understand that being truly spiritual isn’t about getting to the highest rung of the ladder so we can ‘be above’ others. It’s so that we can learn to understand and to help other beings on their own personal journeys.

In this way, we can learn to liberate ourselves from the shackles of the ego. While we can’t completely remove the ego, we can learn to control it so that it doesn’t control us. This can be difficult at times, but if you practice removing the ego from situations, you will start to understand how things really are. Then you can find out who you are and how you react when faced with personal challenges.

Here are some simple exercises that can help you to cope whenever you are feeling challenged or frustrated by this process…

Grounding. This is vital work to do for anyone who feels frustrated. This can be done by visualisation or through sensation. While touching a heavy or dark crystal such as tourmaline or hematite repeat to yourself, ‘I am the Earth’. Or picture yourself standing still with your bare feet on the Earth and the energy coming into your feet, rooting you strongly while the branches lead off up your torso and into your arms. Repeat ‘My roots run strong into the Earth. I am supported and happy in my life journey’.

Bathing in Crystal Light. Imagine that a pure crystal light is coming into and calming every cell in your body. As you feel at ease with the crystal light, you will start to experience a sensation of warmth and peace glowing throughout you. For best results, you might want to try this visual exercise in the bath, imagining every cell and organ in you is relaxing as it fills with this peaceful energy and you become one with the water.

Breathe into your body. Let go of stress. Repeat ‘I am’ as you inhale and ‘Peace’ as you exhale, letting go of all your stresses and worries. This is a powerful exercise that can help you to find freedom from your problems. You will start to find more peace and soul prosperity when you practice this. Things that may have previously bothered you will cease as your focus shifts from worry into hope and vision.

Write down all of your traumas. List them with your emotions and how each experience made you feel. Did it make you feel sad, unsettled, uncertain of your future? Perhaps you felt degraded, humiliated, lost or confused by what happened to you. Maybe it was a relationship that went wrong, someone who misused your trust or a business opportunity that fell flat…There is always a reason as to why we are experiencing the pain we are going through. Try to look at the trauma as an experience you can learn from that will make your self-esteem and core values stronger in the long run. For just when we feel like this is challenging ourselves the most and we are enduring great suffering and change, we need to stay strong…as this is where the most spiritual transformation happens.


Are You Shedding The Old To Find Your ‘Spiritual Self’? |


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