Begin Using Positive Affirmations To Create The Life You Want

The wonderful Louise Hay, a world renowned author and speaker, has championed the power of positive affirmations for many years. She asserts that your thoughts create your world, so if you can change your thoughts, you can change your life. It’s a powerful premise that has become a life transforming practice for many millions of people.

If you want to take your first steps into building affirmations into your daily life it is important to first consider the most fundamental question…

What Is An Affirmation?

An affirmation, quite literally, is something that affirms. If you tell your friends…

‘I can’t go out because I’ve got no money’…

even if you just think it, then that statement becomes an affirmation. You affirm your status of having no money.

If you happen to be low on income at the moment the chances are that statement will appear in your consciousness pretty regularly, really bedding itself in there – really affirming that status and trapping you in a loop of ‘thinking yourself poor.’

By the same token, if you can think yourself poor, you should be able to think yourself rich shouldn’t you? Well yes, that is exactly how and why positive affirmations work. We think all day long. We speak often. Most of what we think and say is affirming something and all of those ‘somethings’ can be positive or negative. We can affirm the life we want or the life we don’t. By choosing our words carefully, we can program our minds to think positively and welcome love, wealth and abundance into our lives.

How Do Affirmations Work?

I have heard Louise Hay describe an affirmation as a doorway and I love this analogy.

Sticking with the financial theme, thinking or speaking a positive affirmation such as:

‘My financial wealth continues to increase’

does not, in itself, make you rich but it sets you onto the right path. Imagine you’re standing in a room with many doors. You can open the one marked ‘I have no money’ or the one labelled ‘my financial wealth continues to increase’ and by doing so, begin to walk either one path or the other. You may not see that much progress with the first few steps but if you really commit to the path then you’ll take yourself a long way in the right direction.

There are lots of other doors in that particular room as well. There is ‘I’ve always got enough to cover the bills’ and ‘I get by’. Guess what happens if you set out on those paths. You continue to have just enough to get by and cover the bills! A positive affirmation leads to expansion, growth and abundance. It does not place limitation or restriction.

I’ve focused on finance here but it’s important to consider the language you use in every area of your life. Are you expressing love for yourself and your body? Are you indulging your creative side, giving yourself credit for how amazing a friend you are or allowing yourself to experience positive relationships with other people?

How To Practice Affirmations

Choosing a set of affirmations and saying them out loud to yourself as regularly as possibly is a great habit to get into.

You might even choose to do this in front of a mirror to experience all the wonderful things you have to say about yourself with added dimension!

It sounds daft if you’ve never done it before. It feels a little silly when you first start but when you start to see your life change and realise that the only major change you made was to talk to yourself for a few minutes a day, you may not mind so much!

It’s important to begin with just a few, simple but powerful affirmations so that you can remember them and begin to see progress. Here are a few great examples that you may wish to start with:

− If you have been feeling low or lonely – “Love is abundant in my life. I deserve and accept all of the love that I receive.”

− If you have been feeling run down – “I am healthy and filled with energy.”

− One I pinched from Louise Hay that pretty much all of us could benefit from – “I forgive myself and set myself free.”

− If you have self-esteem issues or wish to attract love into your life – “I am worth loving. There is love all around me.”

− If you are feeling stressed out – “I can relax. There is enough time to achieve everything I wish to achieve. Nothing that is meant for me can pass me by.”

I won’t include too many because there are millions more on the internet! My one note of caution is that when Googling ‘positive affirmations’ don’t assume that everything returned by that search meets the criteria.

Spot A Less Than Positive Affirmation

A positive affirmation should deal in present tense. ‘My wealth continues to increase’ is way better than ‘I will be rich’.

As a statement ‘I will be rich’ begs the question ‘when?’ It’s in the future and by virtue of that it will never be the present.

‘The man/woman of my dreams is just around the corner’ keeps you on the wrong side of that corner, whereas ‘Love is abundant in my life. I love myself and I am surrounded by people who love me’ is powerful!

Remember To Walk The Path

Don’t forget that the affirmation itself is just the doorway.

If you open it and take a few steps in front of the mirror every morning, only to run back across the hallway and walk the other negative path for the rest of the day you’ll get nowhere fast!

So yes, set yourself up for the day by stating your positive affirmations loudly and proudly but then be mindful of the words you think and speak all day long and do your best to make sure they tow the line as well. It might feel tough at first – most of us aren’t nearly as nice to ourselves as we could be – but pretty soon you’ll be keeping your positive pants up with a lot less effort.



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