Why Gratitude is The Best Attitude

When we are feeling thankful, we are inviting in a sense of appreciation for whatever is showing up in our lives.
This isn’t always easy and in fact it may be preferable to wallow in our own sense of self-depreciation or wonder why things aren’t going right for us. This is the mind’s way of trying to accomplish and attain more things…often material, temporary things at that.

Our minds have a tendency to want to be in a constant state of exploration or adventure seeking. This can make it difficult for us to enjoy the present moment. When we are constantly seeking our next temporary ‘high’ we may be preventing the good from coming into our lives. It keeps us unaware of our present vibration in favour of a future one.

We need to be open and willing to look at our lives through a kinder lens. This means putting into perspective even the smallest things that inevitably come to us. It could be that we were given a nice cup of coffee by a colleague this morning, or were invited to a movie by a girlfriend. There are all kinds of reasons that can summarise our current feelings and experiences.

Whatever we are experiencing, we need to be able to take a step back and to self-assess how we are feeling. Do we let life events sway us emotionally? Are we particularly sensitive to other people’s energy? Perhaps we need to look at protecting our energy first before we can raise it vibrationally and start to attract miracles into our lives.

Gratitude is one of the best and fastest ways to raise your vibration. When we can show that we are thankful for the present moment, we are paying attention to what is good right now. This is mindfulness work at its best.

By being more grateful, we are raising our consciousness and saying ‘Yes, I Love Life!’ despite its imperfections or any difficulties we are going through. And when we pay attention to the good stuff, then it makes sense that we will receive more of it in return.

Eases your troubles and raises your vibration to that of the Godhead. By focusing on the Crown and Third Eye chakras we are becoming more in alignment with Source energy. When we fill ourselves up with the Universal Light, it’s like we are being cleansed. The more we practice meditation, the more we experience a deep mental and emotional cleansing and great healing can take place. You may notice that your anxiety, fear and worries are greatly reduced. The key is to step into a place of allowing ourselves to be healed.

Writing down what’s going right for you in life can keep our vibrations high. Choose a beautiful notepad and pen and dedicate 5-10 minutes daily to writing down every positive thing that’s happening to you. You might find that writing in the journal first thing keeps your energy high and your intentions positive for the day ahead. While just before bed is best for a good night’s sleep. As you keep up this practice you will start to feel increasingly more positive and good about yourself. What may have initially bothered you, may in fact be small change in comparison to all the things you do have.

For example:

– A home to live in with warmth and shelter
– Food in your cupboards
– Clean running water
– Friends and family
– Access to the Internet
– The ability to read and write
– Good education
– Income or a job
– Your health
– Any material possessions you have
– The great opportunity that is life
– The fact that you are breathing and are able to read this

Many problems that we face in life are actually a result of our deep seated emotional beliefs about what we are deserving of. If we have a conscious frequency that says to the world ‘I am not good enough’ then that is what we will attract to different degrees.

This may be painful to hear, but our thoughts really do create our lives. Journaling is an excellent technique to keep our frequency high by thinking about positive things and then attracting more wonder in.

The Stone Technique

Instead of a journal, you can take a stone or a crystal of your choice and place all your positive emotions and intentions into it.

You might want to invest in your own pretty crystal or use one that you currently own. Hold it in your hand and closing your eyes, breathe deeply. As you hold the stone, imagine the light filling you as your mind wanders onto all the things that are going right in your life.

Perhaps a project you are working on is going well, or you are looking forward to participating in a course. The key is to channel that energy into the stone and hold it close to your heart. Sustain the thoughts as you visualise the wonderful things you are grateful for, in motion before your eyes. Imagine success coming to you easily and effortlessly. Hold onto that visualisation as you keep the stone close to your person.

Gazing Technique

Focus on an object that brings you great pleasure, pride or joy (amongst any number of positive feelings). Keep it in your field of vision and gently stare at it for a few moments. Feel all of the emotions that arise from this physical object as you hold it in your presence. Allow yourself to feel into its vibration. Closing your eyes, find yourself in a place of peace as the good feelings wash over you, wrapping you in a sense of warmth and contentment. Come back to this place whenever you feel low. Be grateful for the things you own, the home you are living in, amongst many other wonders that we may often take for granted. Remember that when you are feeling low, there is always something to be thankful for.


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