An Introduction To Creating Full Moon and New Moon Rituals

The moon has a profound energetic effect on the earth. We see this in the movement of the tides but we feel it in other ways, some more profoundly and consciously than others. Many different cultures believe that it is valuable to tune into the energy that the moon creates and work with it, harnessing the way that it influences us at its differing stages.

One of the best ways to begin working with the energy of the moon is to create rituals and perform them at the times of the new moon and the full moon. The word ‘ritual’ doesn’t have to mean complex or religious. They can be as simple as you like.

Why Create Rituals?

If nothing else, a ritual performed every month is an appointment with yourself to check in, tune in and take stock of how things are going. By taking time to focus on something specific we give it energy and create the power of intention.

Timing these appointments with the cycles of the moon will only amplify any intentions you set during the sessions.

You can add to the sense of ritual by stimulating the senses using scent, light, music and specific locations that also amplify the power of your thoughts and actions. Sensory experiences imprint on the unconscious mind. Called into action, that can then work with you to manifest whatever you have chosen to focus on.

Full Moon Ritual of Release

The full moon is the most powerful point in the moon’s cycle. It is ideal to begin with a full moon ritual because this is the time when you are best able to commit your whole self into manifesting intention.

In this energy, set the intention to release old habits, thoughts and things that no longer serve you. We always have things to release, so this can become a regular monthly practice that is wonderfully cleansing.

You may choose to make a list of your worries and burn them in a fire pit or a large pan, releasing them fully under the gaze of the moon. If you do this, watch them burn and see the ashes float away into the night air, leaving you free.

The day of the full moon is a great opportunity to perform a physical cleanse, like a fast or an Epsom salt bath.

Meditating with a lit candle on a self at head height, or just above, will help to cleanse your higher chakras.

You could also look up matras relating to release and play those as you take whatever other actions you have chosen.

Whether you go out into nature or create a sacred space in your home, keep this ritual simple. Choose a few actions that resonate deeply with you and perform them monthly. Work with the energy you create in order to help you bring your intentions into being.

New Moon Ritual of Creation

The new moon is the beginning of a brand new cycle. Having set the intention to release old patterns in your full moon ritual, here you can be reborn. Consider what you want to achieve and set your intentions for the month ahead.

You can choose to focus on goals for the physical plane, or things more related to your state of mind and desire to create new thoughts and values.

Visualisations are lovely practices to build into these rituals. Perhaps close your eyes, picture a blank canvas before you and ‘paint’ the life you want to manifest onto that canvas. Be detailed. Include big things and smaller ones. Your ideal life may take more than one 28 day cycle to manifest and you can revisit the canvas as often as you need to on the way but if you build in small goals you will see progress surprisingly quickly.

If you don’t find visualisations easy, you can search for a guided meditation to follow. There are thousands on YouTube, ranging from 5 minutes to several hours.

As part of your new moon ritual you may decide to write down anything that you want to manifest that month and put that list somewhere safe. If you do create a sacred space or alter in your home, perhaps include a box to keep this list in. Each new cycle read last month’s list and create a new one for the 28 days that follow.

Props and prompts

Use whatever you resonate with to aid you in creating a ritual that feels powerful and meaningful to you. Some helpful tools can include:

  • a notebook and pen
  • candles
  • crystals
  • essential oils
  • photographs and vision boards
  • angel and other oracle cards

by Gillian Torres






Gillian Torres is a writer and intuitive, who advocates acts of ‘radical everyday creativity’. She supports people to reconnect with their intuition, unbridle their imagination and liberate themselves creatively. She is also the creator of the Soul Scripting meditative writing process. Find more about Gillian’s work at

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