It’s Not A Coincidence: What Synchronicity Is Trying To Tell You

Synchronicity punctuates the spiritual process. To call it chance or coincidence is to miss its reason for being entirely. It is never a happy accident. It is, moreover, a tip of the hat. It is a small nod from somewhere that knows, to say ‘well done and keep up the good work’.

When you pick up the phone to call someone you haven’t spoken to in months, only to have it start to ring in your hand with their name on the screen, you smile. You probably answer the phone and say something along the lines of ‘I can’t believe this. I was just thinking about you’. Well believe it. In these moments you are flowing along your life’s journey and the part of you that realises the fact is offering you congratulations.

Synchronicities are like the little gold stars that teachers hand out to five-year-olds. When you really stop to consider, you might realise that they give us a similar feeling to receiving those tiny, shiny rewards.

Have you ever noticed that days and weeks filled with ‘coincidences’ are often really lovely times in your life? Do moments of synchronicity make you feel good or does feeling good cause them to occur? The answer is ‘yes’ to both. By serving up one uncanny slice of luck your inner knowing is wishing you a hearty ‘good job’ and that puts a little bit of a spring in your step. If you continue to bounce along in that rhythm, that is when you really start to play the game – feeling your way through life with the joyous knowledge that it is on your side and extending your period of flow. For as long as you can keep up that momentum you’ll just keep racking up gold stars.

Can We Create Synchronicity Every Day?

In theory, hell yes. You can make the decision to dwell in your heart, letting the organ that knows handle all the major decisions and giving the brain a rest. Most brains could use one. They were never built to handle the plethora of life choices that we throw at them. They spend most of their time looking down at the heart and gut thinking ‘Those guys KNOW the answer, why are you making me try to work it out?’ When we live from the heart we are rewarded with synchronicity. Take it from someone who knows, when you practice this you can attract almost spooky non-coincidences with amazing regularity.

However, we’re navigating multiple dimensions here and the physical realm has lessons for us. We chose them, way back when we decided to head down here and live lives, so we can’t blame anyone else. We picked the course – nobody else is going to do the work. These lessons are built to throw us off track, just to see how well we handle it. From our current perspectives we can’t always control when and how they present themselves. What we can control is how we react when they do.

When we stay in the heart, bring ourselves anew to every moment, release fear every time it rises up and react with love and gratitude (easier said than done sometimes but, hey, it’s nice to have goals) we will always find our way back to the flow of life via the shortest possible route. How will we know when we’re back there? Well there will be moments that feel like complete coincidence but we’ll welcome them as praise for a job well done.

by Gillian Torres


Gillian Torres is a writer and intuitive, who advocates acts of ‘radical everyday creativity’. She supports people to reconnect with their intuition, unbridle their imagination and liberate themselves creatively. She is also the creator of the Soul Scripting meditative writing process. Find more about Gillian’s work at

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