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Is Your Soul Feeling ‘Lost At Sea’?

We’ve all been there. Those moments where you’re wondering if the life you’re living is heading in the right direction. All your goals may seem so hopelessly far away and you’re feeling stuck, unsure of where or who to turn to for help. It can literally feel as though your soul is ‘calling’ for help…


What Does It Mean To Be A Conscious Consumer?

Shaped by the paths that we have walked, we each find ourselves with passions, morals and beliefs that are unique. When we live authentically – in other words, when we walk the walk according to the talk we talk, or just according to what we feel in our hearts – the things that we buy,…

How To Find Gratitude in Every Day | www.spiritualbliss.com
Mindfulness / Spirituality

How To Find Gratitude in Every Day

No matter how cloudy the sky, the storm will pass. On the darkest of days it is not always easy to stay positive. What we can do is be grateful that there is still blue sky up there somewhere. If you begin to cultivate a practice of daily gratitude now it could help you enormously…

Chakras in Focus: The Heart Chakra and How To Balance It | www.spiritualbliss.com
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Chakras in Focus: The Heart Chakra and How To Balance It

The heart chakra. The place where love originates and emanates from, within the human body. When we approach everything with an open, loving heart, life flows more beautifully, so it is pretty important to maintain conscious awareness of the heart chakra and to take steps to ensure it stays in balance. Name: Heart’s chakra Sanskrit:…

UnLock Your Soul's Inspiration...
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15 ‘Keys’ To Unlocking Your Self-Love

  Self love. We all need more of it. Especially when we are constantly being told to compare ourselves to other people. That gets tiring very fast. As a result our energy is drained and we find ourselves running around on empty, often searching for that missing key, usually another person or memory that will…

Are You Phobic Of Your Shadow Side? | www.spiritualbliss.com

Are You Phobic Of Your Shadow Side?

How many people do you know that are afraid of spiders? I’m prepared to bet that it’s quite a few. How about cockroaches and other such things that creep and crawl? What is that about, really? What do arachnids represent metaphorically that we cannot bring ourselves to look at?

What Is Smudging? How Do You Do It and What Do You Need? | www.spiritualbliss.com
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Learn The Spiritual Benefits of Smudging

Smudging is the ancient practice of burning herbs and allowing the beneficial smoke to purify and protect people, objects and spaces. Originating as a ritual of Native American and South American cultures, today smudging can be used in numerous ways around the home.

How and Why To Live From The Heart | www.spiritualbliss.com

How And Why To Live From The Heart

The heart is life’s born leader. It knows what to do in every situation and is pretty well incapable of steering us wrong. The head, on the other hand, takes the role of admin department. It is necessary but not visionary.