Meditation / Mindfulness

The Power of Stilling The Mind

Are you weighing your mind down with too many thoughts? How would you feel if you could learn to let go and find peace and tranquility? Is this an alien concept or one that feels quite comfortable…if a little out of practice?

Accepting Yourself and Your Current Situation |

Accepting Yourself and Your Situation

Learning to accept yourself is no easy feat. It can be fraught with tensions and spiritual lessons we need to understand before we can make any real progress. It’s easy to want to reject a situation if it doesn’t best serve us. We might feel that it didn’t work out for us and therefore we…


Being A Channel For The Light

Once we can acknowledge that we are Infinite Love, it can become a challenge in itself to learn how to uncover our own darkness and transform ourselves into our Highest Self. This is the vision we perceive to bring into fruition that can best serve ourselves and others.

Everything Has Its Season |

Everything Has Its Season

There are many times where it becomes easy to slip into a state of wanting. That could mean wanting for something or someone or a certain kind of life event to come into fruition before its time. We may never get tired of wanting as there is always something more to want.


What Are You ‘Projecting’ Into The World?

One way of looking at our lives is as a movie and we are ‘projecting’ out into the world through our desires, wants and intentions. Whatever is coming to us regardless of if its good or bad is doing so for a reason. We might feel like we are in control of this movie, when…

Finding Spiritual Growth in a Netflix Binge |

Finding Spiritual Growth in a Netflix Binge

Do you ever feel as though you’re on the rollercoaster of consciousness? One week you’re all ‘gong baths, chanting and meditation’ then the next you’re overcome with a need to ground… by which of course I mean to grab yourself a glass of red and binge on several seasons of something on Netflix?


5 Ways That Yoga Can Help You Along Your Spiritual Path

Everyone is a yogi these days, right? Chances are that if you’re somebody who looks after their body, or has a developed meditation practice, you will also practice yoga. At least you probably own a yoga mat, even if claiming to have a regular practice is taking it a bit far.

Chakras In Focus: The Crown Chakra and How To Balance It |

Chakras In Focus: The Crown Chakra and How To Balance It

A balanced crown chakra facilitates a deep sense of connection with self, with the world around us and with the sacred. Therefore a blocked crown chakra could lead to cynicism relating to any of these three areas. In contrast, an overactive crown chakra can lead us to be ungrounded or flighty – spiritually connected but…


Essential Oils For Autumn

The weather has taken a distinct turn for the chilly in recent weeks as autumn has well and truly arrived. The change of season is welcome, with blue skies leading to crisp, sunny days and walks in the park, where leaves have taken on red and golden hues.