Essential Oils For Autumn

The weather has taken a distinct turn for the chilly in recent weeks as autumn has well and truly arrived. The change of season is welcome, with blue skies leading to crisp, sunny days and walks in the park, where leaves have taken on red and golden hues.

It’s not quite cold enough to keep us indoors yet and not even, perhaps, time to get a heavy coat out but this period, when we’re not always sure how many layers to don, whether we’ll get caught in a rain shower or if it’s cool enough to put the heating on, can lead to coughs and sniffles. If you have already noticed a few sneezes or have been feeling under the weather of late it’s worth equipping yourself with some natural alternatives to chemical remedies.

If you do plan to combat cold and flu season with chemical free preventions, they don’t come any more natural or multi-purpose than essential oils.

Why reach for essential oils to keep you feeling well?

Essential oils are – or at least should be, though it can depend hugely upon the brand that you buy – 100% pure plant extract. If you opt for an organic, completely unadulterated oil it will have powerful therapeutic properties and particles tiny enough to work their way quickly into every cell of your body, without any added chemicals. Essential oils are no replacement for medicines, of course, but when it comes to combatting fatigue and the odd annoying but not serious virus they could be exactly the boost you need.

What’s more, essential oils vibrate very highly. Most essential oils have a higher vibration frequency than that of humans, so applying or inhaling a pure essential oil is one of the fasted ways to raise your personal vibration.

Oils To Protect Against Seasonal Illnesses

Keep sniffles at bay with:

Melaleuca (tea tree) – This antibracterial, antiviral oil is great when used as a preventative measure or at the first signs of a cold. Add a few drops to a hot bath or diffuse melaleuca oil in the air. Just don’t place it in an oil burner because heating any essential oil in that way removes most, if not all, of their therapeutic benefits.

Lavender – the go-to oil for almost everything, lavender is antimicrobial and antiseptic. It’s gentle enough to be used on young children and it could lull you (and them) to sleep if a cough or cold is making you struggle to settle. Place a drop or two of high quality oil on your hand then rub it into the soles of the feet before bed.

Relieve congestion with:

A blend of rosemary, lemon and eucalyptus – Rosemary is antiseptic and also opens the airways, lemon can boost the immune system and help to improve circulation and eucalyptus is both decongestant and antiviral. Any on of these oils can be used alone – added to a bowl of hot water, the palms of the hand or the chest and inhaled – but combined, essential oils become greater than the sum of their parts and can be a real powerhouse to make you feel better. Try adding a drop of each to the floor of your shower and letting the hot water diffuse them into the air.

Oils To Make Your Home Feel Autumnal

Essential oils are also a lovely way to make your home smell nice, without using chemical fragrances. If you use a cold water diffuser, instead of heating them in a burner, you will also receive the wonderful therapeutic qualities of every oil you smell.

Here are a couple of blends to make your home smell like the new season.

Orange, clove, cinnamon and rosemary – this blend will give your home a wonderful warm, inviting scent and is also powerfully antibacterial, to help protect your family against seasonal bugs at the same time.

Orange, lemon and white fir – anything with white fir is perfect for the cold season and citrus oils are mood lifters, so as the nights draw in you can combat the lack of sunshine with a sweet smelling boost.

by Gillian Torres






Gillian Torres is a writer and intuitive, who advocates acts of ‘radical everyday creativity’. She supports people to reconnect with their intuition, unbridle their imagination and liberate themselves creatively. She is also the creator of the Soul Scripting meditative writing process. Find more about Gillian’s work at

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