The Power of Stilling The Mind

Are you weighing your mind down with too many thoughts? How would you feel if you could learn to let go and find peace and tranquility? Is this an alien concept or one that feels quite comfortable…if a little out of practice?

The good news is that at any moment, the Infinite Resource of Peace and Tranquility is available to us. The answer lays between our eyebrows (our Third Eye) and it is this resource that is the solution to calming all of our worries, anxiety and tensions.

We don’t have to go on holiday to explore the peaceful realms that lay within. We can do this at any time and anywhere that we are located in the physical world.

That is the beauty of meditation. Always there for us, day or night and without end.

It is the Silence and place of potentiality from which we were all created and to where we will one day return. If you’re feeling stressed or tense, on the edge of your seat with worry and anxiety then you can take solace in the fact that at any time you can learn to let go and make peace with what is.

The root cause of our worry stems from the thought we need to achieve more, more, more from our place of limitation…whether that be wishing we had more time in the day or spending time worrying over the past instead of opting to invest in a brighter future. The mind will find a million and one things to worry about, whether we want it to or not.

Ask yourself…

What would stilling the mind mean to you?

Could it mean finding a moment of calm from the mental chatter that takes you away from your Divine Peace?

Or more clarity for your Purpose?

The clearer we can get on our intentions, the more in flow we will become with our life journey. But we can only get to this place when we let go of our expectations.

That doesn’t mean giving up on our dreams. It means letting go of the mental picture we had in our minds for how things should be. For inevitably, that creates suffering and mental anguish.

A healthier mindset to come into is one where we feel focused on our goal but are also prepared to accept diversion along the journey.

If our intention and energy goes where the mind does, then we need to acknowledge that we have the power to change our story from one of victimhood into a tale of healing and positivity.

We are not the stories we have been telling ourselves. Yet it is that same fear that can propel us forward into seeking change.

Why Meditation Is The Prayer You’ve Been Seeking

Meditation can give us the much needed prayer we need to find peace within the moment, even if our life is less than perfect or how we visualised it to be.

Regular meditation can give you the clarity to realise that the dead-end you thought your life had gone down, is in actual fact a wrong turn.

At any time you can retract your energy and find stillness, regroup your thoughts into a calm place and then go out into the world with renewed vigour.

No matter what is happening or how mad the world has become, we don’t have to be swept along in its tidal wave. Our peace is always within us and deep as a pond of potentiality.

Choosing to engage in a daily meditation practice for just 5-10 minutes a day that slowly builds from there can make a huge difference to our life.

The important part is we need to dedicate the time to going within, trusting in what we see and even when we are met with chaos – understand that over time, our thoughts will calm.

We can’t expect to receive calm at all times. Some moments will be more frantic than others and that’s OK.

We need to learn to stop trying to control how our meditation practice will be. And that is when we can start to really dive deep. Allowing all else to follow…and accepting whatever floats to the surface of our being.



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