Finding Balance In An Unbalanced World


What does being balanced mean to you? It may conjure up images of stability and contentment. There is a feeling of peacefulness that comes from this state of being. You no longer have to overly worry about letting anyone or anything down. The panic of being perfect has gone.

You feel restful and right in your decision. It means acknowledging that while you strive for perfection, you are not so rigid as to prevent your emotional or physical needs from being met.

Really, balance is the freedom to be yourself. Free from judgement and being overly disciplined and hard on yourself, you can focus on growing your true self – the parts of you that long to be fulfilled, explore the world and go on amazing adventures.


Life is a bit like that in this regard.

Day and night. Birth and death. Young and old. Male and female. Throughout nature we can see the way things are is split into duality – there are opposites to everything. And this is the way things are if we wish to find ourselves. We need to explore the dark side so we can enjoy and treasure the light. To experience the bad times so we can value the good.

The truth is a combination of good and bad for this reason.

It just is. It can hurt us but it can also set us free. When we live from a balanced place in line with our needs and values, we can find peace and a sense of inner contentment that never leaves us.

When we are searching for the answers to our problems it’s sometimes easy to place our efforts in one direction as that promises to yield amazing results. And while it may for a while, eventually that way of thinking or life can also create tension in ourselves. How do we explore the world in line with our new disciplined way of living? We may find there are so many challenges we were not expecting.

Eventually we may concede defeat.

An extreme point of view or way of life will always place us off centre – if it doesn’t resonate with us and our core values. True happiness is found in balance…and the understanding that we are valuable as we are. Imperfectly perfect just as we are. No matter how many times we believe we have ‘sinned’ or ‘messed up’, when we find balance for our rationale – we find peace.


Life is meant to be messy.

It’s designed to teach us valuable lessons about ourselves, our interests, loves, dislikes and relationships with other people. The key is to go along with the ride but to have the know-how to step back and enjoy the moment for what it is. To practice non-judgement and acceptance for what is.

Rather than trying to change or be someone else during difficult times…and struggling to stand up as a result. We can eventually acknowledge that balance (in every area of our lives) helps us to realign our core values, re-centre our energies and to stand a little taller, longer and stronger the next time round.

The benefits of being balanced and how to find it:

– Peace of mind
– Inner strength
– Emotional fulfillment
– A more compassionate/empathetic viewpoint
– Less likely to feel self-loathing and instead, you may find yourself aligning more with self-love


How to find more balance:

– Take pride in work but also spend time indulging your creativity
– Take regular breaks from work to avoid burnout
– Feel free to enjoy a slice of cake or a cookie just as much as you place value on working out or exercising each day
– Take a long rest and don’t feel guilty about it
– Take time for tea with a friend or family member
– Enjoy watching and immersing yourself in discovering new stories and different worlds via TV/movies and Netflix. Choose to see the value in relaxation instead of feeling like a lazy, unproductive and passive consumer
– Laugh as much as you are serious and find happiness in the every day moments, alongside appreciation of the bigger life events

Remember that being balanced is best as it keeps you centred, focused and in a better position to take on the best life decisions with enthusiasm and passion rather than disdain and regret.



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