How To Heal, Nurture and Express Your Love Through Creativity


Love- that strange warm feeling that radiates throughout…permeating our entire being. It’s more than a physical sensation; it touches us mentally and transfixes our emotions. People sacrifice their time and freedom to feel love. Men and women have died for it. There has never been an emotion that so captures our attention as love does.

On a deeper level, love is the ultimate expression of who we are. At our core, we come from a loving energy and it is to this feeling that we wish to live from and to which we will eventually return.
At times it can feel that love escapes us, or we are separated from its Source. We may have been hurt or rejected in the past and feel unable to directly tap into it.

The fear we have accumulated from previous negative experiences of trying to share our love with others may have hurt us significantly that we no longer wish to truly open ourselves or let another in. Fear is blocking the way. For it’s that fear which will protect us from being consumed by love when we feel we are too far involved.

Love requires vulnerability


On some level you have to place yourself out there, in full view of being criticised and yes, potentially hurt again.

You have to open yourself to love, if you wish to receive it on a deep level that goes beyond the surface.

This is where love challenges us to step up and into our Highest Self. For when we are focused on our previous scars, we can’t appreciate the amazing miracle that healed the open wounds in the first place. Nor can we understand how despite all of our intentions and external attachments – the love is a feeling we can grow inside our hearts.


We can practice nurturing love

Both for ourselves and others through focusing our intentions inwards.

Growing the feeling of love inside and then placing our focus on learning to hold that feeling. From here, we can then give that feeling to others.

Meditating on the love inside of us is one way to tap into this emotion. Another way is to focus on growing our creative energy.

Exploring our creative potential once again means breaking down the walls of fear that keep us bound to our limitations. It means holding the belief and growing in self-love to start focusing on our projects and what feels good…



Here are some simple ways to heal and nurture love, through creativity:


Use art to heal

Take a beautiful piece of art or something that intrigues you and start visualising how you feel when looking at it.

Look past the surface and start to see the piece for what it is. What is its energy? Do you feel an emotional connection to it?

How can you start to see the piece differently every time you look at it? Try journal writing about how you feel every time you look at the art piece and what emotions come up for you. You can learn a lot about yourself this way.


Appreciate creative works

Feel into the energy rather than looking at the surface visuals.

Wonderful pieces of art don’t necessarily have to be the most talented or original; if you can learn to focus on the emotions that an art piece generates, then you can start to see what inspired its creation. Or what motivated its creator. Choose something that captures your attention and dive into it.

Feel inspired

What moves or motivates you to share your creativity?

If you can do what feels good, you can come into a place where you are channelling your energies into activities that inspire and uplift others. Look at beautiful images. Smell flowers.

Surround yourself with like-minded people by joining a club or a society who support your skills and talents, enabling you to freely express your creative Self.


Do something different

Take a life drawing class. Discover what makes a good piece of music.

Write that poem. Book a pottery session. Design that tattoo.

Learning to create something new is vital to growing your talents, feeling good and encouraging others in the process. When we are challenged we grow and discover new things about ourselves.

Our conscious mind often believes its own limitations, but when we learn to see and do new things then we are stretching our minds beyond our initial perspective and holding them to a higher level in the process.


Have fun

Do creative activities that fill you with joy such as painting, writing, drawing, even just doodling!

The key is to maximise your enjoyment so it shows in everything you create. When you can create with a fun and loving energy, everything becomes much more easy going and enjoyable. You achieve creative flow.


Grow into creativity daily

Nurturing talent means focusing on what you can do rather than coming from a place of lack.

This is why creativity is so important as it requires a certain level of self-love and belief to come into fruition.

Developing your skills and talents means drawing from this pool of self-love and knowing your value and worth as someone who is a creative being and one that is in direct contact with these feelings.


Sharing your art

This is acknowledging the inspiration you received and going full circle from inspiration into physical creation.

At every stage along the journey we may experience different emotions; hope, excitement, passion and even criticism…yet eventually if we can hold our belief and create from a place of freedom and love, we can start to draw that energy into our physical experience. It all starts from nurturing our ideas on the inside.


Giving to others

Means supporting and allowing people to appreciate art and the value it can provide to both themselves and others.

Once you are feeling comfortable to express and share your art, this is one of the best ways to give something personal.

When we create to give, we are channelling our own love into the physical, tangible world with the purpose of making a person smile and touching another’s heart.


by Anna Jones




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