Opening The Wound To Vulnerability |

Opening The Wound To Vulnerability

Vulnerability is the ‘ability’ to expose our ‘vul’ which is based off the Latin word vulnus for wounds. It’s no surprise therefore that showing who you are – your deepest thought processes, values, wants and needs is so tough. It is taking off the mask that we are presenting to the world and delving into…

'Opening' The Gates to Authenticity |
Meditation / Spirituality

‘Opening’ The Gates to Authenticity

Taking the first step to success means acknowledging how we can become more authentic. This is meant to be challenging; we are meant to feel how hard work and progress feels so that we know how to best implement positive change into our own lives.


How To Live Authentically and Express From The Heart

Being authentic means we are free to be ourselves without expectation. How many of us can say that we live from this place? The answer is dependent on how we’re feeling at any one time, but ultimately it comes down to how open we are to being vulnerable and sharing from this sacred space.