3 Foolproof Ways To Boost Your Self Belief

How much do you trust and value yourself to ultimately make the best decisions for your own self? Developing self-belief can be challenging and it’s difficult to always determine what the right choice to make is in life.

Things may not always go the way we want them to and at times, the outcome can be different than our expectations. This is where we start to lose faith in ourselves and believe that maybe it is ‘not in our destiny’ to receive what we so badly set our hearts on achieving.

Our minds may want us to go in the direction of pursuing temporary pleasures but our heart and gut intuition has other plans – and knows that what we may mentally want right now could actually be working against us in the long-term.

Finding balance is key to everything in life and learning to trust our gut instincts is one of the most important things we can do before choosing to go ahead with any decision. Is it our heart or our head that is deciding for us? Only we can truly know, by tapping in to our intuitive abilities, we start to find the answers we are seeking. And save ourselves from a lot of hurt and disappointment in the long run.

So how can you boost your self-esteem, even when all seems lost? The answer is to keep faith, that all is working out for our divine good – even when it seems like everything is falling apart. Knockbacks, negativity, bad timing…all can weaken our resolve and make us feel that we are unworthy of receiving good things. Or that it simply isn’t meant to be. Ironically, the more we stay in this state of worry and fear – the more we create resistance to what is naturally wanting to make its way to us. We create and push everything away from us, through our thoughts and beliefs about our own reality.


  1. Let go of fear. While fear is sometimes a necessary emotion that can protect us from danger or harm, it is in fact not real. It may feel very real in the moment when we are dangling off a cliff face or even doing something much less dangerous but still emotionally risky, such as telling someone we love them for the first time. Yet fear itself is not real as it’s based in an emotional resistance to receiving love or success. It is a mental response, from the reptilian brain and a hangover from when we were focused on our own survival. Sometimes we believe our own self-conditioning…for example that getting the job we want is out of our reach or that love is meant to be painful…so therefore why bother?  Subconsciously we may tell ourselves all kinds of stories in a bid to protect ourselves from the reality and the amazing power that we know is rightfully ours. These stories are often based on a series of thoughts that hold no real truth – merely the weight of our perceptions. And fear can hold us back in life, but it can also serve as our greatest teacher. As it shows us all of the greatest roadblocks in our lives that are preventing us from reaching success. Letting go of fear means we are making way for greatness to come into our lives. When we can let go of the idea that love is meant to be painful or to look a certain way, we make way for the present moment. And everything wanting to make its way to us. This is where our greatest power lies – in our ability to focus on improving and becoming our best self.

  3. Be patient. We live in a world of instant gratification. Insta-everything and the ability to receive or find out new information at the touch of a button means that we struggle to wait for things anymore. At the same time, we are no longer showing as much gratitude or appreciation for whatever comes our way. It’s challenging to be patient in modern society because we always feel like we’re running out of time. There is never enough time to achieve and become everything we long to be…and in a way, making time feels like it is taking something away from us. That’s the challenging part of learning to be patient as it means letting go of how we want it to be right now, so we can welcome in wonderful and amazing experiences later on instead. It’s learning to just be OK with not having the perfect partner in your life right this moment, but learning to understand that there is a time and a place for that perfect person to come to you. To accept that you might not have got the job but there may be good reasons as to why you didn’t…indeed there are better options coming to you. If only you can step back and let go of all the hopes and expectations you pinned onto one outcome.
  4. Instead, choosing to be open to the Universe and allowing it to guide you towards your Truth is the only way to find lasting happiness. When we can get out of our own way and let go of the demands we place on ourselves for what we should or shouldn’t have done…that is when the true healing can happen. And from here, we can stay assured in our own self-worth, without expecting outside factors (jobs, friends, partners) to validate us in return. Once we feel comfortable with the uncomfortable and not having everything perfect, but rather can go with what is – and be happy with that…then that is when all else will be added to us. Meditation is one of the best ways we can learn to become more patient and is highly recommended for anyone seeking to find inner peace and happiness that comes from within – not outside.


  5. Focus on you. No one else sees the world exactly as you do. You are the filter of your own life experience and with this in mind, it’s therefore important to spend time focusing on what you want to think and feel that will provide you with a happy and successful life. Everyone has an idea of what they wish to do with their lives, but not everyone has the desire or knowledge to want to follow through. We often get distracted by other people’s thoughts and desires, even forgetting ourselves in the process. So we may want our life to look like one person’s…yet feel disappointed when those events haven’t yet happened to us. For example the successful job or a happy marriage, etc.
  6. Yet you are the controller of your own mind and your experiences are shaping you from moment to moment. If you don’t like the way your life is going, you have the power to change it. Your thoughts and actions are always creating your reality and on some level, we are always capable of drawing in better experiences with the people who can truly accept and love us for who we are. If you are feeling blocked then it’s a good idea to look at how you can overcome these challenges within yourself; by looking at your own blocks, you can focus on the areas that need to be improved.

    There is no right or wrong, rather it is all a learning process that we must go through to discover more about who we are. The key is to be gentle with yourself at all times and know that whatever the outcome, you will always be supported by the Universe. Get clear on what you want and know with 100% absolute certainty that you absolutely deserve it. Apply the three key focus points above and wait ‘for this or something better’…then watch as the Universe starts to align the right people, places and things to miraculously show up in your life.

When all else fails…remember that Everything Is Illusion…Except For Divine Love.


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