7 Mindful Ways To Nurture Your Creative Spirit


Through our state of existing, we are creative beings. In life, our journey is to recognise the miracle of creativity that we can inspire in each other. In creating, we let go of the mind and focus on doing and helping to raise each other up.

Coming into a state of being means acknowledging that our existence is creativity at its best. Now we simply need to find some activity or purpose to ignite and channel it through us.

Yet what if we find it difficult to ignite that creative spark? Then we need to look at our emotional and mental state to determine why we are feeling this way. Perhaps there is a situation in our life that doesn’t serve us well or is causing us deep pain, frustration or anxiety. This can dull the senses and shuts us off from receiving that creative energy.

The more we can learn to let go of our painful thoughts, and stay open, the more we come into a space of wanting to express that pain through creative means. A lot of our pain and suffering comes from expectation and the false belief that things should automatically come to us, rather than appreciation for how things presently are.

In reality, we are consciously creating our existence. Therefore, our focus should be on keeping the creative flame inside of us burning. If we struggle to do this, then here are some mindful practices you might want to consider…


1. Keep An Ideas Journal

A beautiful journal can make it easy to record any thoughts or ideas that come into your head when you least expect it.

Place it beside your bed or desk and refer to it often whenever inspiration strikes you during the day.

It could be a few words from a song lyric, poem, or Spirit that caught your attention. Recording your thoughts makes them easy to look back upon and are a beautiful pick-me-up that can encourage you into a new creative space whenever you’re feeling stuck or bereft of ideas.


2. Visualisation Exercises

Spend some time examining and visualising an object or desire in a new way.

The important part is to engage your mind with intention into noticing the small details. Many of us focus on the big things, but forget that any great achievement is made up of a series of small steps.

We ignore the small details – yet it is in this exercise that we realise, the small details hold the most beauty. You can practice this exercise by taking an everyday household object such as a cushion and focusing on just one element such as its colour, size or stitching.

Soon you will start to see things with a new eye and appreciation for its beauty. Over time you’ll start doing the same with your life goals and visualisations – fine tweaking them as you start to experience them in more vivid detail.


3. Choose Your Muse

Perhaps it’s a painting, or an inspiring poem to hang over your desk while you work or write.

Many people have a song that makes them experience an emotion or state of consciousness that invites in a new feeling.

Please note that there doesn’t have to be any logical reason for what you choose, it simply has to be something that gives you a powerful and positive sensation, that leads to an overwhelming motivation inside of you to create something with great meaning and beauty.


4. Declutter Your Living Space

Yes, clearing your space can spark your creativity. When our environment is clear, so is our energy.

This is because as energetic beings, we are always absorbing the energy of the environment around us.

If we live in a clean space, then we’ll find it easy to attract abundance into our lives, along with new and wonderful experiences.

Clutter can have the opposite effect, confusing the mind and making us feel like we don’t know what to focus on next.

For this reason, decluttering is an important mindfulness exercise to let go of the old and welcome in a new creative spirit.


5. See The Sacred Patterns

We are all connected and at a soul level, we can recognise this in many sacred forms.

Universal symbols such as The Flower of Life symbolises the sacred geometry that is present in the Universe.

This is the representation of all living beings and the expression and connection of life that runs through them.

Everything is interconnected in this manner and once we can recognise this in every living being, sentient or otherwise, we start to realise that we aren’t as separate as we initially think. We are all one.

Acknowledging sacred patterns in your own life can free you and help you to understand where the dots connect.

Looking at or placing images of sacred forms such as Metatron’s Cube or The Flower of Life around your living space are potent reminders of what life is truly about and can spark you off in creative directions.


6. Walk in Nature

Walking is keeping us in motion and this is vital for sustaining life.

Creative thoughts stand a better chance of being channeled to us when we keep an open mind to receiving them.

Walking is a powerful mindfulness exercise as it keeps us in the moment, stimulating and relaxing the senses and thoughts simultaneously.

Want to boost your productivity? Get walking. According to studies, two 15 minute daily walks can de-stress the mind, boost satisfaction, while improving moods, focus and attention.

Many creative people such as author Stephen King swear by walking to get plots for stories, while J.K. Rowling says there is “Nothing like a nighttime stroll to give you ideas.”


7. Get into Creative Flow

Drawing, writing, crafting…anything creative comes from being passionate.

When you’re in the flow, this is a right brain activity – enabling you to focus on exploring and expressing your limitless creative potential. In comparison, it is the left side of the brain’s hemisphere that wants to use logic to confine everything by what it sees and talk you out of being creative due to a feeling of being ‘not good enough’. Don’t feed the mind if you want to get creative!

Inside every one of us is the desire to express our deepest creativity and we do that by stopping the endless thinking.

The mind is the ego part of ourselves that says we’re not good enough. Letting this go and choosing to live in spirit instead means placing faith that all is being taken care of and expressed as it should.

Once we step into this energy, we move away from fear and into a place of authenticity, that allows us to channel our highest creative expression. Give yourself permission to let go…and see what amazing, beautiful art you can create from this space.


Choose To Live In Creativity

All of the above practices can help you to stay in the moment and to nurture creativity within you when done on a consistent basis.

Do you have a tried and trusted method that helps you to stay in the creative spirit? Let us know, we’d love to hear your thoughts.


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