4 Easy Steps To Become More Authentic In Life

Being authentic isn’t always easy. You may believe that your authenticity always shines through in everything you do. Yet when you stop and think about it even for a second, you’ll start to question this belief.

A lot of the time you may not feel like being authentic to you and your needs as it might mean foregoing the general consensus of the social group.

Being authentic requires being conscious about who you are – what you want and the behaviour you will accept. Therefore, being authentic is not always an easy decision. You may sacrifice your time and energy to gain others’ approval but at the end of the day, if you don’t accept yourself then you are left with nothing.


Being Uniquely You

You can learn to nurture your authenticity by taking the time to ask yourself some basic questions that if you were honest, you should be able to answer right away. Don’t go with your second or third responses – go with your gut if you want to become more authentic…

    How am I feeling right now?
    Am I happy with where my life is heading to?
    Am I taking action that feels in alignment with my deepest needs and desires?
    What or who am I avoiding out of fear?
    What makes me feel alive?
    What would I like myself to remember when I wake up every morning, so I stay on track with my life purpose?
    If you had one week left to live, explore in detail about how you would spend your last days.

It’s easy to go along with the needs of parents, teachers or people in positions of authority who may tell us what to do – instead of listening to your heart. You don’t often get taught that in school!

The good news is that you can learn to become more authentic by asking yourself these questions occasionally to ensure you are on track. You may also want to consider the following…


1. Create a ULP (Unique Life Purpose) Statement

Write down your life purpose and stick it onto your wall, or somewhere you can read it every single morning when you wake up.

This will encourage you to have a focus that’s bigger than yourself, your anxious thoughts and deepest fears can have a creative channel instead.

Keeping yourself in a positive mindset due to following your unique life purpose will pay off dividends towards making you feel content and productive.

2. Take Time For You

You may have been taught to associate taking time out for yourself as ‘lazy’ or ‘unproductive’ yet this couldn’t be further from the truth.

You are the most important person you will ever get to know. The only one who will be there, throughout this unknown journey known as life.

Taking the time to reset is not a crime – in fact it is mandatory if you wish to know what is truly important to focus on right now and what can wait. This will help you to listen to your heart and become more authentic.

3. Giving Yourself Permission To Let Go

Many of us get caught up in our own stories and expectations that we forget to simply let go and to enjoy the moment.

Letting go is key to enjoying the flow of life without getting hung up in what should, could or didn’t happen.

Give yourself the gift of letting go and you will be amazed what comes back to you. In fact, this process may make you more grateful for what you already have.

Finding new value in what is being presented to you, even if it’s not what you expected means honouring yourself enough and trusting the process as you become more authentic with yourself and your life mission.

4. Navigating Your Own Sat Nav

There is temptation to negatively compare yourself to other people’s life journeys.

They may be more experienced, more successful, have more opportunities coming their way…yet you do not know their whole story.

Often you only see the ‘good’ or ‘interesting’ parts. It’s easy to feel left behind when you look at other people’s lives and see great things happening for them – yet all you continue receiving is rejection or disappointment.

It may feel disheartening, but life is always giving a lesson. Good or bad, once you learn it that’s when things start shifting for you. Until that point, it’s important to remember that everything is happening for your higher good.

Your time will come, even if it takes you longer to reach the destination. Don’t be disheartened – life may have something even greater in store for you.

You need to go through the difficult times to get to the truly great times that are waiting for you on the other side. Believe in your own unique life journey and don’t give up!

Take The Steps To Become More Authentic

Hopefully these tips give you some good advice to help you to live an authentic life.

Even if you feel lost, uncared for or are going through difficult times at the moment, remember…there is beauty and freedom in listening to your inner voice.

It’s all about finding out how to become more authentic and being uniquely you.

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