Conceiving A New World…Starts Inside You!

You are the Universe, experiencing itself as a human for a little while.
Eckhart Tolle


What if you knew that the power of the Universe is inside of you? Would you be willing to step into and acknowledge your true power? Yet much of humanity isn’t aware of the great potential that they all have laying dormant inside.

Every day you may waste your energy, giving your power away to negative emotions that do nothing to serve your Highest Good. Your thoughts and feelings may be hijacked by external sources; news, bad situations, poor health or relationships…all can end up vying for your attention. Understanding how this happens and what you can do to protect your energy is therefore essential.

If our thoughts and emotions are energy, then investing in positive ones is well worth your time. However, it can be difficult to do this, especially when it’s easier to dwell on all the bad things going on in the world in an attempt to try and fix them.

There is a feeling of helplessness attached to such circumstances and a sense that certain things are out of your control. It is when you think this way that you become victim to the world. Instead of realising that you have the potential to be a co-creator.


Human Life is Precious

You have been put on this Earth for a purpose, even if you can’t recognise what that is at the moment. In time you will begin to understand further.

Sometimes it is not immediately obvious and takes a while to uncover as when you are young there is a period of time where you try to first establish yourself and your place in the world.

The ego is still learning and understanding what you are about, what feels good, what doesn’t etc. You will make many, many mistakes along the journey and that’s to be expected as you are human and trying to prove something to yourself and the world.

In fact as you are growing up, you are told by parents/guardians, schools and people in a higher position of authority to listen to what they have to say. To place all your trust in them as they know their best. And so, you learn to give your power away. It becomes easier to do this than to question and stand up for what you truly believe in.

It is often only until you go through a multitude of bad experiences that sadly, you realise that not everyone has your best interests at heart. The world can be fickle at times, who is popular one day is not in favour the next – depending on their circumstances and karmas (their actions and consequences).

When you retreat from the physical world and choose instead to explore the sixth sensory one that’s based on intuition and knowing rather than endless thinking – that is when you find truth.

You can only do this when you are willing to conceive that a new world is possible...and yes, it can even be brought down into this five sensory reality, transcending from the spiritual into the physical. These steps can help you to become more mindful, learn to protect your energy and become a conscious co-creator.


Choose Healthy Habits

Everything you choose to consume is affecting you on a cellular level. Every several years or so you’re a completely new person and with this in mind, it’s important to realise that you are energy in motion. By forming healthy habits you embody them.

You take on the energy and nutrients from eating fresh fruits and vegetables. Drinking plenty of fresh water hydrates cells, while partaking in physical exercise can rejuvenate the body and reduce oxidative stress. All of this helps you to…


Clear Your Mind

The mind and the body are really the same. It’s well recognised in health studies that there is a connection between gut and brain health.

Especially when it comes to potentially warding off stress, anxiety and depression.

So eating right is the first step, but the next step is to learn how to clear your mind and protect your energies.

Practicing mindfulness exercises (even just being aware of your present surroundings and thoughts) can help you to regain control over your situation, your thoughts and energy. This is where meditation is so important as it helps you to let go of what’s not important so you can focus on what is.


Focus on Your Purpose

This becomes ever more clear, the more you stop the mind chatter. When you can get your life purpose to shine like a neon sign in your soul, creating contentedness and fulfillment. That’s when you know you’re on the right track. And then no one can stop you as your life purpose becomes your main priority – and this takes on more importance than the judgements and opinions of others.


Be Creative

The more you let go and become fully embodied with your life purpose and the vision you have for your future, the more you will forget your limitations.

You will naturally move from a place of fear and judgement and into a place of acceptance and love for this newfound energy and purpose that you want to fulfill your whole life with.

Soon, you will expand into this creative energy and start experimenting and expressing the core truth of who you are in ways you never even thought possible only a short time ago!

This could mean writing, blogging, creating videos, artwork, music…anything that allows you to become what you are envisioning is a powerful energetic tool. This needs to be cultivated daily with love and a great deal of nurturing.


Draw From Source Energy For Your Strength


When people judge or attack you, learning to let it go is an important but difficult practice.

There is a need to make other people happy, yet really, you are the only person who can do that. You are the only person who can make you happy.

You have the power to invite in certain people, certain life situations in…and you have the power to retract them. Knowing that you are one drop of the Divine Ocean of Spirit, from which you came and from which you will return is the ultimate strength you need to overcome any challenge in life.

Once you drink from this Divine spirit through meditation, prayer, etc then you will find the answers and the strength you have been seeking that may appear to otherwise evade you.


Take Action

You are the physical embodiment of Divine Source energy, you are created in the image of the Creator.

You have all the Love and support you’d ever need when you view yourself as simply a servant – a channel for the greater Love and service of the Divine. Therefore you have every permission to go out there, shine your light bright and to make a difference in the world. There is nothing stopping you except for yourself.


Your New World Is Waiting


By following these steps, acknowledging your power and focusing with powerful intentions on the vision you hold for yourself and your future…you naturally start to increase your energetic frequency and bring in new possibilities. To create and re-create everything you see around you.

It may take some time, it might not happen overnight, but the more you align with this energy – the more positive experiences will start to line up to come into your reality and a new world will open itself to you. And all of this is possible thanks to the phenomenal power you hold inside of you!


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