How To Intentionally Spark Your Creative Spirit – Part One

Feeling stuck for creative ideas? If your muse has left you, it may seem like you’ll never get it back. The more you think about it the more that creativity eludes you.

When I try and come up with new blog posts or story ideas, I don’t force them. I let the creative spirit speak through me, rather than trying to draw it out of me in some kind of painful process.

The right side of the brain is primarily focused on the creative and artistic, yet many of us are trained only to work with the left – the analytical, logical and methodical way of viewing the world.

A healthy mind is one that is able to tap into both sides effortlessly, without any kind of blocks. You’re able to step into your creative side, as much as you are capable of witnessing or experiencing an event logically.

So much of your creative resistance is because you haven’t learned to step into and honour this side of yourself. Instead you place many blocks up against receiving your creative gifts as these concepts are often not based in logic but are often derived from a Higher Mind (One consciousness).

That is why creative concepts can take a little while longer to process in the human mind as they are often not as tangible, coming through in drips and drabs. Occasionally they may come through in a wave if you’re lucky and you may find yourself riding its crest for a while, only to subside later on.

So how do you ride the creative wave to ensure it stays with you for longer? Here is Part 1 where I share some of my favourite techniques to spark your creative spirit…


1) Get outside into nature

Spending time in a natural environment such as a park, countryside, mountain range or beach is one of the best ways to speak your creative side.

Nature has been proven to boost creativity by exposing the mind to a ‘soft fascination’ effect; encouraging a more introspective and thoughtful state of being.

The active parts of the brain during this ‘restful introspection’ phase are often needed on tasks where creative reasoning, insight and problem solving are required.

2) Meditation

The practice of meditation can calm the mind into a place of focused intent. This state of mind can provide calmness, clarity, insight and new perspectives on problems.

Mindfulness meditation can help to reduce the reactivity of the reptilian brain, therefore increasing resilience and improving emotional intelligence.

Research shows that people who don’t meditate have greater cognitive rigidity than people who practice regular meditation – and they may apply difficult or outdated solutions to easy problems, rather than learning to think outside of the box.

3) Conscious writing

Without editing or criticising yourself, learning how to explore conscious writing is a perfect exercise in stretching your creative muscles. Many of us approach writing from a logical way, criticising ourselves if we don’t express ourselves in a particular manner.

Conscious writing is a free-flow form of writing that encourages you to express yourself as you are – without worrying what you put down on paper and if it makes any sense or not. Go with the flow of your creative mind and see what emerges. The results may surprise you – and could be the start of a new poem, song or story!

4) Staring into an object

There is power in eye gazing. You might try it with another person or a household object. Staring into an object for extended periods of time can bring new realisations and visuals to the forefront that you never previously imagined.

This practice can create intimacy where previously there was none. Depending on your intentions, this can help you to connect or relate to another in a completely different way.

You could try recording your experiences in journal notes, to look back on and see how the creative flow has changed its expression over time.

5) Travel

Go somewhere you previously never thought you’d visit. Experience a new city, county or country and appreciate it for what it is – rather than trying to see it through your expectations.

Once you learn to get out of your comfort zone and experience the world for what it has to offer, you realise how vast and spectacular the world can be. How many different people, places and things escape our every day consciousness when we are stuck in our 9-5 work routine.

Travel can broaden the mind, encourage us to think outside the box and develop connections in different ways – and it may just spark some ideas for new characters or stories.

6) Reading books

Reading books is one of the best ways to get inspired and to boost your creative side.

We can all feel empowered or inspired from various characters, story ideas or people who have overcome challenging situations to emerge stronger.

Learn, educate, be entertained by stories and then use this as food for your own creativity. Exploring these ideas and concepts can encourage you in the expression of your own creative landscape.

7) Learning to play an instrument

Music can express many concepts in tones and rhythms that we cannot do through spoken word alone. Learning to play an instrument such as the guitar or the piano is even better for stretching your cognitive creative muscles.

This is because learning to play and write songs means drawing on all of your emotional, mental and cognitive abilities to think outside of the every day and create something extraordinary.

 8) Dressing up in a different style

It’s easy to get caught up in an idea of ourselves. You may see yourself in a certain way, dress in a particular fashion, always wear the same jacket, shoes…or perhaps your blonde or brunette hair has come to represent who you are.

Yet truly, you are none of these expressions. None of this is the real you – just a reflection. See a different side of yourself by consciously choosing to express your style in a unique way.

It could be something as simple as wearing your hair differently or choosing to go make-up free. The important part is that this practice encourages self-reflection on how you are choosing to represent yourself and your values to the world – so you can embody this and become a channel for this creativity.

9) Making a piece of art

The more you actively create, the more you open up the space to allow this creative energy to develop and grow stronger.

Painting, drawing, sculpting, sewing, knitting and crochet are just some of the activities that can encourage your creative muscles to grow.

Asides from being excellent hobbies that enable you to express your ideas, they also encourage mindfulness and keep you focused within the moment.

10) Having a ‘creative ideas’ session with a friend

When you’re with a friend who is on the same wavelength, you’ll soon begin to sync together. A creative session can result in more solid ideas as you start bouncing them off each other.

In this space, it’s easy to expand on a good idea and to gain new perspectives from one another. This happens due to your similarities and common interests, yet vastly different experiences.

11) Use Instagram or Pinterest for new ideas

Instagram and Pinterest are the social media playground of creative ideas. Artists, chefs, musicians, photographers, crafts people, entrepreneurs, writers, philosophers and everyone in between with an ounce of creative expression in their fingers can host their creativity on these platforms.

This encourages others to feel free to be inspired and to create and share their own in the process. Stuck for inspiration? Why not follow a few boards or people with your interests to see what ideas you can generate.


12) Create a vision board

Creating a vision board can ground your ideas into reality. If you follow the Law of Attraction, then you’ll understand how important it is to manifesting a new reality to keep your options open to new creative ways of being rather than staying focused on one version of reality.

There is no rulebook in life and we often expect things to go a certain way – yet experience something completely different. When you work on your creative muscles then you stay flexible to the possibility of inviting in a brighter and better reality than your present circumstances. It all starts with being open to your creative spirit!

To be continued in Part 2…


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