10 Alternative Ways To Show Your Gratitude To The Universe


Showing gratitude to the Universe is essential to living your best life. Appreciation attracts more amazing experiences into your reality. For this reason, it’s often recommended to write a gratitude journal as this helps to compact these feelings.

Gratitude is a high frequency feeling that resonates in the same field as joy and love. When you are grateful for all experiences in your life, you are inviting the Universe to give you more abundance, happiness and joy in return.

Here are 10 completely different ways to add more gratitude into your life…


1. Give The Gift Of Your Time

Your time is precious but how often do you spend wasting hours doing often meaningless tasks? Or procrastinating away a whole afternoon? One way to show your gratitude is to give your time freely to others.

This can be done by volunteering at your local charity shop, soup kitchen or helping out at your local church. Anything that gives your day a sense of purpose and that places you in a position of giving is going to benefit your Higher Self, often at the expense of your Ego.

The secret is to give freely and without expectation of receiving anything in return. For this is when the sense of inner peace and contentment for helping others starts to become more important than what you can get out of it.


2. Open Up Your Creative Channels

Your creative channels are what allow you to freely express yourself. If you are having difficulties expressing yourself it may be that your energy centres (chakras) are blocked and need to be cleansed, centred or re-opened.

Choosing to be a conscious creator simply means gaining momentum enough to channel what you are really wanting to express from a higher level of consciousness. Making it manifest means you are a living expression of this creativity and choose to express it rather than give in to fear or lack.

Creativity brings appreciation for talents expressed, joy and happiness of ideas made manifest and much more. This kind of appreciation comes from a positive place and means that you are freely sharing your ideas with the world.


3. Take A Moment For Tea

Taking a break for a cup of tea can be a form of living meditation. Sipping on tea can be a calming exercise and one that brings you into a tranquil state of mind by slowing down the moment.

When you are in the moment you have the space to collect thoughts and this is especially important if you are feeling stressed out or angry. By collecting your thoughts you find the silence needed to stay in a calm space and find a more positive frame of mind.

Taking regular breaks can also help you to refocus on what you do have and all the things that are going right in your life. Therefore this is an excellent and simple mindfulness exercise to practice to enhance your gratitude.


4. Live Life in Full Bloom

Living life in full bloom means you don’t hold yourself back from expressing your true self.

When limitations and lack are replaced by a sense of openness and longing to enjoy what life has to offer…that is when you will find that new worlds of possibilities open up to you.

When you are living from a place of gratitude, you naturally see the flower as being half open rather than half closed. This difference means that your thoughts and feelings naturally gravitate in either a positive or negative direction.

As emotions cause you to react to every situation, your life is being created according to the energy you are radiating. When you decide to live life in full bloom you choose to embrace every aspect, regardless of if it leads to a positive outcome or not. As you know when you have gratitude on your side, you are grateful for every experience and what it can teach you.


5. Challenge Yourself

Never be afraid to fail! Giving something your best shot is the only way to gain valuable experiences and to achieve success. If you are afraid of failure then you will fail by default.

Learning to understand that failure is a natural part of success is one of the best ways to transform yourself and turn your life around.

When you are grateful even for your failures, you naturally grow and experience a deeper sense of who you are and what you are capable of. So, challenge yourself today – even if it means stepping outside of your comfort zone, being confronted or even let down by your own expectations.

Who knows, when you stay grateful and learn through the process, the Universe may often have something even better than you imagined in store.


6. Compliment Yourself Or Another

Saying beautiful things about yourself is one of the best ways to raise your energetic frequency and attract more amazing things into your life. Every cell in your body naturally responds to what you are saying and the energy that is being created from this state of mind radiates out from this point..

What you tell yourself is what you become. Masaru Emoto’s infamous water experiment studying how water is effected by words, sounds and images demonstrates how words carry an energetic frequency. So the words we are thinking are creating our lives!

Leaving positive little post-it notes around your house or bedroom as personal reminders can encourage you to come into a positive state of mind, instead of focusing on the negative.


7. Practice Patience – Even When You’re Running Out

It might seem like there are not enough hours in the day and therefore you may have to prioritise certain tasks over others to get everything you want done. Yet this is a simple trick of the mind.

Once you understand that time is an illusion it takes the pressure off and encourages you to find a space where time is limitless and tasks always get done. That is, once you let go of the boundaries you have set in your mind.

When you feel like that there is not enough time, you may feel frustrated or bound by self-imposed restrictions that you don’t even realise are being held in place.

Letting go of these and practicing being patient with certain activities or people who test you may be necessary for your own soul growth. So feel frustrated. Hit a pillow. Take deep breaths to get it out. Yet acknowledge that the frustrated feeling is asking you to develop more patience with whatever situation you are going through.

The patience you are developing will encourage your character to grow stronger and more resilient to life’s trying times. Showing gratitude even during troublesome times really can pay off and make you stronger in the long term.


8. Take A Moment To Appreciate Beauty

The present moment is all you ever really have. When you can learn to appreciate and accept the present moment for what it is, you realise the beauty that is all around you. And life’s beauty is in its series of present moments that are unfolding before your very eyes.

You learn to see your surroundings with completely different eyes and the feeling of gratitude can often be the natural feeling that results. Even choosing to look at a simple flower can have several layers of deeper meanings, depending on the perspective and way you are choosing to look at it.

If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.
– Wayne Dyer


9. Pay It Forward

Everything is in motion and nothing is ever truly still…even when it appears to be. In the same way, every act good or bad has its consequences.

By choosing to focus on performing simple acts of kindness you can make others feel beautiful, valuable or respected amongst a wide range of emotions.

Ask yourself, how can you make feel someone special today? How can you transform someone’s mood for the better? Or leave a lasting impression in some way?

The Pay It Forward concept is about helping someone in need, giving them food, toll or petrol money for example. It can also be about volunteering your time for free or helping out in your local church, school or community centre, depending on where you feel the calling.

Setting a positive example through simple acts of kindness can make a big difference to your overall sense of purpose in life and as a result, gratitude grows.


10. Write Yourself A Love Letter And Show Your Gratitude To The Universe

You don’t know how lovely you are! Writing all of your good qualities down in a letter is one of the best reminders about how amazing you are. Saying positive things is essential to your self-esteem and nurturing a deep appreciation for yourself.

By writing down all the wonderful things about yourself in a letter you are telling your subconscious mind how grateful you are to be alive – a spirit incarnated and fully enjoying being present in this lifetime. It also reminds you to fully embody all of the positive qualities that so many people admire and appreciate about you.

Even if you have never received a love letter – sending yourself regular love letters will encourage your own self-love and appreciation to grow. And showing this gratitude to the Universe is telling it that you are seeking more of these same feelings. Therefore, don’t be surprised when this energy naturally starts to attract more of those kind of opportunities into your life.



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    thank you for writing this!! sending love

  2. I really appreciate this post. I抳e been looking everywhere for this! Thank goodness I found it on Bing. You’ve made my day! Thank you again

  3. I am so grateful for all that I do have…not much though…So much has been stolen from me by so many. Men…Ugh. So thankful I was born gay.

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