12 Mindfulness Hacks To Bust Through Stress And Achieve Success

Being mindful of yourself can be challenging when you are faced with so many distractions during the day.

Demanding tasks, dealing with other people’s problems, juggling a busy family life…all of these can make you feel deflated and like the world is falling on top of you.

Mindfulness exercises can help. But who has time for that you may ask, when life is already stressful? Here are some simple mindfulness hacks that take only minutes and will get you back into the present space…


1. Save your password as a goal you want to achieve

We all check our mobile phones countless times during the day. So why not use your phone for something productive?

Setting your password to a goal you want to achieve can keep you focused on working towards it. Perhaps you want to save money for a house or are looking to achieve some personal development goal. It’s important that you don’t auto-save this password, as then you have to remember your password before entering it into the phone.


2. Set your phone background as a personal development reminder

This is the quote I have on my phone’s wallpaper background; ‘Too Blessed To Be Stressed’ ..but it could be anything. So long as the emotion behind it is positive and motivational.

One study suggests that we touch our phones around 2,617 times a day. Therefore, whatever message you want to look at or bring into your life – it’s a good idea to place on your phone’s background. As then your subconscious will absorb it automatically.

This is a reminder to be happy, to stay focused on what you do have rather than get stressed out about what you don’t have. In this way, you stay grateful and grounded throughout your day.

What message do you want to bring into your life? Looking on Google for relevant images and quotes, save them into a desktop folder. You can then use these whenever you want to invite in a new, positive feeling and take your thoughts into a better place.


3. Use alarms to remind yourself of the present moment

It’s easy to get distracted or to forget the small tasks – that really add up to the big tasks.

Setting your phone’s alarm as reminders to go off at certain times during the day, can help you to stay on track with your goals.

For example if you need to study for 1 hour but find yourself being easily drawn away from your books, it’s a good idea to set the alarm to go off at a certain time during the day where you know that you can sit and focus on this important task.

You need to make time for the energy you want to bring into your life. Using an alarm can draw your attention back into the present moment and staying focused until the task is completed. The result? Productivity and success!


4. Pay attention to your every day surroundings

As you walk to work, look around you. See what is surrounding you on a daily basis. Appreciate your current environment and where you are.

You may notice new qualities about familiar things. For example, looking at a rooftop, you may realise its beauty and structure. You may find there is a local park or a beautiful lake nearby that you have never seen before.

Perhaps you’ll go for a walk there one day soon and find out what’s there. In this way you are noticing your every day surroundings, being grateful and then opening your senses up to experience the familiar in a totally unfamiliar way. You are training your senses to look and think of the world in a completely different way.


5. Do one activity and be there completely

Our attention spans are getting shorter thanks to the rise of social media, it’s reported that we can only focus on a task for around 8 seconds without getting distracted.

Choosing to do one activity, such as walking, your daily exercise routine, even writing an article – and doing it mindfully, can make a big difference to the quality of your life.

For life is really built in a series of moments and turning up and being there in all your present glory is the only way to truly experience life. There is no other moment except for the now. Understanding this gives you power to reclaim your life. And make a better choice or thought within that moment. One that serves your Highest Good rather than only creates anxiety and stress in your mind.


6. Choose your morning drink wisely

Many of us reach for a cup of tea or coffee in the morning. You may do this on auto-pilot if you need some kind of stimulation to get you revved up for work.

A caffeinated beverage is a popular choice as it stimulates the nervous system, creating a wide awake start of alertness. However, the downside is that coffee can overstimulate the senses, making you feel overwhelmed or even nervous.

A better way to start your day is with a cup of lemon water and ginger to cleanse the digestive system and stimulate a detoxifying effect within the body.

Green tea is also a rich source of antioxidants that can fight free radical damage to the cells. It contains powerful compounds and one antioxidant in particular called Epigallocatechin Gallate (EGCG), which has been studied and shown to treat various diseases.


7. Be mindful while driving

It’s easy to get into a habit of doing every day tasks on auto-pilot without truly questioning your actions or thoughts behind the process. Many of us go through the simulation of life like this; missing many amazing opportunities along the way.

Being mindful while driving means feeling your hands on the wheel, being present as you signalling with the indicators that you are turning left or right…or putting pressure on the gas with your foot. When you’re fully aware of the task you are involved in and not lost in your thoughts, you make the road safer for yourself and everyone else.


8. When a negative thought emerges, observe it

You are the sum of your thoughts, beliefs and actions. Every single thought is creating an energy that either drives you towards or away from your dreams. If you’re constantly feeling down, you need to gain an awareness of your thoughts and why they are holding such heavy weight in your mind.

Observing thoughts without adding any emotional attachment, is one of the best ways to stop them from deeply affecting you. You can learn to only entertain positive thoughts when you become an observer of  your mind – instead of its victim.

You can choose to control your thoughts and the outcome of your life by observing if it’s of any benefit to you – or is actually causing you harm.

For the negative thoughts, let them go…and re-frame them into a more positive outlook. This may take some practice but over time as you only focus on the positive thoughts, you will start to feel better and this will create happier and more abundant outcomes in your life.


9. Ask yourself, ‘What does it mean?’

You may go through each day with a lot of different thoughts and questions, some of which can make you feel terrible.

You may not have been taught to question your questions. But ask yourself if your thoughts are bringing you down – ‘Why am I allowing this to happen?’ You may be surprised by what comes up and how your mind is reacting, often on automatic.

Keep unravelling the thought until you have nothing left but the feeling. Then ask if it’s not feeling good – why are you thinking it?! Reframe or choose a more positive thought and intention


10. 5 Minutes of Feeling Happy

Being happy is a great feeling, yet somewhere along the way in life we all learn to attach our happiness to outcomes and expectations. The only way to find lasting happiness is to look inside.

You can learn to feel into the emotion of happiness by choosing to think of something that brings you ultimate joy.

By remembering this 10/10 moment and holding the energy, you have something to draw on that automatically recreates that feeling of being happy – even if it’s not currently happening now. In this way the energy you are giving off will attract the things that happen to you in life.


11. Write your word for the day

Onto a sheet of paper or in a lined notebook, you can write at the top one word that you want to focus on for that day.

It could be a word that you want to embody more of – for example LOVE, or SUCCESS or ABUNDANCE or PRODUCTIVITY.

Whatever energy you are wanting to draw into your life, this simple mindfulness hack can instantly focus your attention onto that word.

Perhaps you’ll do 5 loving things today – that could mean being kind to yourself, buying yourself some beautiful flowers or simply taking time out from your routine to have a gorgeous bubble bath or to see a good friend.

However you see your day going, embody that energy and keep the focus positive so that you allow good things to happen!


12. Take 3 deep breaths

Whatever you’re currently going through – remember to breathe through it. Taking 3 deep breaths from your diaphragm can help to soften the feelings of anxiety and give you the space needed to be yourself.

Allowing fresh oxygen to circulate freely around your lungs encourages better blood flow and can help to relax the nervous system. When you’re feeling less stressed and more content in yourself, your energy changes and so does the way that the world perceives and interacts with you.

Remember, stay happy, stay focused and stay calm – this is the key to ensuring all aspects of your life stay on track so that you achieve the success you truly deserve in the long run.


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