Why Your Greatest Power Lies In Letting Go…


Being able to freely let go of anything you long for is not something that comes easily. In a world that focuses on getting more…letting go implies giving up. Surrender.

Understanding the power in this simple state of being means you are choosing to free yourself. Why is this freeing? When you no longer expect to receive, you remain unphased by the outcome. You simply accept what is.

When you can accept what is, you are back to living in the present moment. And this is the greatest gift of all, for this is all we ever truly have. It also gives you the power to choose again. To surrender all doubtful feelings, worries or anxiety and simply be. 


Living in the Present Moment

Clarity and peace can only ensue when you learn to accept the present moment. If you are not in the present moment then you are suffering…feeling regretful about the past or fearful for the future.

You can drop all of this baggage by simply letting go. And allowing what is meant to come to you, to find its way. It’s almost a strange irony that the event or thing you want to happen the most evades you when you cling to a certain expectation. This state of mind only invites in more judgement and lack.

Take for example Jane. She recently left her job after feeling unhappy about spending her day behind an office desk. She decides to set up her own business. If she is motivated and excited about the future, knowing this is a good choice for her then she will feel motivated to take action within the present moment.

If she starts feeling fearful about what may happen and projecting her emotions onto the outcome – she may worry about the financial expenses or possibly becoming homeless. She is telling herself a story that hasn’t happened yet. However, this may now become true because she is considering this negative possibility and asking for more fearful situations to come into her life.

If Jane feels relaxed about everything, she is more likely to stay present within the moment and from a place of letting go of fear and resistance, she creates a successful outcome. It’s only when she holds on to her worries about the situation that she will invite more of those negative feelings in. Once she lets go, success and abundance is a given.


What Are You Holding Onto?

Take a look at your life and assess any problems you may be currently experiencing. Ask yourself the following:

‘Is my happiness or satisfaction riding on the outcome of this situation?’

‘How will I feel when I get the expected outcome? What then?’

‘What would happen if by not getting what I want from this situation, I’m opening myself up to a better outcome further down the line…?’

You may be constantly searching for that happiness but when you can let go and realise that this feeling begins on the inside…that is when you truly start to allow in and experience for yourself the transformation process.

Happiness can be found right now – not at some distant point in the future. Yes, you can choose to be happy and then you no longer have to try or worry about a thing.

Being in the present moment means observing. Accepting the present moment, not trying to change it. Simply observing your thought and then letting it pass.

Practicing this often can make a big difference to the quality of your life. Not only will you experience a greater sense of inner peace, once you start learning to let go, you are stating to the Universe that you are already living a wonderful life. There is nothing lacking inside and you aren’t asking for the something externally to try and complete you.

From this place of gratitude, you invite more great experiences and opportunities into your life.

Have you ever experienced anything wonderful happen to you from ‘letting go’? Let us know in the comments below.


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  1. When I hear such truths, I know that man has hope on this planet. Humanity can start all over again to trace this missed truth. Unfortunately, its rared revealed.

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