18 Habits To Give Up When Goal Setting For 2018


Regardless of how your 2017 went, you are now at the start of a brand new year. You can write a completely new story. And with it, the journey of self-growth and self-discovery never ends.

From self-sacrifice to reaching your spiritual best, whatever your goal is you are more than capable of letting go and achieving the vision you set your mind to.

That’s why I wanted to share with you the 18 habits or beliefs you may want to give up when focusing on your own self-improvement in 2018…


1. Talking Yourself Down

Every thought or feeling creates your belief system. Talking yourself down can lower your energy field, encouraging you to stay stuck in your current way of being.

When you stay trapped in a vicious cycle of ‘I can’t do this’, that eventually becomes your reality and life situation.

Fear and limitation take over. Let go of the negative self-talk and start stating positive affirmations about yourself on a daily basis and watch how quickly things change around!


2. Listening Too Much To Other People

Everyone has an opinion, but not every single one is worth listening to. Knowing that your opinion is valued is a good start but it’s even better once you have people who support what you have to say.

Of even more value, is to suggest positive ways to improve your self or any projects you may be focusing upon.

It’s important to not listen too much to negative people as often they are projecting their fears.

Learning to distinguish concern from abject negativity is an important skill that can help you to tune in to those people’s opinions that count and tune out those who do not matter.


3. Being Overwhelmed

It’s easy to sink under a pile of information in the modern age, yet being overwhelmed with work or distractions does nothing to take us to our destination.

Don’t take on too many projects at once- instead it’s better to focus on doing between 1-3 tasks every day to completion.

When you write down the tasks to focus on and set yourself the SMART and measurable goal of achieving them, you prime your brain for productivity and success.


4. Procrastinating The Small Stuff

Taking breaks should be a regular part of your daily working routine – but if after reviewing your work and finding that your procrastination is eating into your productivity, you may want to reconsider your habits.

Learning to limit your break time to 5-10 minutes can make a big difference but it is practising this consistently that makes the biggest difference.

Try the Pomodoro Technique, a time management method that breaks down work into 25 minute intervals, separated by short breaks to keep you on your toes and get going with working on the more challenging and difficult tasks first. A powerful productivity tool to get you through your day!


5. Staying Stuck Where You Are

This is an easy one to fall into as all you have to do is nothing. It’s simple enough to do zilch – but it won’t move you towards where you want to go. If you have limited beliefs, this will extend into your physical reality and can quickly become your prison if not careful.

Learn to let go of your limited Self and focus on expanding your horizons by thinking outside of your self-imposed box. You will be astounded by the beauty and freedom of opportunities that await you.


6. Feeling Rejected

Any feelings of rejection that come up for you, are often an emotional warning sign on the dashboard of your Soul’s vehicle, telling you of what you need to work on – or simply learn to let go of.

Rejection is a massive area that highlights the feeling of lack you are presently feeling in your life – that is keeping you disengaged from enjoying the happiness and wonder of the present moment. By focusing on this, you get more of this feeling of lack.

One of the best ways to dissipate rejection or lack feelings, is to focus on what you have. Keeping a gratitude journal can encourage you to place your energy and emotions into a positive state of mind, feeding and reinforcing this emotion with every single task, event or person you are grateful for in your life.


7. Focusing On The Past

Memories are like ghosts in your mind and at times, can be incredibly vivid reminders of your life’s events.

They can trigger you to feel a wide range of emotions and states of mind, often associated with guilt or regret for the outcome and how you would have changed or done things differently.

Yet memories are also illusory – they are not real. They hold no power over you unless you let them.

When you stay within the present moment, then you can stay in control. And from the present moment, you can create a new story, a new version of reality. All from staying focused and accepting your present reality.


8. Giving Too Much Attention To The Competition

It may be tempting to compare your life story with someone else’s, yet this simply creates more disconnect and feelings of scarcity. Wherever lack is allowed in, this can create suffering.

Nothing is ever achieved by comparing yourself to another. Whatever perceived shortcoming, the other person may be suffering in a different way.

Letting go and allowing your story to be owned by you and only you is where your freedom lies. You cannot create from your core power when you are in a state of lack.

Let go of your emotional baggage, get out of your own way and watch as your journey to self-acceptance and true self power starts to unfold and successfully show in every area of your life.


9. Forgetting To Set Boundaries

If you are a ‘Yes’ person and saying no feels akin to cutting off your own arm, then you could benefit from learning how to set effective boundaries.

If boundaries seem like a difficult concept to grasp, or you’re unsure of where or even how to set them then you have been taught to make everyone else, often at your own expense.

Learn to see boundaries as being like a container, or a vase to allow your beautiful Self to grow.

You need boundaries around you for the magic to happen, your Spirit to be contained and your vision to grow upwards, while being set on strong foundations.

Boundaries enable you to become a stronger, more self-assured person who knows what they stand for and what they are willing to accept.


10. Believing Its Too Late For You

What you believe becomes your reality. If you are constantly telling yourself negative things about yourself, then this will become true for you.

One of the most harmful things you may have been lead to believe is that it’s ‘too late’ or ‘you’re too old’ to achieve your dreams. This is a fallacy because time itself is a man made construct!

When you let this go and focus on being the best you that you can be every day, then you bring in acceptance and joy into your every day routine. And you always have time to focus on improving yourself and working towards your life goals. The answer lies within you! Give up your limiting concepts of time…and see how much more time suddenly becomes generated.


11. Being Anxious About The Future

Anxiety can only occur when you are focusing off into the future. When you are disembodied from the present moment, you place yourself in a state of anxiety over what may or may not happen.

An adrenaline rush is released and you start to live in the fantasy of your own expectations.

The downside of this is that reality can never live up to the image you may have painted inside your head. How things really are and how you want things to be are often two completely different things.

When you learn to stay in the present moment, anxiety can not exist – nothing except the NOW can permeate your consciousness. And in this space, you can co-create your reality.


12. Hurting Yourself With Bad Memories

The past can have a strong hold on your memory recall – you may often remember bad things that happen rather than all the positive things that are happening.

This is because the brain is primed for negative neural conditioning – and when in survival mode, this provides a great level of protection.

The trouble is that fear is another illusion – it does not exist except for in the emotionĀ  and energy you are feeding. Fear comes from worry, and like anxiety, it is based on a feeling of lack and scarcity. It is the voice inside your mind that prevents you from taking action. It makes you feel less than good enough….Let go of the past story you’ve been telling yourself – it’s all in your head!


13. Playing Small Out Of Fear

This leads on to the next stage. Once you let go of the past and you’re standing grounded within the present moment…it then becomes easy to observe your fears for what they are.

If you recognise that you have the power in any given moment to change your future, you never have to consider yourself as a victim to your story (or future fears) ever again.

Try writing down all of your fears on a piece of paper and analyse them for what they truly are. Write down for each fear, the outcome in each situation. The very worst case scenario. If you observe them, you will notice how these fears are simply holding you back. No matter what happens, you will be OK. You have been through bad situations before and survived and you will do so again.

Once you can see clearly how absurd many of your deepest fears are, or how they are very unlikely to happen – you can start to put them in their place and minimise them. And when you know you will be OK regardless of what happens in your life – you are free.


14. Quitting Before You Even Begin

Nothing worth waiting for ever came easily. If you want to build an amazing life, business, friendship, partnership, you name it…you have to show up and make the effort.

However, there is a world of difference between trying once or twice and showing up and giving your all because you know it has to be done if you want to close the gap between where you are and where you want to go to.

Giving up means you stay in the same place. Fear of failure or rejection can prevent you from going in the right direction. Yet success only comes to those who show up with determination and make headway towards their destination every single day – even if it means only taking one step at a time to get to the top.


15. Expecting Too Much

You may have been sold a neat package of how your life should look. Yet the truth is that every box is different and contains completely unique experiences that you’ll only know are meant for you in the right timing.

Comparing yourself to others often creates unrealistic expectations for your life – along with the suffering and sense of lack that is created when your own story is so different to what everyone else may be experiencing.

Knowing that every experience is valid and worthy, is the key to accepting yourself and your present life situation. Once you can accept everything exactly as it is, you will find the clarity and solutions within that you have been seeking all along.


16. Not Knowing Your Values

If you don’t know what your core values are – then you may be lead down a path that does not always have your highest intentions at heart. Once you figure out what your core values are, you can start to guide your life around these principles.

Perhaps it’s to always operate with honesty, respect, integrity and love. When you become conscious about what your values mean to you, then you can observe every life situation using these values as a guidepost.

You’ll soon discover where you are meant to be going and find the best ways to get there in a way that does not leave you feeling conflicted or disrespected.


17. Being Desperate For It To Happen

Desperation is a form of seeking. It comes from feelings of lack and a need for someone or something to make you happy. It is a false way of being as it creates attachments and suffering when things do not go your way.

When you are desperate, you create more situations that allow you to feed this energy. All of it stems from not recognising your own innate power and self-worth.

Once you learn to truly love yourself, regardless of what other people think, you lose feelings of desperation – as you truly KNOW that you are already enough. And anything external will merely add to your happiness.


18. Forgetting Your Own Worth


It’s easy to fall into the trap of feeling like you’re not good enough. The media bombards you with mixed messages about your value as a person every single day.

It’s difficult to truly accept yourself when you are constantly being told to strive for improvement – to search for the latest gadgets, beauty/grooming products, or to seek more material wealth in an effort to boost your worldly status.

You are constantly being told what you should be doing, feeling, being and who you should be doing it with…even if the messages are far more subtle these days.

Recognising and owning your value has nothing to do with material or worldly gain. And everything to do with how you feel on the inside – your thoughts, beliefs, emotions and dreams that drive you on to feel good always. You should always feel good. Great even. And so anything that ultimately makes you feel disempowered, should be avoided where possible.


These are just some of the many amazing mindfulness tips and techniques you may want to consider this year. Clear these and you will be well on the way to making 2018 your most successful year yet!


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