5 Manifesting Mistakes That May Be Preventing Your Dream Life


While some might argue that there are no mistakes in life…and that what will be, will be…there is a truth to understanding that your thoughts are creating your reality.

Every single thought, belief or action is creating the book of your destiny. A book that you must live through one day at a time.

Along your life journey you may desire certain outcomes – it’s only natural in the 3D sensory world to want to achieve things. To improve yourself and your surroundings. There’s almost always a desire to feel that you have not wasted your most precious resource: time.

As creative creatures, it is in our nature to imagine a better world for ourselves and everyone we know and love. It is the Law of the Universe to give us what we feel we most want.

Yet it’s very easy to make these simple manifesting mistakes when working with the Law of Attraction.


1. Being Impatient


It’s very tempting to want things to happen right away. Living in a digital age where everything is instantly available, means our brains are primed for instant satisfaction. Yet time and again, the most amazing things take time to gestate and fruition.

Just like a baby developing in the womb or a cake baking in the oven, you need to provide a time of allowing.

This means planting the seeds for your dreams and then acknowledging that after you have set the intention, and are now taking daily action – you WILL start to see results. Yet only when the time is right.

Getting frustrated because the Universe hasn’t served up your greatest desires only prevents them from coming to you. The waiting period is also a kind of test to determine how much you really do want what you are wishing for.

Learn to be comfortable with not having it available just yet…hold the vision and the faith that it WILL happen…and watch as the Universe conspires to deliver it to you. Patience is the key to unlocking everything you want. So get comfortable and happy with knowing it is on its way to you.


2. Not ‘Feeling’ It


You may have ‘pie in the sky’ fantasies about your ideal life, yet be confused about how it will actually feel to receive it.

If you are an energetic match to your dreams and wishes, they will inevitably come into your reality. You can get into this vibrational state by feeling what it will be like when you finally achieve your goals. Imagining and feeling as though it is already happening in your life.

Does holding the vision for your dream life feel uplifting and euphoric to you? The closer you are to a state of joy, abundance and bliss when thinking about it – the more you will attract similar feelings to you and when you are in these emotions, wonderful gifts can naturally flow to you.

If you’re not feeling ecstatic about your dream life then you might not be in the right vibrational state to allow it in – never mind accept it. You are only applying resistance and pushing it away when you’re not truly feeling it. So let it go. And find what makes you feel good. Then allow the magic to happen.


3. Lack of Focus


When you’re distracted by so many tasks yet you’re not seeing the daily results of taking action, it’s time to assess if you are focusing in the right area.

Any true talent takes time and laser focused effort to become start to generate results.

If you are procrastinating from an important task that you know will be a game-changer for you…or you’re spreading yourself too thin, you are selling yourself short.

You need to FOCUS on what you want – and this means in the long-term. Then see every single daily action as a step towards that lifelong goal. You can only achieve it by doing your daily task.

Once you gain clarity on what that task is, you can start taking action and building momentum towards your destination.


4. The Pleasure Factor


Life is far too short to feel anything less than GOOD. You should always be seeking new ways to feel wonderful and if you aren’t then ask yourself…why? What part of your ego wants anything less for you? Perhaps you feel you are unworthy of love or happiness…?

Letting go of these limiting beliefs means letting go of the resistance that binds you and prevents you from reaching in and holding your own divine self-worth lovingly in your hands.

When you feel good, you are in a high energetic state and you are saying YES to more pleasure, happiness, joy, love, bliss and deep inner peace.Nothing is ever really a struggle, except for in our minds. Pleasure reminds us how good we can feel if we allow ourselves to let go and stop over-analysing.

Finding new and adventurous ways to enjoy more pleasure is essential for a happy, healthy and harmonious self. It could be as simple as treating yourself to a luxury blanket to cosy up in, buying that gorgeous rose quartz necklace to make yourself smile or enjoying a walk through your local park.

Do things that make you feel good – boost your serotonin levels and see and hold yourself up to honouring the light and joy of who you really are.


5. Limiting Your Ideas and Possibilities


On one level, you need to have limits. They tell us so much about who you are, your values and what you are willing to accept in life.

The danger is that you may close off your walls to new possibilities when you become so used to doing things in a set way.

Your beliefs can become your self-imposed prison. And breaking old habits can feel punishing as you no longer feed or give your power to the familiar.

Expanding your creative potential and possibilities for your life means that you will be open to manifesting new people, places, gifts, events, special opportunities…it is like opening the door of the Universe and allowing them into your existence for one big party.

The one that stays and is meant for you will expand your creative potential, support your joy, all while honouring your sacred boundaries.

At this point you may then find that manifesting will come easy to you, in fact you may well become a Master of it. All from simply letting go…


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