Want Happiness? Here’s Why You Should Give Up Your Expectations…


It is one of life’s many paradoxes. You are taught to look at your life’s goals as something to get. To work hard for.

There is a sense that if you want a happy life, you need to look outside and create expectations – goals to strive towards.

Yet how much happiness can you create when you are striving? The truth is that this only creates distance from what you are aspiring to achieve.

If you are not where you want to be in life financially or otherwise, then it could be that your mind is tricking you into believing you are making progress.

The reality is, the more you create striving – the more of this you WILL receive in return.

Real change only happens in the moment – not in the fantasy or expectation of how things should be.

In fact, expectation can act as a kind of resistance to the flow of life. As it creates illusions and attachments, even keeping you stuck in the same place.


Learning To Let Go

Letting go is the only way to allow life’s abundances to come to you. And this means accepting where you are right now…even if it’s not where you want to be. The secret is in acknowledging that there is nowhere to be! Nowhere to get. You are already there.

Anything that is eluding you is because you are not present with accepting what is. Once you are completely accepting of what is happening to you, then you can start to take action in the present moment.

All wanting will simply lead you nowhere. It creates distance and therefore anxiety between where you are and where you need to go. Or where you feel you need to be. The inevitable feeling is lack or disappointment that you are missing out.

The only way to connect yourself back to what you truly desire is to stop wanting. In fact, give up expectation of it happening at all.

When you do know, you give up trying. As you know with absolute certainty that you will get what you are seeking. Yet this can only come to you – once you get out of your own way!


Want Happiness? Stop Expectation…And Choose Appreciation

The reality is, nothing in life is certain. You may be seeking certainty – happiness in your goals. Well, what if they don’t happen? And what if you get them and still aren’t happy…what then?

The only sure reality is that you, me, everyone you know is going to end up dead. That may sound morbid, but it is a fact.

Once you can realise this, then you learn to understand why gratitude for what you currently have is so important. You can only live in the moment – all your hopes, dreams, expectations are nice to have but they can cause you pain and suffering if you let them become uncontrollable.

Staying grateful keeps you grounded and present within the moment. And focused on your blessings – not your bad memories or shortcomings. From here your greatest power of creation can start to unfurl. Not when you are living in the past or the future – only now.

Learn to stand with one foot on the ground at all times, being grateful for what you have…and you will never fail. You will always have solid earth to fall back on.


“Flying starts from the ground. The more grounded you are, the higher you fly.” – J.R Rim


Key to it all is to be free from other people’s expectations, needs and desires of yourself too. Once you are free and living moment to moment, you unlock the answer that ends your suffering.

When you are in the wave of your tormented thoughts that come from feeling a great sense of lack – that is where you will suffer the most. Only by letting go of the mind and its cage-like mentality can you find release.

It’s not easy, but the beauty of being set free will be worth every step of the challenge.


Staying Present In The Moment

When you are conscious and living in the moment – you are grateful for whatever good or bad challenges comes your way.

There are always plenty of opportunities to feel challenged by in life. It’s simply knowing how to react in any given situation that creates the results you desire.

Once you are present, you release suffering. Knowing that all thoughts or fantasies – good or bad, are illusions about what may happen but has not happened yet. It is in this state of mind that you can release yourself from your own set of expectations and start again.

Whatever is coming up for you in your life situation, it’s possible to experience relief from the anxiety and the fear involved from whatever is trying to gain a-hold of you.

If in the worst case scenario you are riddled with worries, then write them down. Picture the worst case scenarios in each situation. Process it. Understand the worry with logic and not emotion. And then learn to let it go.

By staying grounded with the worry you have, you realise that there is in fact, nothing to worry about. Anxiety has merely got a grip on you and is preventing you from moving forward.


Creating With Clarity and Presence

In the present moment there is clarity and ease. Good feelings. Peace. And in this space there is beauty and creation.

Happiness can flow to you from this state of being; as you step into joy and an abundant state of mind you can let go of all the things that may be troubling you. And in this release, your state of flow naturally attracts the right people, places and events to you.

So set your intentions. Be grateful. Be happy. But give up any expectations of how things should go…and watch as the Universe naturally aligns you to your desires. As this can only happen if you can learn to let it all go…

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