How Your Self-Confidence May Be Sabotaging Your Success


You may have been told that having a high level of self-confidence is essential for living your best life.

After all, when you are feeling self-confident, you know you can take on the world. There are no boundaries or limits to what you are capable of achieving.

But is this the case?

While self-confidence is brilliant to have, there is a downside and if you aren’t aware of this, you might be subconsciously sabotaging your own success.

How is this possible?

When you are overly self-confident it can negatively feed your ego; sometimes without you even realising.

Being overly self-confident can mean that you shut yourself off to different ideas, becoming inflexible or even less open minded. You may even just accept things the way they are. And that in turn, they will always go your way.

Excess self-confidence can mean coming to conclusions before they have been proven. Having expectations…and inevitably, this will lead to disappointment. Life is just like that…and some of its biggest lessons are that things don’t always go how you expect them to.

Self-confidence may be one of the self-help superwords to boost your self-esteem and bring success in…but it needs to be sourced in a certain way. This is because there can be a fine line between self-confidence and simply living from the ego.

Learning to honour your self-confidence is a fine balance, as it also means not getting attached to the outcome.

If you do anything in life, one of the most important lessons you can learn is to simply let go. It may sound counter-intuitive, but it is the only way to allow the results of your intentions to come to you.

Self-confidence can be used as a weapon in the social arena or it can be used as a healing tool. Knowing how to invest in and express your own self-interests is important, yet it can be wielded against you, if you  have your eyes shut to new opportunities or events that are wanting to flow your way…

This happens because when the self-confidence is too high, the path is certain and has been set…then there is no room for flexibility or keeping an open mind. And that’s where many people may become trapped by their own ego.

Yes – use your self-confidence, but do not let it wound you, or shut you down to your own vulnerability. Do not let your ego entrap you. Your true power lies in vulnerability; it keeps you authentic and grounded.

It may be uncomfortable and yet, it gives you your reason to stay truthful to your life mission and purpose.


Simple Ways To Save Yourself From Self-Confidence Sabotage

Here are some simple ways to protect your self-confidence and prevent yourself from stepping into the ego…


1. Learn to Observe

Stepping into observation mode is essential to avoid your own self-judgement. When you let go of judgement, you let go of having things in a set way.

Once you unravel your own limiting beliefs and judgements, you begin to understand how they are simply a series of observations you began to understand and relate to.

Focus on different observations and you will generate different results. Learn to have self-confidence in yourself and enjoy the uncertainty.


2. Give More Than You Want To Get

Use your self-confidence in an altruistic way, to better serve others. Don’t give to get, give from a genuine place of helping others.

Expecting nothing in return, you will generate feelgood energy to those you are giving to. And they will inevitably want to give you this in return. It is the Law of the Universe.


3. Choose To Forgive

Nothing is unforgivable. In fact, holding onto your pain and resentments only encourages you to live in the past; regenerating your own suffering.

Forgiving yourself means letting go of all your baggage and living from a place of peace within the present moment.

This makes you conscious and open to hearing others different points of view – instead of simply voicing your own projections or biased point of view onto others.


4. Be Happy No Matter What

Acceptance and happiness is essential to being content in the moment. And every future moment.

No matter how certain you may have felt the outcome to be…when you are content in yourself and with whatever is being presented to you – then this is where your true power lies. And then your self-confidence will always come from a self-assured place rather than a self-protecting state of mind.


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