How To Let Go And Accept Abundance And Joy Into Your Life…

You may be longing to live your best life; filled with love, joy and great success in whatever area you place your focus on. You’ve placed the car you want up on your vision board, next to your dream house by the seaside. It’s only a matter of time you suggest…

Yet in your longing, its manifestation eludes you. Perhaps you are beginning to question and wonder why this is the case. After all, you’ve set your intentions, focused in on what you want…you are repeating affirmations daily and still, nothing is making a difference.

You look at other people on Instagram or Facebook, living the life that you so long for…and wonder when it will be your time? Perhaps these things are not meant for you in this lifetime. And so you begin to question. Before too long your mind is rationalising on why you should give up on your dreams…

Sound familiar?

It doesn’t have to be. This is the story of failures you have been telling yourself on repeat for months, even years. It is built on your own subconscious limiting beliefs and it is destroying your ability to become successful.

As these limiting beliefs are below the surface of your every day waking consciousness, you’re probably not even aware that they are there. Nevermind how to deal with them! Yet deal with them you must if you want to be free…


Resistance Is Futile


As you go through life, you have many experiences that are shaping the way you look at things. It is in these perceptions that you have your own unique preferences, needs, desires and so forth.

Yes, the truth is that you can’t get what you want if you don’t set clear intentions. You need to focus in on what you want. However, if the emotional why isn’t meaningful enough, then being willing to take action becomes more difficult.

For this is the real truth about the Law of Attraction that many self-help gurus gloss over – it is in fact, The Law of Creation. You need to be choosing ways to make your life design come into being.


You can only do this when you are emotionally aligning with it.

If you’re in a state of fear, lack, worry or any other low vibrational state…you will stay where you are. Or worse, attract more of those same kind of experiences.

To get what you most desire in life, you need to break down your own levels of resistance. This means therefore, getting to the root emotional cause.

Emotions don’t work in the same way as logic. Your conscious mind is working on a logical, rational level to understand the world. Yet your subconscious mind is driven by emotions and most of it is based on perception…not sense!

That’s why you aren’t getting what you want. The world is based on energy but your energy isn’t being clearly directed to what you intend to bring into your reality.

Crossed wires mean crossed results! Therefore getting clarity on yourself first is absolutely key. You can only do this when you know who you are and what you desire.


Want Vs Desire

You may ‘want’ many things, yet a ‘desire’ is a completely different ballgame. Want is of the mind – desire is driven by emotional feelings. It is this energy that will encourage you to take action.

It is only in taking action on a daily basis towards your goals that you can bring about the results you are seeking. This requires drive and persistence.

Wanting is actually very weak. If you want to create your ideal life, it’s time to start desiring. This subtle difference in language can effect you on an energetic level and really make quite the difference to your creative and emotional energies.


Letting Go Of What No Longer Serves You

If you’re tired of waiting, you are most likely in a state of resisting. For whatever reason, your subconscious story may be that you aren’t worthy of receiving.

Or that it shouldn’t be easy to get what you want in life. That you have to work hard for recognition, achievement, love.

All of these create subconscious blocks that prevent you from reaching your true potential. And just as you created them, you need to learn to distance yourself from what you do not wish to bring in – and focus on what you do instead.

This can take some practice but is perfectly possible when you put the focus back onto your feelings. Once again, you are looking to pay attention to what feels good and distance yourself from anything that doesn’t.

In this simple act of realigning your intentions, you are letting go of what no longer feels right. It is an easy and painless process…in fact, you barely even notice the shift. Yet it has powerful effects for getting you closer to what you desire.


Allowing Abundance


Sometimes, allowing abundance in means accepting where you are right now. This can be challenging when you feel that you aren’t ready, nevermind worthy to start receiving what is so rightfully yours. If only you can open yourself up to accept this possibility! 

Therefore, just like a flower gradually opens itself to the sun…you need to do the same with yourself. Go gently and start to slowly unwrap the emotional layers of resistance that are preventing you from abundance.

You can always start by writing out your reasons ‘Why’ you feel you are not worthy. Keep writing until you get to the core reason why you can’t accept what is meant to be abundantly yours.

Explore the emotional reasons around why you feel that you can’t go after what you want. Don’t judge – just observe each thought and feeling as it emerges. Then learn to let it go.

When you step into observation mode, you don’t attach yourself to one thought being the truth. You simply acknowledge it is an observation, yet you do not cling to the feeling. You let it pass.

If the feelings are very deep, you may want to explore these concepts and why you are so trapped by your emotions. Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT or tapping) can help to release these feelings that are entrenched in your chakras (emotional centres) of the body.

By tapping on your chakras, you can let go of old stale emotional beliefs that are otherwise causing you resistance and preventing you from reaching your true potential.

Once these beliefs are eliminated, your energy and time is free to create again. Then you can start to accept in the abundance that is already around you.

Be patient with yourself, it takes time to accept yourself when you have spent a lifetime dismissing your worth. Just like a flower, abundance takes time to flourish – but hold your ground and by simply allowing, a beautiful life can grow.

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