5 Unusual Ways You Can Receive A Spiritual Healing

Spiritual healing occurs in various ways, yet usually happens through a direct hands-on experience. Or maybe you think you have to be an avid meditator, sitting in silence for years before you can reach enlightenment.

While there are some truths in this, there are many other methods that can help you to experience a spiritual healing.

Some of these methods may be more convenient than others, but see what works best for you..


1. Start Writing

Writing can be an incredibly transformative tool. Allowing your thoughts and feelings to flow effortlessly from pen to paper is an effective and cheap form of therapy. Not only can it help you to move past your fears and worries, you can begin to better process those experiences that have happened to you.

From this place of new conscious understanding, you can choose to let go of whatever is not serving you. Conscious writing can support your subconscious mind and allow you to release any trapped emotions that may be causing you to feel stuck in life.

Writing gives your soul the space it needs to make a connection in whatever is coming up for you. By connecting the head and the heart, writing allows you to channel whatever message is wanting to express itself into your reality.

Leave a notebook and a pen next to your bed so early in the morning you can write about whatever is flowing through you. When penning words onto a page, acknowledge what you are writing and then imagine you are letting go. As if you are throwing those words and then taking the page and throwing them – and your emotions into the ocean.

After a week of experimenting with writing exercises, it’s worth looking back on how you are feeling so you can see if this has created any improvements in your emotions.


2. Go On A Retreat




There is something therapeutic about taking time out to focus on yourself. That’s why holidays are so popular – everyone deserves a relaxing break now and again.

A meditation retreat in particular is highly recommended as it allows you to silently discover the world within you. By quieting the mind, you come to a place of pure peace and restfulness within.

Regular meditation practice can allow you to develop a pure sense of inner tranquility that brings deep and lasting peace of mind in your everyday consciousness.

Studies show that meditation has many mental, emotion and physiological benefits for the brain. Choosing a pure meditation retreat such as Vipassana allows you to cultivate a disciplined meditation and mindfulness practice.

Alternatively for a more relaxed pace, you may want to try an easy going retreat where you can socialise should you wish to do so.

The important part of going on a spiritual retreat is that it should give you the space to start discovering yourself. In this space you may have many realisations and uncover many layers, “masks” that are preventing you from becoming your true self. Removing these masks and becoming your genuine self – along with forgiving the past is an integral part of the spiritual healing process.

A spiritual retreat in the company of like minds, can nourish and uplift your soul. It can also feel comforting to connect with others and acknowledge you are not alone in your life journey.


3. Listen to the Sound

Sound has a healing resonance with the cells of the body. Sound healing is one of the energy therapies in the field of vibrational medicine. Immersing yourself in a sound bath is one option. This is where the human voice and objects such as singing bowls can resonate throughout your energetic field, stimulating the healing process.

As everything is energy, each part of your body has a natural resonance. When the body is out of tune, this is when disease can occur. Vibrational medicine can help you to get in tune with your natural resonance and prevent it from becoming distressed.

Sound therapy provides a gentle but powerful way to return the body’s vibration to its natural state.

Singing bowls can produce a deep state of calm, tuning forks can increase energy in the body and support the relaxation process. While yogic chanting and “ohm”ing can help the mind to focus and alleviate stress levels.

When you become one with the sound, you are aligning your energies for spiritual healing.


4. Meditate By Water

Water has a powerful transformative effect on the soul. Around 60% of the human body is made up of water. Being surrounded by water encourages you to feel cleansed. By being supported, you have stronger faith in what you are being directed towards. Just as babies are Christened in water at a fount or Jesus received his Baptism in the lake, water is not just about cleansing – it’s a powerful symbol of renewed faith.

Meditating outside by a lake, in the ocean or next to a fountain can encourage you to find real moments of clarity, purpose and guidance. By focussing on your intuition in this practice, you can become more in tune with your soul’s deepest calling.

The key to this process is to release and let go. Allow the water to transcend over you. Relax and allow, knowing that all is working for your Highest Good.



5. Tapping On The Emotional Cause

If you are struggling to let go of old emotions, Emotional Freedom Technique can help. Tapping on the various energy meridians in the body restores balance. This is a powerful way to release old unresolved energy patterns that may otherwise manifest as physical symptoms.

Focus on the negative emotion first. Then start tapping on the body’s meridian points (the top of the head, eyebrow, side of the eye, under the nose, chin, collarbone and armpit). Repeating this disrupts the energy patterns. The emotions can find release¬† and then more positive emotions implanted.

Tapping is actually based on the body’s chi. It was the Ancient Chinese who recognised the body’s 100 meridian points. By stimulating the body’s energy points, energy flow and healing is encouraged. All of this can happen in moments – without the use of needles.

Over the past decade, research from the Harvard Medical School is even confirming these findings. They found that the brain’s stress and fear response – controlled by the amygdala, can be lessened. This is done by stimulating the meridian points used in acupuncture, acupressure and yes – tapping!

The power of EFT (tapping) can help you to clear old energy, release stagnant emotions and advance your spiritual healing.



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