How Letting Go Gives You Spiritual Power Over Any Difficult Situation 

If you wrap your hand tightly around a flower, you suffocate it. The petals will crush and fall. Just as flowers display the most beautiful blossoms in spring and summer, they must then wither and die in the Autumn and winter season. Life is a cycle and is a process of learning to let go…

Many of us feel confusion about this as we are sold the idea of ‘gaining’ or ‘achieving’ so many things in life. We are taught to get. We do not know how to let go as we see it as giving up…failure…

As spiritual seekers, we must learn to let go and allow the life force to flow through us. To release what no longer serves us. In this simple practice, we find that in the paradox of seeming to give up, we gain more control of everything. We may attempt to orchestrate our own lives according to how we imagine them…but if we give up, we find that the Divine unfolding has a better plan.

Control Is An Illusion

Stress and tension come from control – we hold on so tightly with our concepts and motives of how life should be. Yet when we look at our body – the way our lungs breathe naturally, how our heart beats without us asking…we see that all of these things are outside of our control.

Control is an illusion…things are simply happening. It is how you are responding that makes the biggest difference.

Clinging to ideas only creates frustration and fatigue when they don’t come to fruition. Your mind may be saying, ‘Don’t let go!’ but in order to avoid confusion in yourself, this is the best solution. When you cling to things, they are more likely to slip away from you, despite your best efforts to control.

Look at the way the world works and you will realise that everything is up/down, left/right, good and bad times…there is duality at play because that is how you can learn to appreciate things with greater clarity and intention.

Yes there is pain in letting go…at times it can feel like the beautiful jar we are carrying will break. ‘Don’t let go’ is how you are taught to fight for what you want. Yet you are seldom told that in letting go, you may actually get what you desire…and something much better too. The letting go process can feel sad at times…but in this state of loss, you can also learn to simply be.

The mind wants to grasp onto everything, but in doing so this creates chaos and confusion in life. Nothing is truly ours for the taking. Nothing. Change is the one constant in life that we can learn to count upon. And so, the more you can gain comfort in the concept of change, the easier it is to move through life without suffering.

Generally, we don’t think it is very good to let go. It seems painful but look at what happens when water falls down a stream…it becomes a fountain. And then part of the ocean. So letting go is natural. It’s just the mind that does not like it.

Letting go is actually the best way to align with the abundance mindset. If you want a fulfilled life, letting go is essential. As then you know, what will come to you, is meant for you.


The Art of Allowing

Just as a woman receives the man’s sperm and then creates a baby…things take time to grow and develop. A cluster of cells becomes a fetus…and then a baby is born. Outside of the womb, a toddler develops…and then grows into a child…teenager…young adult…The one constant in life is change. It’s inevitable. And is something that is worth allowing, rather than resisting.

There is a popular spiritual saying, ‘Let Go and Let God’ which summarises the concept of change well. Similarly, Abraham talks about the ‘Art of Allowing’ and in Buddhist teachings they often refer to the concept of grasping. Many spiritual teaching emphasise the importance of letting go so that you can allow what is coming.

In the Law of Attraction, this is the crucial final stage to ‘allowing’ things to happen. To be patient and to wait. Knowing that whatever you desire, if you have taken action…then the Universe will deliver in the right time and in the right way.

It’s actually not mystical or that profound – it is simply how the Universe works. But if we resist letting go, then we are resisting the entire Universe…just by ‘holding on’ we fail to learn the lesson.

By letting go, we are giving our faith and trust to the Creation process itself. The Universe will continue to spin without us in it – so why don’t we get out of our own way and allow it to do so unaided.


Placing Your Faith In The Order Of The Universe

When you honour the infinite layers of abundance in the Universe and trust that – even if you’re not getting what you desire right this moment – it is on its way to you…then you can live joyously and with freedom in the present.

Visualising it with even stronger intentions and aligning your energies, so that what is meant for you will not pass you by.

If you’re looking for your dream partner for example, focus on your vibration. Imagine spending time with that person as if they are already in your life.

Do the hobbies that bring you joy, make space for them in your bedroom as if they are already next to you…clear out your wardrobe and invite in the energy of a new partner. Then give up all expectations of how you will meet this person. Allow the Universe to do its thing and connect you to the right souls at the right time.

The Universe is a powerful force that is acting on energy all the time. Absolutely everything is energy – me, you, the computer, the table or bed you may be sitting on. Everything has an energetic frequency and is attracting similar things, people, opportunities or experiences its way.

It’s a powerful force that’s always moving in the direction of the greatest good, for the fulfilment of your heart’s desires. So get out of your head and feel it! And then trust in letting go…as you will be given this or something greater.


Letting Go Does Not Mean Giving Up

The lesson when it comes to letting go, is not to feel like you have sacrificed something or given up. Letting go means you will see how far you can go and are willing to be taken by the flow of life…to trust in your own spiritual power…and allow the winds of change to carry you to even greater shores of possibilities.

When you get out of your own head, you give up your expectations and open the doors to new pathways for the energy to effortlessly flow in the directions of your dreams. This is what life is truly all about.



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