How To Let Go And Allow Deep Spiritual Healing To Happen

Letting go can be one of the most difficult of life challenges, yet it can also create a window for new opportunities.

Letting go is one of the most challenging things you can ever do in life. For in letting go, there is the implication of sacrifice – and losing. This is where it gets difficult to understand for people who have certain expectations of how the world works.

Ideas are powerful because they often generate strong images in the mind. When you associate a powerful image or symbol with a certain meaning…there is a natural expectation that this will be met. That is why disappointment is the inevitable result when reality presents you with a very different story to the fantasy you had in your head.

Perhaps your dream of becoming a famous singer, or a world-recognised actor is only meant to be lived in your imagination. Sometimes that is the safest way. Reality can be a very difficult thing to deal with – and so, in protection of your dreams and fantasies, you live them out in your mind instead.

As you are only presented with one version of reality – the life you are currently living, it can be tempting to retreat into yourself rather than focus on the situation that is being presented to you. The danger in this, is that rather than staying open to new opportunities and possibilities – you are clinging to a story or a sequence of events that is no longer holding any truth or value to your present circumstances.

Letting Go…Is Letting In

It can be incredibly challenging to let go of the past events, especially if they hold some kind of meaning or you are searching for a deeper explanation. The more the mind thinks about the painful events, the more emotions bind to ideas too. And then detaching from it all becomes even more difficult.

Knowing how to let go, is actually how you allow new experiences in. Just like the old saying goes, ‘As one door closes, another door opens,’ and when I reflect back on my life, I can see how this has always been the case. Whenever I have stopped caring about an outcome, it’s like I magically received what I was looking for. Whilst when I strived for success – it always eluded me.

The reason for this is that life is an unfolding. You are not meant to worry, stress, panic or be in pain – at least not for extended periods of time on a daily basis. In fact, the only way you can truly live your life is through the state of allowing. You couldn’t walk before you could crawl…and inevitably, you stumbled and fell multiple times before you got it right.

Perfection, or even making progress towards it, does not come without practice. It comes from consistent disappointments…taking them into your stride…and not giving up!

Practice Keeps You Determined

Society has many faulty beliefs about why practice needs to be perfect – but this is not the case. This ‘all or nothing’ mindset keeps you from moving forward and making progress towards your goals. Success is merely a series of actioned steps – and it can only happen when you are making positive progress towards your destination.

The Practice of Letting Go

Letting go is all about learning to surrender. When you let go, you will find:

  • Freedom from Struggle
  • Clarity and Calm
  • Spontaneous Joy
  • Enjoy Harmonious Relationships
  • Energetic Renewal
  • Creative Inspiration

All of these benefits are possible when you learn to let go. Not sure how to do this? Letting go is one of the core teachings you will learn to become a Master of in a mindfulness course I am a big fan of: Living From A Place Of Surrender by best-selling author, Michael A. Singer.

In this eight-part transformational video course, you’ll find more than nine hours of never-seen-before teachings over 8 weeks. It also has a private journal for personal reflection and three special bonus offerings that can give you further insights into your mind, life purpose and in the process, you’ll even discover your personal spiritual meaning for being here.

Live From Surrender


Learn How To Live From A Place Of Surrender

Deep spiritual healing happens when you let go of your painful stories, your bad memories or limiting excuses. By letting go, you allow the light in to heal your trauma and in a state of non-resistance, you become one with your Highest Self – and in allowing, you accept in everything you had previously denied yourself. From here, you can find your truth, in the wholeness of your being.

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